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    Huge Before and After pics, Blacked out Rims, Lights, Grill

    well i actually sold my xplorer for a mustang a while back. and the dude who bought it from me had totaled it... but they withheld good, i went through a set of tires and even getting new ones on they didnt scratch. only thing was they moved the balancer and i just had to touch up the paint....
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    Subwoofer in a Sport Trac!

    i did a similar set up in my X for about 220 found a brand new box on ebay, kenwood sub, and pyramid amp all realitivley cheap sounds good too
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    HIDs Fogs, Projectors

    thanks your passenger side light fogs too? my did, but i blew out all the water, then made sure it was sealed tight and i dont have the problem anymore
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    HIDs Fogs, Projectors

    lights look sweet, where did you get them and how much?
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    Want opinions for my gauges.

    how do you change the color like that? one of my bulbs are out and i would like to change all the bulbs to a dark blue to match my aftermarke HU. so where would i buy those light bulbs, are they the same as stock just different colors??
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    Would you buy another Explorer?

    i would for sure, and being that mine got handed down to me i would know what i would want on my next X
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    Before and after pics-Chop top, Atlas, SAS v8 and more!

    thats some crazy work, keep it up
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    New Tail Lights and Painted Wheels

    looks good, you may have seen my explorer. black on black painted rims-i love em!!
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    My New Safari Bar

    looks really good, from the lights to the color i like it
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    anyone have a kicker cvr10:Good???---what amp??

    thanks, ill keep it in mind as i try to figure out what i do
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    anyone have a kicker cvr10:Good???---what amp??

    im am thinking about getting a kicker cvr10, but dont know what amp to go with, and i dont want to spend much money at all, any recomendations that will make it sound pretty good, nothing crazy thanks
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    Ok my X drives like a truck(horrible)--i would like to lower and handle better

    yea i think im gonna go ahead and go with shocks. I replaced the tires in the fall with some yokohomas and it drives a ton better thanks
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    Ok my X drives like a truck(horrible)--i would like to lower and handle better

    well i figured it would never drive great, but with as many miles on it as it has i prolly should go through everything and replace some stuff, just to make it drive better thanks
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    Ok my X drives like a truck(horrible)--i would like to lower and handle better

    it could be, it almost has 150,000 on it and im pretty sure the suspension hasnt been touched-they prolly should be replaced you think that could be it??
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    Ok my X drives like a truck(horrible)--i would like to lower and handle better

    Well my 95 X drives very bad, bumps and dips in the road are felt and rattle everything in my truck around corners it squats and leans, i just dont like how it drives i have just spent a little bit of money on it, so i would like to not spend much more, but i would really like to make it...
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    Paint Job!

    awesome truck i have the same lights love them-where did you get your fogs??
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    New stereo recommendations

    i like kenwoods, it has ipod interference but i dont like that cause you cant use the ipod. so i hooked it up to the aux-in port in the back of the HU
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    my 96 xlt b4 and after

    another question-ive been really wanting to get my windows done, but ive seen some that have been tinted over the stock reflective stuff and the front windows done and doesnt match well at all does it match well for you when its that dark- can you see the difference thanks
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    black trim help

    repainting is the best bet, when done right you cant tell theyve been painted
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    tail lights and smoke tails

    i used vht nightshade and i didnt put too many coats on fearing that light would not shine through now i wish i put at least one more coat on b/c the difference is not that noticable
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    Seat covers-lets seem em'..........where to buy??

    Like the title says i really want to know a good place to buy some and would like to see how well they look i dont want some ricer kind of junk thanks
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    Calling all NC Wheelers!!!!!!!!

    You work at the hospital-ive been there alot recently my dad had a stroke(1st one) and they sent him there then he had another one and the ambulence came to our house and sent us straight to presby. downtown off brookshire now hes in rehab-its been a long few weeks
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    Calling all NC Wheelers!!!!!!!!

    X looks sweet, i think ive seen you before in huntersville if it was you and i remember correctly it was by huntersville presb. hospital or the rosedale shopping center on gilead- whatever X i was beside though it looked sweet i forget if i was in mine or not:o
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    New Pics-Added driving lights / Tinted Tails(Nightshade)!!!

    thanks for the camera tip, im not very good at setting my camera up. ill try it and post the pics of all the lights thanks for the comments and ill also find out what size they are-i forget
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    New Pics-Added driving lights / Tinted Tails(Nightshade)!!!

    yea, ill do that, i dont have fogs though do you care what time of the day the pic is taken?
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    New Pics-Added driving lights / Tinted Tails(Nightshade)!!!

    ill have to check that out, thanks
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    New Pics-Added driving lights / Tinted Tails(Nightshade)!!!

    got ya, for the short time ive had them i have already have numerous people flash their high beams at me.... maybe they were jealous
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    New Pics-Added driving lights / Tinted Tails(Nightshade)!!!

    thanks, my pics came out horrible for some reason, i didnt have much time to mess with it, they sure are bright though-has anyone ever put a dimmer on them??
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    my 96 xlt b4 and after

    looking good, prolly a stupid question, but my rear window tint looked like yours did before you got it tinted. "The stock refelective tint", did you take it off and then get it re-tinted or did they just tint over it, cause i cant stand the stock reflective tint?? Thanks
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    03 X Stereo build Pics

    wow man, that is some crazy work, those wires on that one pic just hanging out the car-scares me cant even imagine how it sounds
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    New Pics-Added driving lights / Tinted Tails(Nightshade)!!!

    Heres some pics of what i did this week. Ive been wanting to add some sort of driving lights for a while, but wanted to wait till i got a brush guard. But i didnt feel like waiting and decided to buy some lights from the auto store. Then i ordered some VHT Nightshade and.... Let me know...
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    New light pics

    yeah thanks, i may end up going with those once i get a grill guard
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    From stock to ????

    im partial to black since i own a black X. I want black bumpers now that looks so good. I painted the plastic but havent done anything with the chrome, would like to go with an EE bumper. Looks good though
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    New light pics

    sorry, should have been more specific, i dont think you mentioned it, but where did you get the lights? at a auto store or online.... Thanks
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    New light pics

    so where did you get those at? I like them alot
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    Tight space...need some suggestions

    yea i am waiting for a amp/sub combo i just bought to come in. Its an 8" shallow sub. It was an off brand but really wanted it for the box, it fits under the seat. I figured if i dont like how the sub sounds i would go with one of the pioneer shallow subs, they sound pretty good.
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    Paint wheels or not...

    im am liking the look, i think it may look even better with some white letter tires. I dont know how it would look but it may give it that change to help you make your decision
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    What park light bulbs? (Orange Amber Lights)

    would LED bulbs be replacement bulbs or would you have to do some minor modification
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    Black diamond corners

    i think they are a little lighter, but they also came with there own bulb that i am using presently. It may be cheap/junky so i am going to upgrade to a sylvania bulb, like the blue-clear color