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    accumulator oil...

    Hey all. I am finally about to replace my accumulator and i know i have to put oil in it, but which fitting do i put the pag100 oil in to? since my a/c hose was slit open (hints why i am replacing all this) do i have to put the same oil in my compressor or is it still in there? Thanks
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    what tool?

    my hose actually just bolts to the condenser on both sides... i guess because i def dont see any spring locks and i see the bolts..
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    what tool?

    i just dont see the spring clip where it connects to the condenser
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    what tool?

    what tool is needed to disconnect the A/C hose from the condenser(i believe that is what it is, the part that looks similiar to the radiator)? because I know the other connection between the accumulator and a/c hose is that spring lock and you need the spring lock tool but what is needed here...
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    o no! a/c problem question

    i got the hose and someone is going to help me put it in and then take it to a shop to get it evacuated and recharged.. just so i know what he's doin, what all are we goin to be havin to remove to be able to get the hose in there? thanks
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    o no! a/c problem question

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I purchase this hose - it would fix this problem.. the picture at the beginning of this thread should still work and show which hose is cut and needs to be replaced. Thanks
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    o no! a/c problem question

    bump. still need this problem fixed! if i take it to a shop, whats the estimated cost i would be expecting from them?
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    slipping tranny maybe?

    alright heres the issue: its a 1998 ex sport with almost 100k on it. I put 33's on it about march of 2006. most the time it occurs when the car is cold. After i let it warm up for a little, ill drive off and it happens either right when i switch it into drive, or after i come to a stop and try...
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    door unlocking trouble!

    yep, that was it.. i got the latch from ford for $29 and i worked on it for about 2 hours and some change. Now it works and I no longer have to crawl through my car. lol
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    door unlocking trouble!

    alright guys here's the deal: it was yesterday when I went to go out to my explorer and I hit the unlock button and the passenger side unlocked but the drivers side stayed locked. I kept trying to do this and I entered my door code and even tried to unlock it with the key, and still I had no...
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    02 ranger lift ?'s

    Hey fella's... Here's the deal, my buddy has a 2002 Ford Ranger XLT 4x2. He saw my explorer and wants to lift his ranger, he's got the money to do it, he just wants me to make sure that he gets the right parts. He wants to be able to fit 33x12.5x15 on there. So I was thinking 3 inch body lift...
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    Calling all NC Wheelers!!!!!!!!

    count me out i guess
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    Calling all NC Wheelers!!!!!!!!

    well i got a 3 inch body lift, t/t and shackles on 33's BFG AT.. i live in garner which is like 5 minutes from raleigh.. you can see my ex here....
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    Calling all NC Wheelers!!!!!!!!

    2x4's cant even go to uwharrie can they?
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    Anyone in the Raleigh, NC area?

    im not sure of any clubs but there are a couple forum members around here, including myself.
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    which one? rack or wheels

    hey guys. I decided to go with the wheels.. I have already ordered them and should have them put on sometime around this weekend! ill let yall know with some pics when i get them on!!!
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    which one? rack or wheels

    yep. those are the ones im most likely going to get. but the lowest backspace they have on those is 4inch. how is that going to look. i want them to stick out a little but nothign too big ya know?
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    which one? rack or wheels

    as of now, im looking towards the wheels... i like the light on crossbar idea! the choice is now what black rim will look best on my ex? heres a pic here so you can imagine it, haha. (i have other mods now that arent pictured like the black safari bar...
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    no brake lights

    Problem fixed! thanks guys.. and yes the brake switch was bad!! :D
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    which one? rack or wheels

    yeah i pic would be awesome! thanks
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    which one? rack or wheels

    yea i was wanting the roof rack for the lights because ive seen them on other ex's and they look really good... i have 33x12.50x15
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    which one? rack or wheels

    hey all.. Im a student with limited money. and im either going to get a Surco Roof rack and adapter bracket which will run around $200 for the rack and brackets. OR I might get some 15x8 Rock Crawler Series 51 or something along that black steel kind of wheel... Let me know what would be...
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    no brake lights

    hey all... my brake lights have slowly started to not come on when the brake is applied. It used to be that they would come on the majority of the time when i noticed the problem, but its got to the point where they barely come on so i figured it was definetly time to check it out more.. as you...
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    Raleigh Area

    yeah i got mods. I got 33s(AT). Im looking to get a locker, because i was reading that they REALLY help a 2wd. 3in bl, tt, shackles.. how far is Uwharrie, hour wise. and theres no little trails around here, like power lines or anything that arent posted Private property?
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    My Explorer is Now Famous! ...sort of...

    I saw it as well! glad an Explorer was in there. I thought it was someone from here since pretty much the majority of people know about this place that actually do stuff with there explorer
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    Raleigh Area

    thats cool. I live in Garner, not too far from State. My older sister goes there. My ex is only 2wd so we'd probably have to get a couple other 4wd, in case i got stuck or whatever :roll: ... TarHeel085 said he could go after he got done with his coilover if it works out, but i dont know when he...
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    Raleigh Area

    Any one close to the raleigh area want to go wheelin? Im pretty new to the area so the places we could go, im not too familar with but i just want to go. So if anyone is in the raleigh area or around here, post something up here and we'll try to get as many as possible to go!
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    help me find!

    hey yall.. im trying to find the explorer on here that has lights underneith the car.. there not neons, but theres only 4 and they are like regular off road looking lights that you could buy at walmart or something.. ive searched on here and looked and i cant find them again and i saw them the...
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    Hey, just wanted to know if any of yall are gunna go to 4 Wheel Part's Truckfest down in Orlando, FL. The dates are August 19-20 and its at the Orlando Convention Center.. Just post a reply if you are planning on going. if you need more info go to the 4 wheel parts website and find it on there.
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    My explorer project... pics!!

    hey, sounds like a plan man, but definetly go with some bigger tires.. 31's would look to small under that lift IMO..
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    hey yall.. im looking to get some cragar 15x8's soft 8... the lowest backspace i can find is 4inch, but the rims have a -12mm offset. So my question is are these going to stick out any more than the stockers, because i want them to stick out more but im not sure on this backspace. thanks, let...
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    o no! a/c problem question

    hey all... its getting hot here so my a/c blowing hot air is kinding getting to the point were i dont want to drive... well ok not that bad but heres the story... when i did my body lift, a hose (the one in the following picture) was cut by a belt that it came in contact with, luckily we noticed...
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    the alignment didnt go so well

    help yall i went to get my tires put on today and they look great.. ill post a link to pics once i upload them.. but i also told them to align it.. so i get a call and they tell me my ball joints are bad, both top and bottom, and that there was no way possible for them to align it with this.. so...
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    1997 X 3" body lift questions

    hey man.. i lifted my 98 explorer this weekend and i didnt do any of that. the year model might make a difference but im not sure. maybe someone else can jump in and let you know..
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    installed 3 in BL, but...

    hey .. today i installed my 3 inch body lift on my 98 2wd sport, got all spacers and everything in and dropped the radiator down with the brackets... but when i tried to put the front fender back on, it was tilted down, so it was going down like this \ (just the idea of it)... i dotn know what...
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    question about car type request for tires

    hey.. im ordering 33's from 4wheel parts and it asks me for my car type and im pretty sure i shouldnt put my ford explorer, which they are for.. what should i put. like a f 150.. my ex is a 98 if that helps.. so like a ranger or 150? thanks yall
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    3 inch body lift needs

    hey yall. i ordered my 3 inch summit brand body lift for my 98 ex 2wd sport, which is the same as the PA 883 kit.. im looking to do the lift this weekend and want to know what all i need, not tool wise, more like extra bolts, what size and length, or how much wood or locktight, or whatever.. Im...
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    2 or 3in body lift

    You can find a 3 inch body lift at summit racing, 4 wheel parts, 4 wheel customs or a whole lot of other places. You will have to look for the 98-00 Ford Ranger kit.. it works.. thats what most guys are running on here. the performance accessorie part # is PA-883 costing about $155 give or take...
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    would this kit work

    hey i have a 98 ford explorer sport 2wd.. and while i was looking around for a 3 inch bl i found this at summit.. its the summit brand lift kit i suppose.. heres the link...