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    Power Third row seat parts diagram

    I have a 2013 Explorer limited with power folding 3rd row seats. I was in the cargo area with the third row folded down and had one of the seat covers break under my weight. It's the driver's side, furthest forward cover, it has the controller for both seats, several wiring harnesses, and two...
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    Popping and lurching during left turn

    The reason I put the additional information about it being a cold startup was reading other people with 4X4's talking about issues they talked about cold startups. So I'm not crazy, the missus will be thanks
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    Popping and lurching during left turn

    I tried to recreate the problem later that night, in the same parking lot, with my wife riding along...and of course it didn't do it. That was irritating to say the least. Then I thought the conditions weren't the same. When it happened I had only driven a few blocks from a cold start..I had...
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    Popping and lurching during left turn

    I have a 2013 limited AWD with 136 thousand miles. I have started noticing some noise when I hit bumps or potholes, but tonight while making a hard left turn in a parking lot on dry pavement the popping was worse and I noticed the front end skipping and lurching under mild acceleration and...