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    electrical issue with front map light

    I have this same problem only mine comes from the vanity mirror on the passenger side falling apart. the cheap lid came off and kept the light on and burned up the wires. new visor with mirror = $150 on ebay. I am not sure this will fix my problem because of all the other posts saying how...
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    Looking at a 2006. Any opinions on this one?

    2006 Explorer I bought a new 2006 Eddie Bauer Explorer here in Denver. Within 35000 miles I was replacing injectors I had "owned" 3 other Explorers as Company cars for HP, and so I went through all their transmission woes with the God Awful Puegeot transmission. The transmission was OK on...
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    Driver side power seat problem

    drivers seat moving NO MORE Had this same problem the drivers seat moved all the time....I could make it go crazy by wiggling the key in the ignition....this also caused map lights and other things to come on and off etc... Had ignition replaced by a locksmith who configured the ignition...
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    electrical issue with front map light

    Could you send me the schematics of the map lights and visor lights also? I have the same problem ..thx in advance...
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    How To: Ignition switch Install. 07 Sport Trac

    Ignition switch replacement 2008 Explorer Having the same issues as most with the ignition switch causing all sorts of gremlins lights not working drivers seat moving on its own etc....I appreciate the visual guide how to replace this ignition swith, but I have another question My 2008...
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    broken vanity mirror

    I have the same issue haven't been able to find the small vanity light cover as an oderable part # anybody help here? I am way out of warranty and my wife uses this damn mirror everytime we get in the car I understand it is a defective part but Ford only sees that my 2008 well maintained...
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    How To: Ignition switch Install. 07 Sport Trac

    do you have to get new keys????
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    Need HELP with strange electrical problem in my 2008 Sport Trac

    this may sound stupid but make sure you don't have heavy stuff on your key chain there is a real problem with the ignition switches on those models I have a Eddie Bauer 2008 with your engine and if I wiggle my keys while driving it becomes like a clown car the seat moves, the lights...
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    electrical issue with front map light

    I have this exact problem with my map lights dome lights and vanity mirror lights,,,however, if I wiggle my keys in the ignition, I can make them all come on and work thoughts are that these issues are a part of the infamour dreaded IGNITON issue we all have with these...
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    New to the site with 2008 Eddie Bauer Explorer

    New to the site,,,about to do 60K mile with spark plugs and fuel filter,,,not as easy as I had thought...want to make sure I don't break off any spark plugs.... Have had very few problems with the 2008 EB Explorer...had major issues with fuel injectors on the 2006 and had transmission problems...