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    Using old Mountaineer tuner with newer Ranger?

    It has been a really long time since I have posted on here, but had a general question regarding an engine tuner. I owned a 2000 Mountaineer which I sold about 3 years ago. I indulged in some bolt-on goodies for it, including a Superchips X2 tuner from BamaChips. Of course I really have no...
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    MAC exhaust

    I had a MAC exhaust on my old 5.0 Mountaineer. I loved the way it sounded, as it had a very aggressive tone with nearly unbearable drone on the highway. Really deep and loud. Mine was aluminized steel and was painted black to resist rust. Great kit, but keep in mind that the 3" pipe doesn't...
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    I used Gabriel Monotube Max-Control shocks on my old Mountaineer. They were substantially firmer than stock, but were a dramatic improvment in terms of ride quality and handling.
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    Hesitation on acceleration - fuel injectors?

    I switched some of the wires around and in doing so I noticed that I replaced the #4 plug with a different E3, not an Autolite Double Platinum. After yanking out the E3 and putting in an Autolite Double Platinum, it runs great now.
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    Hesitation on acceleration - fuel injectors?

    Update: I got trouble code P0304 yesterday. After pulling the code, I replaced the wire on cylinder 4, which did not cure the problem. I replaced the spark plug with a different Autolite double platinum plug, which again did not help. A last ditch effort was to replace the entire coil...
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    Hesitation on acceleration - fuel injectors?

    Last weekend I replaced the gaskets on my Torque Monster Headers (each gasket came out in 6 pieces) and after getting everything back together I fought for nearly a day with a misfire. All the wires were connected correctly, and I replaced the spark plugs on cylinders 3, 4, and 8 with E3 plugs...
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    cold air intake

    Nobody makes true cold-air setups for Explorers. Most of what is out there is what most people think of as "short-ram" intakes. I have the MAC intake on mine and it is fantastic. Relatively inexpensive, and it greatly improved throttle response and gave a 1.5 mpg boost...
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    Reinstalling stock exhaust manifolds: what do I need?

    In a few weeks, I am selling my Mountaineer and want to remove all of my performance goodies, which includes my Torque Monster Headers. I searched through the garage and found my old manifolds and all but two of the manifold bolts. Also missing was the heat shield that attaches to the driver's...
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    A couple 5.0 V8 exhaust questions

    I am running the MAC exhaust kit on my Mountaineer and I must say if you are looking for some noise and don't mind the incessant drone on the highway, this kit is a good choice. It is relatively inexpensive (around $225-$250) and sounds phenomenal. I made a short sound clip of what it sounds...
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    Is my A/C toast?

    Yesterday on my way to school I noticed that the air coming out of the vents was warm. I had the climate control set to 78 degrees but it just seemed to be getting hotter. When I got home I checked under the hood to see that the compressor pulley was engaged when the A/C was turned on...
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    1997-01 v-8 5.0 ticking noise under load - EGR Tube identification-part number

    Be sure that you are purchasing the EGR tube that has the flex bend in it. Ford dealers now sell replacement EGR tubes that do not have the flex bend. If you have Torque Monster Headers the EGR tbe w/o the flex bend will not work.
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    Misfire at idle, running out of ideas

    I'm not sure which cylinder is misfiring, but I was confident that it was driver's side due to the condition of the wires on that side. How much would would an inductive timing light cost if I wanted to buy one?
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    Misfire at idle, running out of ideas

    Ok, I've tried tackling this problem and am running out of ideas to fix it. Last week I noticed a bad bogging off the line with unusual transmission shifting. So I inspected all of the plug wires and found that the cylinder 7 wire was burnt and cylinder 8 wire showed some darkening. I bought...
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    cold air intake and exhaust

    I got the programmer before the headers because I didn't plan on putting headers on until I inspected the old exhaust manifolds and saw how warped they were and how awful they sounded under hard throttle. The MAC intake made a nice 1 MPG gain, but the exhaust really didn't gain much, if any...
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    What do you think of your Xbox 360

    I have both an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3. Even after I got the Playstation 3, I still found myself playing the Xbox 360 more often. Right now the games on the 360 are way better than those on PS3. The controller feels tighter and easier to use. The PS3 controller is a PITA the way it...
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    holy mother of CEL codes!

    Sounds like the heating element for the O2 sensor is bad, probably needs to be replaced. It is usually best to replace them all at once, but if your budget can't allow that, at least do the two front O2 sensors at the same time. As for the P0800 code, I can't seem to find that code online nor...
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    Just Some Pics

    Those gauges look awesome! But I do have one question. On the left of the voltage gauge it looks like that is where it says "Check Engine." On my Mountaineer, the CEL is just left of the temperature gauge. Was that a problem with the e-Bay gauges or are your warning lights setup like that?
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    HDMI question

    I agree, check to see if there is a DVI input on the TV. DVI is the predecessor to HDMI, the only difference being that DVI does not carry audio. You will still get the same picture, but you will need a separate audio cable.
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    spark plugs...preferred and discouraged?

    I actually use the E3 spark plugs. I replaced 10k mile old Autolite Double Platinums with the E3s and noticed a 1 mpg increase around town and on the freeway and a smoother idle. Definitely recommended.
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    blank display

    Will the steering wheel radio controls work with an aftermarket unit? I have the same problem with no radio display, but I love the steering wheel controls.
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    Header Question

    If you go with a turbo setup, you risk damage to the engine if not tuned right, reduced reliability, and the engine is still trying to exhale out those awful stock manifolds. The TM headers will not harm reliability, provide a nice mid-range and top-end gain, and offer lower underhood...
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    Black globe, Vacuum reservoir on v-6???

