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    2004 4.0 Starting Issue; how to diagnose?

    Having an issue with starting up my wifes explorer. 2004 4.0 flex fuel engine. -Battery is full -Engine has spark -Cranks normally -Can hear click of fuel pump followed by a 1 second tone. I don't recall ever hearing this before. Was going to test fuel pressure but I've found out that the 04...
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    Trying to figure out if we can tow our travel trailer

    Sorry, I don't know what the pink wire is, I have a little newer explorer and my port was below the steering wheel.
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    Trying to figure out if we can tow our travel trailer

    No additional wiring needed. You will need this and this.
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    Trying to figure out if we can tow our travel trailer

    Plug and play means there is a port(probably near your glove box) that you plug the brake controller into(you will need an adapter). The only install you will need is to mount the brake controller. I use the Prodigy P3. Nothing to install on the TT as it already has the electric brakes. I...
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    Trying to figure out if we can tow our travel trailer

    If you have a 2x2 receiver it is at least a class III hitch. Class II hitches only have the 1.25" receiver. Check on the front of the radiator for a transmission cooler. You could call a ford dealership with your VIN number and ask if you have the towing package. I have a similar size...
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    Brakes for truck?

    The trailer is about 2200 unloaded and 3500 loaded capacity(never hit this) and does have its own brakes. We have the tow package on the Explorer so we are well within our limits. Was just curious about any upgrade possibilities for any safety enhancement.
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    Brakes for truck?

    Is there a brake upgrade option that I should look at when replacing brakes on my Explorer? There are a million brands and models out there. Are any better for towing?
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    2006 Explorer front end sound like a jackhammer, what could it be?

    I have a jackhammer(best way to describe it) sound coming from my front end. I happens turning left, turning right, and going straight. It is most noticeable when my foot is on the gas. I can also hear it during low speed breaking. The sound is very faint when coasting. I can hear it during...
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    Could I tow this Sportsmen Classic Hybrid

    I do have the Class 3 towing package. And I don't plan on venturing more than 1 state away from Michigan. No Smokies towing in my immediate future! My wife isn't a fan of the hybrid so I am looking at a different trailer. Would the following be too much trailer to tow? Thanks...
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    Could I tow this Sportsmen Classic Hybrid

    Thinking about buying one of these hybrid campers. I have a 2006 XLT 4.0 with the towing package. Between people and gear we would be <1000 lbs riding along. When does height of the trailer come in to play with ease of towing? If I could...
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    Does this sound like a bad wheel bearing?

    Finally got around to taking it to a shop. It was indeed the right rear wheel bearing. Cost me $290 for the repair.
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    Loud vibration when ac/heat is turned up.

    My wifes 02 XLT is having some sort of fan issue. When we turn up the fan (both ac and heat) there is a loud buzzing/vibration happening. It is liveable on setting 2, but any higher and it is unbearable. What should I be looking at/for? Thanks
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    Does this sound like a bad wheel bearing?

    This audio is from my wife's 2002 Explorer XLT 4.0. The pic in the clip was just something nice for you to look at! A sound from the rear that sounds tire/wheel related is going on. It changes in volume as the vehicle changes speed. When slowing to a stop it sounds like a machine winding down...
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    Solved Explorer Towing Capacities

    My family and I are looking into getting a small camper, maybe a pop up and I would like to know how much capacity my Explorer has. It is an 06 4.0L with 3.73 gears, class 3 hitch, and trailer tow. What can my Explorer handle with these specs? Thanks
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    Class action lawsuit for cracked tailgate filed. 02-05

    This lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed by the person whom filed it.
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    What size aftermarket cross bars for 2006?

    I am going to get an inno rack system and am not sure if I should go with the 46" bars or the 50" bars. What size do you have?
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    Intermittent problem with pass rear wheel, is it brakes?

    I have had the truck only a few months and haven't used the e break at all. Could it still somehow sieze? I took it to a shop and they said the caliper is stuck and it is toast. They recommend replacing both back calipers. That didn't make sense to me. Is this customary? I don't...
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    Intermittent problem with pass rear wheel, is it brakes?

    Sometimes when I get home from work I notice a putrid smell coming from my 06 xlt. There is incredible heat coming from my passenger rear wheel when I notice this smell. It is not a constant problem. It probably does it every few days or so. Is it a caliper seizing?
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    04 4.0 explorer is having a hard time starting

    Was getting just a clicking sound when trying to start. I put a new battery in. I can atleast get it to crank now. It will fire up after a while. Any ideas on what is wrong?
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    Billable hours estimate needed for a couple of repairs.

    I know how long they are saying it will take. I was just trying to figure out if it should take that long. They told me 2.6 hr for the front pinion seal and 2.4hr for the rear axle seal.
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    Billable hours estimate needed for a couple of repairs.

    We need to have the front pinion seal replaced and the passenger side rear axle seal replaced. Any estimates on how long it would take for the dealership to do these repairs?
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    Rear differential leak

    Thanks for the ideas guys. I'll pick up a manual on my way home tonight.
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    Rear differential leak

    2004 Explorer 4.0 flex fuel I have a leak in the rear diff. It looks like it is coming from the passenger side of the diff. Is this a diy repair? I am kind of a noob when it comes to repairing things. If not, how much should I expect this to cost at a mechanic. What might be wrong?
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    Which class 3 hitch and can I tow with my 04 Explorer?

    We have a 04 Explorer XLT 4.0 with the 3.55 gears. There is currently a class 2 hitch on the truck. I would get a class 3 hitch. Can I tow a 3000lb boat/trailer with my vehicle?
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    What is that mysterious click?

    Tonight I had a problem starting my wifes 04 Explorer. So I gave her a jump. During the jump I needed to press the gas on the Exp to get it to start. Now, when in reverse I hear a faint click. It clicks about 2 times going down my driveway. The faint click sounds very similar to when I...