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    2012 XLT Valve Tap Issue

    I'll see about getting that part list and post it here... it was described as what the dealer found was necessary based on the codes being presented. I have a suspicion they didn't actually look at the vehicle at all, this was what they banged into their computer and it provided the "solution"...
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    2012 XLT Valve Tap Issue

    Hi there, long time lurker here. Also a complete neophyte when it comes to mechanical issues with vehicles so bear with me on this. Anyway I've generally been happy with our 2012 XLT. It's up to 138,000kms (Canadian driver) now and we've had relatively few issues with it until the past...
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    2012 XLT issues... help!

    Hello all, I've been lurking for a bit, figured I would bite the bullet and make a post and see what happens. So many knowledgeable people here. This is on a 2012 XLT 4WD, it's got about 139,000kms on it. - Ford Sync screen reboots for maintenance continuously. This happens occasionally. So...