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  1. Z

    long time experience with TT?

    Has anyone had this for a longer time like 5+ years?
  2. Z

    long time experience with TT?

    I am thinking about doing the TT and shackles to my 99 X. And am wondering what experiences people have with it over the long term? Any problems, early replacement of parts? Also, what is the difference between shackles and add-a-leaf? Pardon my ignorance but I can't figure it out by searching.
  3. Z

    Carbon fiber headlight covers

    covers I got mine at for about $30.00 3 years ago.
  4. Z

    sylvania website

    Silverstar I just barely bought some silverstars and they are as good as advertised. They are really, really white and bright even through my light covers. I want some for my fogs, too.
  5. Z

    Sylvania: Silverstar vs XtraVision

    Hartman: bulbs through covers DId your bulb upgrade make a difference through your haedlight covers?
  6. Z

    getting new deck need help

    Alpine I would go with the Alpine, as I think that is the best all round deck. In addition, I have found Alpines to be a lot more reliable than Pioneer or especially Kenwood. I have owned all 3 in the past and the Alpine outlasted all of them. I have had my current Alpine for 5 years. The...
  7. Z

    Sylvania: Silverstar vs XtraVision

    ANYONE Does anyone know how the 2 sylvania bulbs compare head to head? Advantages/ disadvantages of each?
  8. Z

    Sylvania: Silverstar vs XtraVision

    Hartman? Hartman, Do you have smoke light covers? If you do did your bulb upgrade make a big difference?
  9. Z

    Sylvania: Silverstar vs XtraVision

    Super H and Hiper Also what do you think about the Super H and Hiper Bulbs that are higher wattage, but cheaper. They are way above specs at 80 watts (spec 55/65). Has this caused people problems? Is it worth the risk? Thanks
  10. Z

    Sylvania: Silverstar vs XtraVision

    I was just on the sylvania website and was comparing the silverstar and the Xtravision. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of which lights the road better (not necessarily looks whiter). The site says that the Xtravision are 30% brighter than stock and the silverstars are 20% brighter...
  11. Z

    Is there a "best" headlamp buln?

    bulbs from my research the best bulbs appears to be the PIAA superwhites that run $70. If you are looking for good but cheaper are the sylvania silverstars for $40-50.
  12. Z

    upgrade headlights/stocks are dim

    SSIKORA: Style Eyes light covers Hey those are sweet light covers!!:) Where did you buy them and how much were they? Do they limit your light output? Do they just slide in? I might just have to switch mine.
  13. Z

    upgrade headlights/stocks are dim

    I was wondering if anybody knew any replacement bulbs (upgrade from stock) for my headlights that are $40 or less. I am looking for brightest (as in lighting up the road the best), not necessarily the best looking/ whitest. I have smoke lense covers and am trying to compensate. From reading...
  14. Z

    directions, diagrams, something?

    I am looking into replacing my headlight bulbs, but can't figure out what to pull out! Looking down with the hood open I can see a (approx) 4in black circular thing that has ridges. I can see the sylvania stock bulb sort of sticking out of it, but have NO idea of how and what to pull out. I...
  15. Z

    brightest replacement headlight bulbs?

    Most of my additions to my X have been in the audio catagory and I don't know anything about lighting. I want to replace my headlight bulbs and possibly my fog bulbs too. What is the brightest bulb I can buy w/o getting pulled over? Being that I have never done any lighting changes, will it...