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    Long-Travel Suspension

    :hammer: Bump. That's right, I'm making you all look at this again.
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    Erm...Hi...sorta new...only not...

    Damn, I gotta catch up, heh. Anyway, if your transmission blew, you need to swap out to a Lentech AOD-E. -nods sagely- And since the 4.0L won't bolt up to an AOD (unless someone's puked out an adapter while I've been asleep), you'll need to swap to a Ford 4.9L I-6 with twin turbochargers...
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    Will a 302 from a 87 Bronco fit?

    You'll need a swap kit, yes. James Duff makes one, I think Advance Adapters does too, and Kaufmann makes a full kit if I recall correctly. But Mike's right, the truck intake is too tall normally. I don't know if the 3" body lift would take care of that or not, though.
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    Erm...Hi...sorta new...only not...

    Rather than call it a swap or conversion, I've invented my own word. "dahell" From the English phrase "What the hell?", often corrupted as "What da hell?" and from there further truncated to "dahell".
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    f150 coils

    While I've heard that they're larger diameter, I've also heard that they've been used (at least on Rangers) to lift. Standard F150 coils give a 2" lift, I think, though I imagine the ride is hellish. BUT Considering the issue of larger diameter, I wouldn't mess with it in your position...
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    Why do you want to cut it down, though? I should phrase that differently, maybe. Will it bolt in easily without being cut down? I was thinking about this at one time as well, and if it'll bolt in without being cut down, then that would give me the extra width I kinda wanted, and probably...
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    Erm...Hi...sorta new...only not...

    SHHHHH!H!! ...don't tell anybody about that. Yeah, I'm still going to try, though my truck is likely to end up being the frame and drivetrain of an F-series with a decidedly screwy body.
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    Erm...Hi...sorta new...only not...

    Dear god, me referring to a Jeep straight-six? Blasphemy. The Ford 300ci inline six-cylinder engine is the engine god put in the center of the earth. *nods sagely* I've been in a cardboard box being shipped around the world gathering frequent flier miles. Actually, I just kinda...
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    Erm...Hi...sorta new...only not...

    I'm back. I think. I know you all hoped you were rid of me. BUT YOU'RE NOT! MUAHAHAHAHAH! ....straight-sixes are cool I promise, I'm not insane. Really. Hey, where are you going?
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    Building "Woopah!" - BislamJoe

    The project's waiting for summertime, but we're keeping an eye out for good donor vehicles for the present time, as well as assessing costs and how many "trick" parts we'll include. An Atlas II is in consideration, even words whispered about an Allison transmission, but I can almost promise that...
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    This could be fun

    ...go for a custom liveaxle front on coils with 37" tires...
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    My favorite engine of all time would have to be any large-displacement inline-six. The Ford 300/4.9L is my favorite engine off the top of my head. Sure, you can't squeeze out the same power from those inline-sixes as you can from a big-block or even small-block V8. But inline-sixes are just...
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    What music do you listen to.

    I listen to almost anything, but my favorite band is RAMMSTEIN
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    Need a Strong trans?

    Do you have the auto or the manual? With the manual, I'd say swap to a T5. With the auto, I don't know.
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    Mitsubishi 5-speed fit?

    Yep! It will work! But I thought the only 5-speed that made it into the Explorers was the Mazda?? My brain is addled :confused:
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    That's interesting, Sara - I didn't take the "where the sea ends" to be figurative at all, I thought that just meant they went to the beach or a cliff overlooking the ocean. I took "rich in days" the same way that you did. I got the idea that his mind was degenerated to be childlike because she...
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    An Idea!

    Actually, I'm thinking about doing the same thing to carry the spare in Woopah! once we finish. Will a 37 fit on that mount? Or will I be rigging something? Maybe I'd be better off making a rear carrier or a roof rack...
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    2003 Explorer Sport FX4

    While we're dreaming of a Bronco, I want coils on all 4 corners.
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    Bumpage! I was running back through all my Rammstein again today, remembered how much I love this band. Also was really down today, and listened to a new Rammstein mp3 that I found - Nebel (translates to "mist" or "fog") The song really struck me, so I looked up the lyrics. I'm posting them (the...
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    So I am down at the local boat supply

    I think it might have some effect. Probably not a lot, but maybe a slight "ram-air" effect? But it's probably not really worth it. I'd like to see a twin-turbo kit for the 4.0.... muahaha...
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    What engine do you want?

