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    Is this vibration normal?

    I've have same low speed wobble issue. Please let me know what the outcome is from your dealer visits. My SUV was a Dec. Build...VIN number in the 13,000K range.
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    My New 11 Limited

    I put 20% on and it matched up pretty good. The black interior makes tints look really dark on this truck. I had to change them out to 50% tints to get the cops off my back.
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    driver seat moves when car turns off

    Theres and option for Easy entry / exit. you can turn it off from the left side system menu. I disabled it as well.
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    CNET Review!

    I'd go to CNET to get a digi cam, cellphone or laptop review. I'd care less what they say about cars. If you looked at the EX for what it features - 7 Seater SUV, Intelligent 4WD, styling, tech features and is really top in class. That's why I bought it and I love it so far...
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    Is MyFordTouch really that complicated?

    Its not that complicated and works pretty good if your patient with it. The only time I've seen it freeze is when you press thru the menu's too fast and it gets hung. It is Microsoft after all. Too bad this thing wasn't built on some kind of embedded linux...that would've been so much better!!!
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    Great EXperience

    awesome! we got hit here in NY with some snow as well. I took the EX for a drive this morning and monitored the 4WD display in snow mode. Rock solid, this truck is awesome in the snow. Coming from a 2010 Toyota Highlander with terrible Toyo OEM tires, the Explorer is a dream to drive...
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    Just picked up my 2011 Explorer Limited !!

    Just drove my new 2011 White Plat. Explorer Limited home tonight. It is better than I ever expected!! I haven't been so excited over a new car in years, Ford really did an awesome job with this one. Will post pics soon.