    Even though I have the V8, my canister is well hidden, it is attached to the wheelwell under the airbox. There are 2 screws that hold it to the front of the wheelwell, just a bit above the foglight.
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    Drilled and Slotted or just slotted?

    Personally I would go with the slotted rotors. NASCAR race cars use only slotted rotors because the drilled holes cause a reduction in the surface area that the pad makes contact with. Just the slotting removes enough heat so that they don't have big problems. Drilled and slotted is...
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    Discount won't install LT tires

    I couldn't understand it either. I was willing to pay $118 per tire for the Pirellis and they want me to buy a cheaper tire (pathfinder) for $94 each. I can understand not putting larger tires on the Explorers, but it is the exact same size tire. Our old 93 Explorer has LT235/75R15 tires on...
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    Discount won't install LT tires

    Has anyone ever had a problem getting LT tires put on Explorers/Mountaineers before? I just went to Discount to get new tires and had the LT235/75R15 Pirelli Scorpion ATR tires picked out to install, even telling them that I was willing to shell out the extra money for LT tires. I got a call...
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    Not sure what the speed limiter is on Explorers. I went 105 once on the stock tune and no mods and it didn't feel like it hit a speed limiter at all. I haven't and don't plan to test how fast an Explorer will go with no speed limiter. 105 is scary enough on stock wheels and stock size tires.
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    Melted Spark Plug Wire a Little

    I had the same problem after I installed the Torque Monster Headers. Only my wire lasted a couple of days before it looked like that, and it burnt despite having the heat sock over it. Good call replacing it, the engine sounds terrible and pops/backfires when on 7 cylinders. Never a good thing.
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    e3 spark plugs

    I got the Taylor Thundervolt wires with my E3s. Seems to be a good combo. However, these wires cost me over $100 after shipping from Summit. There isn't anything special about them other than the kevlar heat socks on the wires. Next time I'm just going to get Bosch wires and save myself $40.
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    I've got the BamaChips programmer for my Mountaineer and it is probably the best investment I've made in terms of mods. It has 3 different programs; in my case it has two premium fuel tunes, one for torque and one for high-RPM performance, and an 87 octane tune that still increases performance...
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    Oil Chenage need some advise

    I know this may be a dumb question, but how do you know that you lost 2 quarts? On my old 1993, once it was one quart low, the "Check Oil" light illuminated. If you really want to switch to a synthetic oil, first I would try a synthetic blend. If consumption gets worse, then just go back to...
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    e3 spark plugs

    I've got them on my Mountaineer. I noticed a smoother idle and a better seat of the pants feel than with the Autolite double platinums that I had on there before that only had 10k miles on them. The plugs have only got about 5k miles on them, so I can't say much for the durability of them, but...
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    93 explrer "overheating" issues

    Since it sounds like you replaced everything in the cooling system, there are only two questions I have. 1) What is your water/coolant mixture? 2) Did you or your mechanic "burp" the system to remove any air?
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    I just ditched my Flowmaster catback in favor of the MAC 3" system. The MAC sounds WAY better than the Flowmaster. It has a much throatier, deep sound, much like a Mustang. And fits better than the Flowmaster did too. Don't get me wrong, the MAC is very loud, but sounds absolutely awesome...
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    Startin the build of my 98 mounty

    If you do get the Torque Monster Headers, a BamaChips or comparable tuned programmer is a necessity. I'm also running the MAC intake and a 2.5" catback, and the stock tune is just awful below 3000 RPMs. Not much in the way of low-end. The premium gas "torque" tune definitely took care of...
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    CEL help P1130

    Damn it looks like you have quite a mess on your hands. The first thing I would attack is the P0402 EGR Flow excessive detected. If the EGR flow is WAY too excessive, I could see that causing the P0300 (Multiple cylinder misfire) code, and the system too lean codes (P0171 and P0174). Try...
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    Can't find what this code means

    When I accidentally left the MAF unplugged on my 5.0, I didn't notice any issues at all, even when the CEL was on. Apparently, OBD-II vehicles have the capability to compensate for a sensor that has gone out of range by either inputting default values or drawing information from other sensors...
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    Backfiring V8

    I would double and triple check the plug wires where they are closest to the headers. When I put my headers on, one of the wires got too hot and melted. I first noticed a slight amount of backfiring, and then all of a sudden , it started backfiring and I lost all spark in that cylinder. You...
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    97 XLT Multiple Codes Check Engine On O/D Flashing

    I'll read out the descriptions I have for your codes: P1762: Overdrive Band Failed Off P1747: EPC Solenoid Short Circuit P0743: Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Electrical Failure P0750: Shift Solenoid A Error P0755: Shift Solenoid B Error P0760: Shift Solenoid C Error P0765: Shift...
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    4.0 mods

    Unfortunately, mods are not very cheap. You said you have a K&N filter. Is it just a drop-in paper replacement? If so, a full intake kit will improve horsepower slightly, and gives a deep roar to the engine under hard throttle. I have a MAC intake, and it works flawlessly...
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    New camshaft on 4.0 SOHC

    I've never come across anything about aftermarket camshafts for a 4.0L SOHC engine. With the popularity of the new Mustangs, there might be some aftermarket camshafts for the 4.0 popping up soon, if not now. Also keep in mind that the 4.0L SOHC has 2 camshafts, not one.