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    2013 All Ford Nationals @ Carlisle, Pa Jun 7-9

    Jay told me the whole saga about your engine, glad to hear you got it back on the road. Your truck looked awesome BTW :thumbsup:
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    2013 All Ford Nationals @ Carlisle, Pa Jun 7-9

    Just got back home. As always I took a stroll through the explorer section to see what the EF guys (and girls ;) ) were up to. I also chased after vroomzoomboom to bug him about his sport a bit, and ended up on a ford test drive event with Jay :eek: Pics!
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    2012 Carlisle All Ford Nats June 1-3

    Won't have to raid mine since its all in this thread :D one more for the road
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    HID fog light conversion help

    The plug on the stock harness is to small, you will need to cut it off and put a 9006 connector in to connect to the ballast. I don't remember the wire colors on the explorer but whatever is black is ground.
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    2012 Carlisle All Ford Nats June 1-3

    I waltzed up there right as he was leaving so I guess I missed that part. I did catch you and Explorersport77 leaving, I just have to dig through pictures to find it later... I also noticed Jay went on my FB album and tagged everyone in my pics. So I sign on today and I see people I've never...
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    2012 Carlisle All Ford Nats June 1-3

    It was good seeing EF out again, although I don't know if it was me, but your group seemed almost half the size of last years group. Also, carlisle really screwed you guys with the location, you were like in the middle of lightnings and expeditions.. Anyways I got some pics of you guys there...
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    New Ford Explorer Sport: Fuel-Efficient, High-Performance SUV

    You suggesting that a tune and exhaust only almost 5000lbs suv with a v6 will rape a SRT8 jeep. A flex ecoboost runs low 14's with a few hundred pounds less weight, I predict the explorer sport will be running mid 14's. Who knows how the engine is detuned since its the least powerful 3.5...
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    My custom LED interior lighting

    Looks nice, I'm tempted to do red LED's in my car but I'm still on the fence. Next up for you, EATC
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    First Gen Tan Leather Seats

    I've reskinned explorer seats this way before, trust me when I say its a pain in the ass and totally not worth it. You'd have really baggy looking seats
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    First Gen Tan Leather Seats

    Still have them, I can try to get some new pictures tomorrow
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    List of EF members with projector retrofits

    I got this idea from someone on the F150 forum, and honestly a lot of retrofits are popping up on explorerforum (which I'm glad to see), so I thought it'd be cool to compile a list of the completed retrofits, organized by generation, so anyone contemplating a retrofit can get an idea of how it...
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    Audi quattro inspirations???

    I'm stealing that line for the next time someone asks, why do you spend so much money on headlights :thumbsup:
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    installed bi-xeon hit and now have no fog lights

    He bought a fake philips HID kit, not VVME. But like all PnP kits they come pinned for 9004 not 9007
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    First Gen Tan Leather Seats

    My uncle wants these out of his garage so he can put his plow back :p:
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    What year???

    A friends 99 limited has illuminated running boards. Could always find steps off a limited and paint them whatever color you need.
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    JP goes LED, Interior and Rock Lights

    Lookin good Stic..... Out of curiosity, what type of electrical system are you running, have you upgraded the alt or charge cables yet?
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    Projector foglight durability

    Running 55W in any small fog light is just a bad idea, due to heat build up. Never run 55W in small light housings or small projectors.
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    Bulb Upgrades for my 97 XLT

    Philips Xtreme bulbs will work, also get a 9007 headlight harness so you'll get full power to the bulbs, like this one Also, for the fog lights: Dead Link Removed
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    Morimoto Mini H1 Retrofit

    Since the projector is an open design, you MIGHT get lucky by leaving the bulb out for a little bit, no promises there though. The better thing to do would be take the housing out, take the bulb out, and sit it inside overnight to let it equalize.
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    How can you tell a good aftermarket projector headlight on line from a piece of crap?

    Simple, they are both crap.... They are poorly manufactured halogen projectors with plug and play HID kits installed. If you want good HID projectors, you'll have to build a set of headlights yourself, or pay someone to do it.
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    Mac headers

    I highly doubt it. Theirs a reason that TMH's for the explorer look like spaghetti, and its not because a 5.0 explorer has an abundance of room under the hood.
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    Morimoto Mini H1 Retrofit

    that shroud mounting made me burst out laughing :confused: I know the Mini gatling gun has screw holes to, and if you don't have it the right way the holes won't line up. I bet you had the shroud on upside down. TRS also sells shroud centric rings to make shrouds pop on, however I guess its...
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    2nd Gen clear headlight lenses (not the housings), anyone?

    Which is why I'm saying, I've been here since 2004 and never heard of anyone ever doing this. Not only with explorers, but with any car, because it doesn't make sense.
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    2nd Gen clear headlight lenses (not the housings), anyone?

    I've never seen anybody, anywhere, sell just the lens to a headlight housing. Technically they aren't supposed to come apart, so theirs no reason for an aftermarket vendor to just sell you a lens. Plus, putting a clear headlight lens on a stock explorer reflector would equal no headlight optics...
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    Morimoto Mini H1 Retrofit

    Lose the airdam Truck looks great though, kudos on a nice headlight setup.
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    Morimoto Mini H1 Retrofit

    my head hurts now.... I don't know why your harness had spade connectors, are you sure he sent a 9007 harness? I would have called him up and asked about it. My hi/lo wire is a 9006 like the ballast. Make sure you have the 9007 plug pinned correctly or it will kill the HID's when you flip...
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    painted my head and tail lights with black and silver

    Wow, that has to be great for output.......
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    99 explorer HID projectors

    No projector in the world takes a 9007 bulb. Not only that, but you don't have a 9007 bulb, you have a HID capsule glued onto a 9007 base.
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    fog HID's?

    On a 1995-1997? A 880 based HID bulb fits right in.
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    2nd Gen Headlight Upgrade for Morons - Help

    I'm just trying to save him from spending 40-80 bucks on something that he wont be happy with, not to mention illegal. HIR bulbs are only for 9006 and 9005
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    2nd Gen Headlight Upgrade for Morons - Help

    PnP's in 95-01 housings gives you a narrow splotchy beam with virtually no high beam. That is not quality light. Here is a 35W DDM 6K kit in a 1997 explorer with very clean OEM housings Low beam High beam Please tell me what is quality about this? Now here are my home brew...
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    HID Problem

    Are you running a harness?
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    2nd Gen Headlight Upgrade for Morons - Help

    NO! He wants to actually SEE better, not blind everyone on the road and look like an ####### while driving... If you end up going with an aftermarket OEM style housing, buy a set of DEPO brand housings. No aftermarket housing really has the optics of an OEM set but depo brand is better...
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    HID Problem

    in other words, most PnP kits are the same junk with different knock off brand labels... The harness is just powering the ballasts, they don't have to match themselves. If the dead ballast makes a buzz and wont ignite, the ignitor probably died... If it just won't turn on, something else...
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    Morimoto Mini H1 Retrofit

    they come with the stage 3 kit, no other way to get them except to email them and ask for them. They sell products not on the website to
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    Morimoto Mini H1 Retrofit

    If you ordered the 9007 stage 3 kit, it should have. If you didn't, I believe TRS sells em for 5 bucks.