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    RABS bypass

    rabs reman unit The Rabs remanufactured unit i tried leaked at the brake line fittings. I returned it. Might have been Autozone. Got one at the dealer $250+, can not remember. They only had new ones but would not sell it until I gave them the old one. Did not get a core refund! Go figure.
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    No TCC lockup at high altitude

    Just return from a 500 mi. trip that took me over 8000' in elev. I lost TCC lock up above appox. 5700'. Tranny would not lockup even on level road when the engine was loafing. I can only relate it to the altitude. I am thinking MAF or air temp sensors are causing this. Any ideas? (92'...
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    A/C Question....Need Help please

    The switch is adjustable, it needs to be set to cycle off at appox 30# at the low side. Higher humidity in Florida is why it only happen there. A low charge will cause the system to cycle more often which will allow the ice to melt, the problem is not low charge.
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    Synthetics in older engine?

    deja vu This reminds me of the controversy over multi vis oils many years ago (showing my age). Now no one would think twice about using multi vis oil. In deed the world is still flat. :confused:
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    92' Explorer A/C

    Thanks Glacier991, Since I posted I have bought the a/c test gauges and the Mastercool Service Manual. This service manual is excellent and has service info that applies directly to the 92'. Turns out the problem is low charge, now that I can see on the gauges what the system is doing. At least...
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    629 code

    MrShorty, Thanks for the info, this will help. Lynn
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    92' Explorer A/C

    On the accumulator.
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    629 code

    I've had intermitten operation of the torque converter lock up since I bought my 92' Explorer. I ran the computer code test and came up with 629 (TORQUE CONVERTER LOCK-UP solenoid circuit failure) . I will try checking the connectors and wiring first. Where is the connector/wiring located on the...
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    Stuck in the sand

    Check out where this explorer got stuck!
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    92' Explorer A/C

    I am restoring my 92' XLT. new engine, cooling system, brakes and A/C. The a/c work was done professional, new compressor, accumulator, tube and system flush (expensive!) The system seemed to work fine until the weather got really hot here in Phoenix ,+105. But it never blew painfully cold air...