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    No airflow from dash vents

    This post started in 2009, and here I am in 2012 and have the same problem of a broken arm just inside the glove box. It is just as the first few posters described. I popped off the glove box and the little plastic arm is no longer connected to the motor. Anyhow, does anyone know the name...
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    2002 Explorer - No air through dash vents

    same problem....any answers out there? air comes out of only defrost and heat. Vent/Floor/Defrost Directional switch is not working unless switched to off. When out of the off position, air only comes out of defrost or and heat at the same time. Where is the actuator switch on an 02 XLT V8?
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    Squeeking Driver Power Window

    I'm in the process of fixing my left rear power window thanks to several great threads on this site and one YouTube video, but the drivers window squeaks bad while going up. Now that I know how to access the window area inside the door panel, what should I do to get rid of the squeaking? I'm...
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    How to replace real wheel bearing '02 XLT?

    You folks are awesome. Thanks for the replies. Wonder how much would a dealer charge for this? I kinda like the challege of doing it.....what the heck, I'm in.
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    How to replace real wheel bearing '02 XLT?

    Hi everyone, I have an '02 Ford XLT 4x4 and the right rear wheel has developed a low level humming noise. Might be the tire, but I have a feeling it is a wheel bearing. Is this an easy fix for someone with moderate mech skills, .....and is there a post where someone has already walked...
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    How much diff lube do I get?? What brand to get...? Rearend whine/roar....

    The more I read this site, the more I need to do! OK, so far tonight I have found that I "should" change the tranny fluid, and now the differential fluid. Am I missing anything else besides oil, coolant, and windshield washer? Hope all is well! What is a good ballpark price to change the...
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    Is changing the trans fluid really important?

    How much is the fluid change? Is this the type of thing that only a Ford Dealership should do?
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    Brakes question.

    I just replace the brakes on my 02 XLT and noticed that the inner most portion of the rotor is not being utilized. There is about a qtr to half inch ring of rotor, right up next to the hub, that is not being used. Did the mechanics use the wrong pad, or is just the norm on Ford rotors? Thanks!
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    4x4 troubleshooting

    Thanks Steve and rrgone. I flipped the glove box down and there she was! I think the wire harness is attached properly, and after reading the 8 page thread rrgone gave me, I have a feeling it is a bad CM. Thanks guys.
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    Explorer veer to the right when accelerating

    I would add a little left rudder to keep her straight. Joking, sounds like a wheel bearing. How is the alignment on the car? If you get up to 40 mph and let the wheel go, what happens? If it stays dead arse straight, your alignment is fine. If you hear an annoying moan, the bearing may...
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    4x4 troubleshooting

    You guys are awesome! OK, copy all. I did replace the battery a while back, and I think this is what caused the problem. Hopefully the new module will not go bad if I replace the battery again in the future. Is it critical that I have the Ford Dealership install the part? On a previous...
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    4x4 troubleshooting

    My 02 XLT 4x4 is not responding to the 4x4 push buttons on the dash. Usually I drive around in auto 4x4, and I should be able to select low or high on demand 4x4. None of the lights work on this particular panel, and it is just broken. Funny thing is, I never use the buttons as I leave it in...
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    Hi everyone

    Hope all is well. I have an 02 XLT and am looking for a place to get ideas and post questions. Look forward to it. :salute: