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    93 explorer ignition switch removal and testing.

    IgnitionLock If the key is not returning to a home position you need to replace the Ignition LOCK about 15 dollars from parts house. I just did this on my 92 because it would hang. To get the key to work on the doors you need to take the new key (which only has notches on the end of the key) to...
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    A4LD Input shaft slightly twisted OD Planet stripped

    Yeah I will try to get some pictures up this weekend. Glad I have a second tranny for parts.
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    A4LD Input shaft slightly twisted OD Planet stripped

    Taking it the housing off but not taking the pump apart it looks like it just stopped. I cant move it by hand.
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    A4LD Input shaft slightly twisted OD Planet stripped

    Had forward only in OD and NO reverse. In neutral would roll forward but not reverse, had to put drive shaft to move in reverse. When I tore the transmission down the input shaft grooves at the torque converter were slightly twisted but could remove torque converter. The other end of the input...
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    Need to replace L front block freeze plug (second time)

    Not sure of failure frequency but look for an exspansion plug installation tool. It makes installation much easier.
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    No Park after trans swap 94 Explorer 4X4 sport

    You need to check that the park pawl is in the correct location. Do a search on parking pawl.
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    Let the Conversion Begin....

    The output shaft is longer on a 4WD. Glacier has a great teardown rebuild for the A4LD. While a pain it is fairly straight forward removal of parts change output shaft then reinstall.
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    R134a conversion question

    You might consider adding a heater bypass valve. It is purported to greatly reduce the heat and increase the cool for your AC.
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    ok, tonight i bought a 98 xlt 5.0

    If you are going to pull anything check to see if you have the secondary transmission cooler it will extend the life of your transmission
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    Transmission leak prob help plz

    Yes you can the rubber gets hard in the valves and will leak. Check out the A4LD rebuild thread by Glacier.
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    From Russia with Love.

    It is used as a way to stop metal pieces from moving around in the transmission. That is to say a filter.
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    94 explorer auto trans leak

    Could be your servo covers. The seals gets hard because they are so near the exhaust.
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    driver window troubles....

    Glad that helped.
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    driver window troubles....

    Expanded parts view If you go to you can get a blowup of the door parts that should help
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    New Owner (actually caretaker) of an Old Explorer.

    Go for it Welcome to the forum. I used various threads to rebuild my 92 A4LD transmission. My Explorer had been sitting about 5 years also. I am replacing the Valve Body as the original one still seems to have some issues with reverse. There are other threads for later model automatics .
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    completley unexpected a4ld issue

    You may need to adjust your bands. Loosen locking nut (19 mm) then Tighten center to 120 inch pounds (10 ft pounds ) then back out 2 turns.
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    ZC servo upgrade

    Spring color I dont remember it now. I went thru the a4ld rebuild sticky and found the color there in the section for the servos.
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    ZC servo upgrade

    Zc When I did the ZC upgrade I upgraded the spring as well.
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    92 navajo need passenger side interior door panel

    Go to ebay and do a search for EXPLORER INSIDE DOOR PANEL PULL HANDLE 91-94 GRAY RIGHT (Fits: Ford Explorer) Lots out there
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    Can someone tell me what this is?

    What was the solution What did you find that you fixed on both vehicles ?
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    92 Explorer A4LD noise after rebuild

    Clicking Solved: I was able to duplicate the clicking with the rear on jacks , shift in neutral, while rotating the drive shaft. My suspicion was that the parking pawl was not being fully retracted. I pulled the tail off the 2WD A4LD and the parking pawl and spring fell out. I reinstalled them...
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    No reverse after valve body rebuilt

    Be sure you have enough transmision fluid in the system. You have to check it when it gets warmed up. Second when you redid the VB did you replace the orings on the reverse servo? It can be a cause of no or slow reverse.
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    Fender Wheel well removal

    Fender Well Removal It is pretty easy. There are 6 - bolts and screws that hold it in. Depending on which side it is there may be the air intake or someother device mounted on the top side of the plastic liner.
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    AL4D front Seal replace?

    If that is all you are doing yes. Be sure to stake the seal. Check the spacer behind the flexplate to see if that was the cause of the seal to stop working. If the cause was something else you may have to have the bellhousing machined and seal installed. There is info on this in the transmission...
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    Paint to use on vents

    That nicely sets of the interior Great Job
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    92 Explorer A4LD noise after rebuild

    I did a rebuild of my A4LD following Glaciers writeup <Big Thanks> Also did the VB shift kit from Transgo. I have everything back together and re installed in Explorer. Initially had some overflow of transmission fluid. I had not started engine to move it in the transmission. After running up to...
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    1991 Explorer blowing out tranny fluid

    Regulator ? You might check the regulator at the vacuum tree to see if the rubber hose is soft from sucking fluid up and burning it in the engine.
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    Cold Air Intake

    Make you own CAI If you do a search there about 3 -5 posts on how to create your own CAI in the ExplorerForum. I also think there is a sticky
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    Console Clips?

    Sounds like you may have to try the dealer parts. See if they will let you look at the exploded view and part breakout. Possibly get the PN that way.
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    A4ld rebuild questions

    There is a sticky on rebuilding Glacier 991 ? & BrooklynBay & another have done. They talk about the tools and kits. Buy the A4LD transmission book and update book. I am getting ready to use their info to tear my A4LD down to see why it dows not go.
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    Joining the bandwagon, my 4L OHV build

    I am have just as much fun (NOT) getting my exhaust bolts off. I ended up breaking 1 of them and drilling the other off like you are doing. I removed the plastic liner and way more room to get at them. Both on the pass side exhaust to exhaust manifold. I found that there is a product called...
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    94 Ford Ranger - MAFS Question

    Maf May just need to be cleaned. Do a search for the proceedure.
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    Greetings New to the forum. I previously had an 98 Explorer and Have just purchased a 92 Explorer to get runing again.