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    Need help saving a ranger from the scrap yard

    if i had the ranger parts, id deff send you some. i have parts off a 97 explorer but im not sure if they would help bud
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    bluetooth audio streaming

    I think its been a option, not standard.
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    96 limited. Radio says phone.

    Sounds like a relay is acting up to me....have you checked them?
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    Need Some Help on My First Audio Upgrade.

    Ive got a Kenwood KDC-895, Alpine type R 12, Infinity Perfects in the doors, Sony Xplod reworked by me producing 1k watts RMS, and a Rockford 4 channel to my doors. Love it. Neighborhood knows when I am in town but the audio quality is amazing. I would suggest Infinity to anyone. My Alpine is...
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    Explorer Limited - Spotify Skipping Tracks

    I think its probably app related. I have a 98 with a aftermarket HU that allows for bluetooth and BT streaming, never had an issue
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    kenwood amp and sub any good?

    Not to sound rude but the reason why Crutchfield is called crutchfield is because you need crutches after you see the prices. Check for those units, for cheaper ;) Just trying to help a fellow Efer out ;)
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    Aftermarket head unit work with rear entertainment?

    There are harnesses available that allow for the steering wheel controls to operate the HU
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    Aftermarket head unit work with rear entertainment?

    I dont think there is a harness available to allow the rear entertainment to work with an aftermarket HU
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    Saweeeet B-)
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    Photo Contest - Your Explorer/Ranger (any year) in the snow

    The photo of Loki is from this year :D
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    Roll Over Posse Board Member Nominations and Elections

    Has my vote!!!! wow!!!
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    How Pickle got a new bum hole.. CAUTION LANGUAGE

    OUCH!!!! I winced >.<!
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    Betty's "I want to be a mule" progress log thread

    *thinks another broken manifold bolt should happen >_> But ill hide the divorce lawyers ;)
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    Moab 2013 - May 10-12

    I dont think ill make it unless this year gets really good and all of a sudden I decide that I can afford to roll except ill be taking the FSB not the Explorer. Even if i get another explorer it wont be wheeling ready in time.
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    New Explorer Forum Travel Mug?

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    Baer Brakes for 2nd gen explorer

    Im working on a set of 18 cobras so yeah, they are in the plans. Along with alot of other things :-)
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    Baer Brakes for 2nd gen explorer

    still for sale? Im gonna be coming across cash here in the next 3 weeks.
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    98 v8 trans swap
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    98 v8 trans swap

    Thats my understanding and I dont have enough paitence to deal with the electrical. However this may interesting you They got our trans up on ebay for 599 per, with a 180 or so shipping, im gonna call em tommorrow and get the low down on what the...
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    Help! What is this part?

    Ok i feel a like a dip here. That damn plug has been confusing me and so many other people for the last few months....
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    98 v8 trans swap

    Oh both of the rigs are AWD as well.
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    What oil do you use?

    Valvoline 10-30 Synth Max Life, K&N filters
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    98 v8 trans swap

    Ok ill make it short and sweet because i have gotten varying answers. Lokis trans died (shop put wrong fluid in, long story) However ive got a spare 97 v8 trans in good working order, can i just plug and play into my 98 v8?
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    Wanted Dash Instrument Cluster 2001 Explorer

    I have a whole cluster out of a 97 XLT v8, working when I removed it, 181k or so on the odo, pm me if you have any questions
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    Wanted 2nd Gen parts for rebuild near Fort Worth TX

    Do you still need parts? ive got a 97 XLT im stripping
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    Lowered on

    Thats just your opnion my good sir. However this aint exactly my style either I did want to post however and agree with the 31s wtf subject. i did not know this was possible. Do like the paint job and am curious in the direction you want to take this in.
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    ...And a simple job turns into a nightmare (long)

    Ive done the same on Loki. Go to fire it up, no oil pressure. Freak out, start looking around, discover the drain bolt is in its same spot, next to the hood latch, where i always set it, and my drain pan is almost overflowing. Then i curse to the sky because i just wasted 5 quarts of synthetic...
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    what took look for in merc moutaineer?

    Id search around but under the skin the mounty is identical to the v8 AWD Explorer 2nd gen. The engines last forever, somehow i managed to detonate a tranny at 154k miles however the trans are usually bulletproof. Check for rust in usual place yada yada
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    Parts list to replace front end parts

    I second rockauto. I spent 500 bucks for all brand new front end componets for Loki and it was well worth it. Alot better than you can get at a steelership or a brick and mortar store.
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    50 miles till Empty

    All i can get into Loki is 17 gallons.......its a explorer owners need not apply
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    need help QUICK, truck stalls from park to drive

    I second the IAC. I have had a few people come in for the same issue that cleaning the IAC was all they needed. Nice and easy job.
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    popping sound from shocks maybe?

    +1 on sway bar links, ball joints and general front end. I had the same issue. I swapped everything out with raybestos professional grade and monroe sensatracs on Loki. Cowboy has ranchos with a addaleaf in the back and im thinking about going that route because i like that ride quality. Also...
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    2nd Gen Explorer Rocker Panels considered Structural?

    use some POR 15 call it a day.
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    my battery blew up!

    sounds like you didnt quite hit 1.21 gigawatts. Joking aside, glad to hear your ok
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    97 XLT, no turn signals or hazards!

    ill check my truck after work and get back to you hopefully with photos
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    Best Oil to use

    I use havoline 300k mileage guarentee oil. no complaints here. i go to 5k before changes.
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    97 XLT, no turn signals or hazards!

    check your multifunction switch. This is a common failure. the flasher relay depending on model should be yellow to the right of the steering column, shouldnt be hard to find, i can easily reach up and touch it. the MFS can cause alot of issues, like my intermittent wipers have a mind of their...