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    Temp gauge fault (engine temp)

    Hi everyone. My 97 4.0 sohc dash temp gauge is acting odd. At first everything was fine but when i'd get in the car in the mornings the gauge would be registering even though i'd not even put the key in the ignition. When i put the ignition on the gauge would drop down and then move up as the...
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    Hello and please help!

    Many thanks to you all for the kind welcome. I found the actual paint code from all the different numbers and letters eventually!! Now to get overspray over the neighbours cars! Ha Ha! All the best everybody
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    1997 UK spec paint code - WHERE?!!

    Hi, can anyone tell me where on the vin plate / sticker on the slam panel the paint codes are? I've a few repairs to do and need the whereabouts of the main body colour code and the wheel arch / sides colour. Many thanks
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    Hello and please help!

    Hi everybody, i've just got my first Explorer - 1997 4.0V6 - best and most comfortable (i'm 6ft 8) motor i've ever owned! Beautiful noise that engine makes! I'm an operations manager running a fleet of about 40 buses in Lincolnshire, England. Married with 2 daughters and a beautiful...