    Well... the motor I really would want in the Explorer would be the 4.9L inline-six. But, it would be difficult to fit. Another option might be the old 250cid inline-six, if built up right. But of the three you listed, probably the V8, since you can get lots of parts.
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    Would you buy a diesel X?

    IMHO, the Explorer the diesel should have been put in was mortally wounded in 1995, and died in 2001. If the diesel had made its way into the 1st-generation, I would love one. Or even into the 2nd- and late-2nd-generation X. But in the 2002, it's too late for me, I don't care for the IRS/IFS...
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    Fiberglass Fenders

    That's what I thought - the breakage issue.
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    Last I recall, ARB didn't make one for any year Explorer. However, I think TJM does.
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    Rumor Control: Explorer Sport?

    I think a 2-door SWB Excursion would rock.... I saw a pic of one, but it was lowered and streeted out. :p I was thinking "full-size Bronco" ... offer it only in 4x4 with the V10 or the diesel
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    Fiberglass Fenders

    I was asking why Bill ran 35's for the harder wheelin' instead of 37's.
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    Fiberglass Fenders

    Bill - Why? Because of the strength issues, or what?
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    Fiberglass Fenders

    I'd say ditch the body lift if you're only going to 35's. But with the BL and 6" suspension, at least 37s. Hell, I'd go 37's with only the 6" and fenders...
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    Long-Travel Suspension

    Nah.... It's looking like I won't be building up the Explorer. See my thread in "Explorer Projects". Dead Link Removed That's why I'm asking if the steering could be adapted. I'll probably still end up jealous... Even though Paul won't have an inline-six :cool: :bounce:
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    235's BFGs affecting actual speed???

    Gigantor - I have EXACTLY the same problem. I run my 235/75R15s at the same pressures as you (actually 35psi all around, but you get the idea) and have the same trouble.
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    Long-Travel Suspension

    :mattmoon: No.....
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    18"/20" for 4 x 4?

    Starting in '95 there was no protruding 4WD hub, you're safe.
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    Calvin peeing stickers...yes or no?

    hehehe.... like the General Pumpkin...
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    Long-Travel Suspension

    Bumpomatic Just wondering if there are any pics yet... Also curious to see if Winter's swing-set steering can be adapted for use on a fullsize rig? [EDIT: I talked to Colin online, he speaks of pictures to come after the weekend at truckhaven...]
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    ||| Ford Sucks? |||

    MUAHAHAHAHAH! I love it!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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    ||| Ford Sucks? |||

    In my personal opinion, nothing good comes from GM anymore, with 2 exceptions. The Corvette (I've heard a rumour of a 427 cid V8 in the 2003 Vette), and the 270hp inline-six that's going into the Trailblazer (the engine is cool, not the truck). I've dissappointed. Up until '89-ish, Chevy's were...
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    Building "Woopah!" - BislamJoe

    Thanks Pete - and I won't forget your shipment
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    Building "Woopah!" - BislamJoe

    I'm also thinking about rigging it for coils in the rear too. Does anyone know how hard that would be, on something like this where cutting up and rigging is no object?
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    Help with swapping a '93 tranny.

    First - Please don't duplicate threads. I'd say check the linkage between the shifter and the tranny, and if it's alright, or if you adjust it to be in spec, and it's still causing trouble, you need a new tranny. I couldn't really tell you where to get a rebuilt or reman, honestly, I'm going...
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    Front Bumper

    Someone posted a pic of a 99 front bumper on a lowered 1st-gen once. I thought it looked awesome, possibly the coolest street bumper I had ever seen on a 91-94. It was a front view, I don't know if it stuck out much. I'd mount it back a little, to put it close to flush, but that's me...