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    does a ranger nose fit explorers

    I have a 1997 explorer and was wondering is it possible to take the nose off a 2002-up ranger and swap them out hood,fenders,grille,lights,bumper and rad. support. I really like the mini superduty look and think that would make a killer looking ex. anyone know? :cool:
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    2" tt and shackles with 17" wheels

    would 17x8 with4.5 b.s be ok?
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    2" tt and shackles with 17" wheels

    I have searched and found nada on this subject so here goes. If I do a 2" tt and shackles I know i can do 31x10.50-15 but I really like the look of big wheels so would you say 265/65/17 would give me the look I am after anyone who has done this? pictures would be helpful other wise I am doing...
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    CB Antenna Q

    I have used many types of antennas with my cb the best hands down no B.S. is the wilson 1000 magnet mount on the roof it does not scratch paint and if you need to pull it down for the car wash you can . If you truly want a 36" little wil magnet mount you won't be sorry.
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    wheel fitment question

    Will these wheels fit? I am currently looking at putting Dick Cepek DC-1 wheels on my 1997 explorer 4wd and was curious if they would tuck in or stick out of the fenderwells here are th particulars they are 16x8, with 4.030 bacspace & an offset of -12.00mm . any help would be...
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    wheel and tire offset help?

    I have been looking at the M B PRECISE at DISCOUNT TIRE ( I dont' know if they will fit. for the FRONT17X8.5 (10 offset) and REAR either 18X9 (10 offset) or 20x8.5 (35 offset) . ANYBODY HAVE ANY IDEA IF THEY WILL FIT?
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    Comment by 'hotrod foz' in media 'Before Wax 7'

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    '97 high-mount brake light "rebuild"

    has anyone tried Hagan streetrod parts they have all kinds L E D lights . Just a thought !
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    WHEEL AND TIRE suggestions PLEASE!

    HEY GUYS STILL TRYING TO GET suggesations for wheels and tires for my SUPER MUSCLE CAR INSPIRED 1997 EXPLORER. I am wanting to pull off a lightning or harley davidson f15o type look with my EXP.SOME THINGS PLANNED ARE 302(347) ENGINE, 60'S STYLE MUCLE CAR INSPIRED STRIPES, ROLLPAN AND 3/3 DROP...
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    a little off the top

    I don't know about that looks ok I guess it's your truck. What would be cool if you could make it work like an AVALANCHE that would be coo!
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    Looking For Right Wheel And Tire Combo For My 1997 Xlt

    Anybody Got Any Ideas They Dont Have To Be Factory Wheels Also Want To Hop Upthe 4.0 Liter Or Swap Fo 5.0 Any Thoughts On 4.0 Performance Parts Orjust 5.0 Swap Let Me Know
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    Looking For Right Wheel And Tire Combo For My 1997 Xlt

    jt smith i love the exaust note and 347 cid are you reading my mind or what kick a**ride
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    Looking For Right Wheel And Tire Combo For My 1997 Xlt

    HELLO new guy to the forum , I like all the great info I ve picked up since I joined. Heres my question I have decided to put a SUPER MUSCLE CAR (see TLC wrecks to riches) spin on my 1997 E xlt 4wd I know i want to go with a rollpan out back and drop it (3f/3r) I was trying to figure out...