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    6489 Master Cam Tool Set

    Would you be interested in buying a full 6489 Master Cam Tool Set for Ford Explorer timing chain kits ? Im in NSW AUSTRALIA, and my 97 explorer finally gave up after 4 years of fun and luxury driving. I bought it with broken timing chain guides so bought all new parts from the states along...
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    Cruise Control Bulbs Write Up

    I just got a set from eBay USA for about $50.00 Glad to see this thread cos I was wondering how to replace them...good thing as my usual bull in a china shop approach would probably have had me sitting in the cab surrounded by a powdery mist and a deflated airbag hanging from the steering...
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    How To: Mount A Spare Inside

    G'day bloke, was reading your post from way back when you were making a swing away spare tyre holder. Do you have pix at all? Can you give me an idea of what's required to build it? Thanks mate. Rob
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    Engine problem.

    G'day Buddha...I suggest you check the threads on timing chain noises. It appears all these Exploders are...well...exploding...mine has a lifter sound as well but at start up sounds like a diesel...I'm thinking timing chains but after reading Denmacs thread...there might be a light at the end...
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    Identifying Timing Chain Rattle

    timely (scuse the pun) post...I will need to have this looked at before we open her up and tear her heart out
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    Engine rattle with higher rpms or no load

    wouldn't hurt to have a mechanic have a listen..... The timing chain noise makes the Exploders sound like a diesel engine. If it sounds like that, you might need to have some-one take a look sooner rather than later. I just bought a 97 Limited with a timing chain problem (bought it for next to...
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    Explorer years to avoid?

    disconnect the speedo...:p: 2 things I noticed wrong about your truck though, there's a humungous crack across the screen....and some idiot put the steering wheel on the wrong side... Njoy the explorer
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    SOHC Timing Overhaul with Part Numbers, and Pics plus extra parts

    Timing tool kit G'day mate, do you still have the timing tool kit? If so would you like to sell it? Thanks Rob