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  1. J

    my boddydropped X

    it is stock floor body dropped around 3 in i have had those wheels for to long im gonna get some 18 and 20's for it as soon as i can get the money. but yes there is moore time in it than i can explane. it has a 88 toyota control arms and spindles and a ranger rearend it is setup to lay on...
  2. J

    my boddydropped X

    yo i just wannted to show ya a pic of my x i finnaly got it put back together
  3. J

    Drop Coils by Ground Force Suspension

    beltech springs for a 83 -97 ranger will work for 2 in of drop on your truck i had them on mine a while back
  4. J

    Pictures of front bag setup on second-gen 4x4?

    sell the 4wd and get a 2 wd or just convert it
  5. J

    dyno tune in miami

    ya jerry is the man when it comes to tuning
  6. J

    X Sport (mono leafs) and lowering ride quality with rearend sag?

    well a drop block wont affect the ride much just bottem out more but it will be the same spring rate
  7. J

    94' Explorer 4X4 Lowering Kit???

    or get a toyota frame and body drop it all at once!
  8. J

    Anyone bagged an explorer

    my x is body droped but its a gen one but i say go for it but be shure to have lotsa time the back will take alotta time if you cut
  9. J

    need info fast!

    a 265 35 22 would work to
  10. J

    Guys I need some help

    i got a 95 eb explorer with running boards and ill sell ya the finder trim and running bords if ya need um there in good shape
  11. J

    Lowered, and a few other goodies!

    i say side skirts = bad but front bumper god
  12. J

    decide the fate of expo5.0 (really important i get help here)

    i really like triable
  13. J

    Pictures of sick Explorers

    thats the camber your seing off
  14. J

    sag before the lowering

    well the gass tank is on the drivers side plus you sit on that side so its heaver than the passengerside thats all i can think of
  15. J

    Lowering my 93 X

    This is not true i hade mine static droped for 2 years and i got many complements on how it rode stock. I did do a bolt in frame noch cause it bottemed out alot in the back without but after it was noched it rode great the suspen travle in the front is not changed if ya have a 2wd and use i...
  16. J

    Lowering my 93 X

    Yea beltech makes springs that fit explorers there sold on godfather customs for a 83 through 97 ranger but they will work on a explorer there 2 in springs
  17. J

    air lift bag

    I blew my first bag this weakend i went to hop it and it was around 180 psi in the tank and it hoped but when the tires landed i heard a loud ass boomb and shure enough it blew the top crimp off the bag. Luckly its a lifetime crimp faliute warrenty so i should have a new free bag soon. It was...
  18. J

    I got 3 in my class at Nopi Nationals

    yea man i live in newnan ga and if your planing on doing a body drop get a daily driver and its alotta work but as i say im not done with my truck theres alotta stuf left to do and i was in pc crudin it ip and i think i did talk to sombody down there and it may have ben you good luck with your...
  19. J

    I got 3 in my class at Nopi Nationals

    I drove it the whol way there and back and had no major problems. I hade a graet time and got a few good pics of my truck and I soon will have my 4 12's back in and then get the whole interor done custom. Here Is a link to my www for pics from this weakend on page 2...
  20. J

    watts up! customs rx7

    Thats a sweet car them rotary motors ar just an awesome invention. That is one ricer i would drive!
  21. J

    My Stock Floor Body Dropped 93

    Moor pics here
  22. J

    My Stock Floor Body Dropped 93 Its a 93 xlt and i decided to do a stock floor bodydrop and here is the almost finnished product. I still have some frame work to do and...
  23. J

    Lowered 1st Gen's

    mine cost around 800 for the 5 5 drpo and with the 2.5 in frame noch it rode good.
  24. J

    Lowered 1st Gen's

    i got many pics of mine at
  25. J


    The primer one is lower since it is laying rocker not side skirts
  26. J

    Lowering my 93 X

    Yea i had mine droped 5/5 with a 2.5 in frame noch and it rode great. So many people told me it was the best low rider taht the had ever rode in with drop shocks in just the back. I have a 3 in drop beams fora 91-94 for sale rite now if you want them. I was very pleased but am going on to a...
  27. J

    Does anybody have any lowering coils???

    look at my home page it has the beam drop pics then the beam plus spring drop pics
  28. J

    Does anybody have any lowering coils???

    Well they will drop it around 2 inches. I have pics of mine but it is with the coils and i beams. if you order through godfather order through justin.
  29. J

    Does anybody have any lowering coils???

    I have beltech springs on mine from godfather customs out of atlanta. They ar 2 in for a ranger like i beleave 83-97. these diddent harm my ride bad at all.
  30. J

    layin frame

    They are the springs for a ranger(i beamed). The only thing with these is the camber sux. The alinment shop couldent get it betterthan 1.5 on the driver side and 2.5 on passenger. I could have bout a 2.5 ajuster instead of a one and three quarterd one thats in it now. That would have made it...
  31. J

    layin frame

    look in my webpage and there are a few pics there
  32. J

    layin frame

    I am going to start my stock flor body drop in july to lay rocker.
  33. J

    Heat gun + 2 Hours = Side molding gone!!

    I stripped my moldings with some spray anti-adhesive and i love it. It took ALOTTA time and my thumbnail hurt but was ell worth it. You would never know the trim was ever there
  34. J

    lowering i beams

    well Yes a traditonal body drop you cut the floor and lower it till it hits the ground but i am doing a stock floor body drop witch means i am making the bottom of the frame level with the rocker that way when i air my bags out the rocker will be on the ground and when you go this low it is a...
  35. J

    lowering i beams

    no i wish i had tho cause now i am going to have to notch the i beams when i do the body drop. I would not have to do so if they were djm
  36. J

    lowering i beams These are for a ranger but will work on a x and are way cheaper than the chasse tech PS: They arre the 89 - 97 version
  37. J

    general lowering question for 92

    Yea Springs are cheaper and 2 in in the front. Springs are like 100 plus alignment. I put 3 inch drop i beams wich would be around 300 plus alignment. Then for the back you could do blocks and or drop leafs. mines leafs plus 1 in blocks. Good Luck
  38. J

    New pics of the orange bodydropped Sport

    I went to that show it was spring fling in panama city. yes that x has a stock floor body drop but YES he did pay somone to do it all and he knows nothing about it. I asked him how much off the frame they took off and he said 5 inches and theres no way they took off 5 in of the botem and i...
  39. J

    My 4 12 box and subs

    Check it Dead Link Removed
  40. J

    3" drop leafs

    well you could get a air lift kit for sagging and use it while towing or you could just run 3 in blocks because ther will not messup the spring rate