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    Shifting into park on my 02 XLS

    disconnect the cable from the tranny and try shifting. Issue goes away problem is inside tranny. Then disconnect the cable from the shift lever, problem goes away then cable is the issue. If not then the shift solenoid.
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    "Door Ajar" light on constantly

    Yeap, the system thinks a door is still open.
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    "Door Ajar" light on constantly

    The door ajar switches are integrated inside the door latches. One of yours are sticking. You could try to spray alot of lube inside the latches while engaging them with a screwdriver and pulling the handle to disengage. Most of the time this will cure the problem, if not you will have either to...
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    1995-2002 Explorer (and other vehicles) Recall

    Cruise control switch recall expanded As October 13th Ford included 4.5 million vehicles to the list of fire prone cruise control switches. I took my ex in to the dealer due to cat failure(which they have a 8 year 80000 mile warranty) and found out that my vehicle was just recently added to the...
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    Troubleshhoting misfire and low EGR flow

    try cleaning your dpfe with electric motor contact cleaner, then dry it with compressed air. should do the trick.
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    Weird misfire.

    This is an intermittent problem. Some lights I have to look at the tach to make sure its still running, and I have had it die a few times at lights. Same with the surging some times it will take right off with no problems and other times it feels like I have a 4 cyl with only 2 cyl firing. This...
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    Weird misfire.

    Ok this started out a couple months ago I got some bad gas. Lopey idle, no power and surging while accelerating. A couple bottles of fi cleaner cleared it up. A month ago same issue, fi cleaner with no benefit. Then ses came on with missfire cyl 2 or p0302. Ceaned the coils, boots, and plugs...
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    2003 explorer 2wd bearing issues

    Its not the front diff if its 2wd... the problem that I have found with newer vehicles is that they say the bearings do not need to have grease put in them. The light packing grease seems to be of very poor quality. So out of the box I will clean them and pack them with mobil 1 synthetic wheel...
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    electrical issue

    Its the battery just like gsmaclean said. I bet the temp at the shop has not gotten that cold especially by 9 o'clock when they get around to starting it. I custom build handicap vehicles and have seen this many times due to the high electrical load of the equipment.
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    I got my Explorer back today

    Good thing you have a warranty!
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    Diff Covers

    macknos94, you have an aftermarket chrome cover? what brand is it and where did you get it? It seems there ARE aftermarket covers that fit...
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    2002 eb cd changer replacement... steering wheel control?

    Only the factory stereos are compatible with the steering wheel controls. But a nice I-pod adaptor to the factory stereo will allow you to control the i-pod from the steering wheel controls. hope this helps.
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    305/70R16LT - 33.1 's

    Where are the pics!!! or did the tires get cut up while driving to your buddy's?
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    Fuel injector cleaning

    Has anyone used a cleaner tool like this How did it work? I know off car cleaning is the best but how well do these type of tools clean? There is instructions on the can of seafoam for injector cleaning tools like...
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    2002 Explorer Rear Window Washer Fluid DUMPING out behind back tire????

    there are rubber connectors for the plastice hose that fall off. just put them back on.
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    Transmission Fluid advice needed

    That is exactly what it sounds like. Get some merc 5 in there and problem (hopefully) solved. I personally am changing to amsoil atf. they say it is perfectly compatible. EDIT: 5 quarts is just for a pan drop. It should be put on a machine and have atleast 15 quarts ran through it.
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    whistle sound

    I have had the same noise 20-30 mph very light acceleration, let off the throttle and coast it goes away. push the throttle a little more and the buzzing increases with rpm then just goes away. I have found the buzzing noise comes from the tach. I removed the instrument cluster, disconnected all...
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    oil filter thread pitch?

    so on your amsoil adapter the two filters have a different thread pitch?
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    oil filter thread pitch?

    I need to know what the thread pitch is for an amsoil bypass filter is. EABP-90 is the part #. I want to install one on my ex but am going to build my own kit and need to know the thread pitch to order the right filter adapter, thanks
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    Thinking of building a 2nd gen lift kit...

    good idea with the air cylinders, thats what range rover has been doing for a few years now, maybe you should take a look at 1 for ideas
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    To answer all questions about 3rd generation lifts.......

    for adjustable ride height
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    Strange sound - 2005 Exp

    do you guys have the electronic climate control? i have the manual knobs and i dont hear that sound unless i change settings
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    Need info on the 5th shock

    maybe the ones that come off and it doesnt make a difference are allready worn out, and that's why there wouldnt be any noticable difference
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    power window plastic piece??

    usually to replace that you will have to remove the window, if its the guide im thinking about it will attach to the window. they are cheap for other cars and napa usually has them.
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    "Check Tire Pressure" message mystery

    35 psi for all 4 tires? my 02 requires a different pressure for the front 30psi and 35 rear.
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    Dome light staying on when door is closed

    the switch is integrated in the latch
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    Clicking from under truck at idle

    that would be nice if it was just an exhaust leak did you ever find your rattle?
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    lifted 2003 exploder

    I emailed them about 5 months ago and at that time they had no interest in doing an explorer lift. Expeditions halfshafts do not go through the frame.
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    4.6 valvetrain!

    a bad anti-drainback valve in the oil filter could cause this.
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    Before & After Pics

    rims look good. My vote for next mod is to remove your red pinstripping.
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    Which spark plug wires to purchase

    some wire info CARBON (SUPPRESSION) CONDUCTORS Carbon conductors are used in original equipment ignition wires by most vehicle manufacturers, and in the majority of stock replacement wires. This style of ignition wire is cheap to manufacture and generally provides good suppression for both RFI...
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    lifted 2003 exploder

    hey just fyi, your ex has coilover shocks from the factory and they do come with a lsd if you have the tow package.
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    4.6 valvetrain!

    they actually pump smoke into the evap system and watch for smoke to come out of somewhere. it will usually reveal a cracked hose, bad breather valve or something of the sort.
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    3rd Gen. Now appearing in 265s!

    bigapple: nah its not necessary.... the only time u would need a realignment is if u have suspension work done.. changign tires wont need it oh like changing out the front springs?:rolleyes:
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    4.6 valvetrain!

    well a smoke test tests the fuel evap and smog components of a vehicle. the reason for leaning towards this is that efi systems need a small amount of pressure built up in the tank and evap hoses to work properly, and since your problems seem to occur after you take the gas cap off or soon...
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    Eh, my door panels are fading bad(pics)

    maybe a thread should be started to inform people that those peices should not be treated as glass. I've even seen people at the car wash clean them with window cleaner.
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    Which spark plug wires to purchase

    Performance Distributors will make a custom set for around 100 bucks, have had livewires an my 90stang for about 5 years now woth no loss of resistance in any wire.
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    Clicking from under truck at idle

    I know exactly what you mean about how it feels like the tires move then the truck, mine does it too. I have checked it out and it seems to be normal with the auto 4x4 and the spongy bushings just kicking in.
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    2002 4.6 MAC intake install...

    thanks. this is the longest Ive ever owned a vehicle without doing anything to it...8 months