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    Wheels & tires?

    Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. Yes you will have some rubbing with the 275,s on the 8.5 rim with 20 offset. bring the rim out farther and the rubbing will be worse. Tire rubs while turning on the front inner fender at the outer edge of the tire. Rubbing is minor and could...
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    seat memory

    Has anyone added the memory module for the power seats. I have seen this option in the EB and Limited Explorer SUV, but have not seen a sport trac with this. Would love to have the memory option as I am 6'2 and my wife is only 5'4.
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    2008 4.6 Limited w/ Truxx Lift

    Here are some pics of my new to me 2008. Truck has sync, nav, sunroof, slider rear window. Just needed something to tow behind the motorhome. [/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
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    Wheels & tires?

    Mild lift, 275 55R20's on 20x8.5's So lets see if this works
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    Wheels & tires?

    I,d say go for it. I have a 2008 ltd with the truxx lift and 275 55 r20 Toyo AT,s on 20x8.5 20 offset rims. Nice fit and addl clearance for "soft roading". Once things slow down I will post pics...
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    1 Navajo and 1 X in Four Wheeler's 2005 Real Truck Club Challenge

    Sad days and good days all in the same A buddy of mine mentiond that I might want to take a look at a calendar that he had form me. I kind of chuckled since I sold my last trail truck about 4 or 5 years ago... Poor sucker sat in my garage other than a trip to Rubicon and one up to Trail...
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    Painting the Chrome grill

    Just gotta love a buddy with a body shop... I got the grill back after having real base coat / clear coat blown on the grill. Not sure why Ford ever put the chrome grill on the Eddie Bauer. The buggy looks great, just need to get some rims and tires and I'll be a happy man.
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    Wheels and tire combo for Eddie Bauer

    That's the real deal !!!! I love the fit and how it actually fills out the width of the wheelwell. With the 285 60r'17's would you lower the truck any ?
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    Wheels and tire combo for Eddie Bauer

    Tire size Actually looking for guidance on rim sizing, Kind of leaning to the 17X9 or 17x10 to get the width I need to fill the flares. Tire size will be 275 55R 17 or 275 60R17. It seems that most of you are running the cobra R's that fill the xlt wheelwell perfectly, but they look a little...
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    Wheels and tire combo for Eddie Bauer

    Just trying to find a wheel and tire combo to fill out the width of the eddie bauer flares. I could go with either the off road ( would rather not do the TT shackle route) or street truck look. There was a black and silver sport on the boards a while ago with a 17 in wheel and tire combo that...
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    Painting the Chrome grill

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I spent part of monday evening wet sanding the chrome on the grill, Primed and painted the grill. I used the dark blue duplicolor, but it's just not quite the right shade. so back to stripping the grill I go. I'll have a buddy shoot the grill wedgewood...
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    Painting the Chrome grill

    Just traded my 97 Sport and picked up a 98 Eddie Bauer... Does anyone know the best way to paint the chrome grill body color, or would I be better off finding a sport or limited grill and painting that to match ??
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    what brand tires to get?

    Tire size Have you considered the Dunlop Grandtrek TG35. THe 275 - 55R17 is an oem size for the Mercedes 430. Prices seem to be veru reasonable at under $100 per tire. Check out the Tire rack or your local Dunlop retailer for exact pricing. Still trying to decide if I want to go Cobra...
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    late model lift ?'s Body vs Suspension

    I currently have a 97 Sport that could be Diablo3305's twin. It replaced my 91 Navajo lx with the superlift 5.5, 33's 4.56 gears l/s and c-clip locker. Needless to say, I am going thru wheeling withdrawls... Please share your opinions on the 3' body lift versus the 4" suspension. I am...
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    Lowering Kit

    Lowering ?? My truck has been a yo-yo during the first six months that I owned it. First was the warrior shakle and torsion twist. My wife was not happy with the ride son back to stock it went. The following weekend I backed off the torsion bar adjustment bolts to lower the front 1 1/2...
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    Shafted ?? Another thing to check would be the slip joint on the passengers side shaft as well. I had the opposite problem with mine... The retainer for the boot over the splines split allowing the shaft to compress but not extend. It is possible that if the splines are damaged that It will...
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    Touch drive to manual shift T Case

    Okay Now that I am in full four wheeling withdrawl, I am looking to build another 91-94 Exploder sport... Can the touch drive transfer case be replaced with the manual shift ?? Better yet, can I remove the electric shift linkage and add the manual shift linkage to an existing case...
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    Fog lights w/o headlights

    a good friend of mine has a 1993 Taurs SHO Thanks for the reply, I also have a 93 SHO plus and have seen the kit for the SHO advertised in the SHO registry. I may just go ahead and order the SHO kit and see if I can apply this to the Explorer. As far as legality to running without...
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    Lift for 99 Sport?

    Lift your sport Hi there !! Turning up the torsion bars will get you about 1 to 1.5 in of lift, the rear can be lifted with the warrior shackles. The second option would be to go the same route that Ray and Juan Felsman went and install the 98 or newer Ranger lift in your Sport. this...
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    Lowering an Explorer Sport

    Re: lowering If your Sport has the same "Monoleaf" rear springs, the rear can be lowered approx 1 1/2 inches for no cost at all. The Monoleaf rear springs use four stacked plates between the main leaf and the u-bolt plate/shock mount. Remove the center pin from the spring and place the plates...
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    Ray Lobato's Before and after

    Way too cool Way to nice Ray !!! Just some questions about the install on the ranger lift. How did you address the welded crossmember for the rear torsion bar mounts ??? Assume removal and ground clean and then bolted in the Ranger crosmember ??? With the suspension lift installed but...
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    Fog lights w/o headlights

    Does anyone know how to rewire the factory foglights to operate without the headlights ??? Would really like to be able to run the parking lights and fogs on snowy nights...
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    Explorer Grille on Navajo?

    After driving a 1991 "Explorajo" for 8 years, I learned much. If you want to swap over to the Explorer front trim, not only will you need the proper headlights, turn signals and grill parts, The lower valance below the grill and above the bumper needs to be replaced as well. The...
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    Biggest Tire w/ Dana35?

    The gear, axel and hub strength may not be the issue. Ball joints and tie rod ends may not be the best for a 37" tire. using my old 91 w/ 33" tires ball joint life was marginal at best. If you want to go big reliably go with a straight axel. The initial investment will be well worth the...