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    2008 Explorer XLT blower motor resistor procedure

    I just went through this process - 2010 EB 4.0. Blower only worked on speeds 3 & 4. Replaced the resistor and…. Still only works on speeds 3 & 4. What else could be the issue, the control switch on the dash?
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    Replacing two tires on 2010 EB 4.0L 4WD

    I have been reading all the threads I could find regarding replacing just two tires on an Explorer with automatic four-wheel-drive. Most threads reference technical service bulletin TSB 08-21-11 that states tire diameter differences cannot be more than 1/2 inch. I had a 2006 Explorer XLT 4.0 L...
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    2010 4.0L won't shift out of park

    To my knowledge you cannot purchase the solenoid separately. You will have to buy the complete shifter assembly. I just replaced mine - 2010 EB 4.0L. You can buy from a third party, but I bought from the dealership $145.19 Description: Lever - Gear Shift Part Number: 9L2Z 7210 BB I had...
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    Looking at an 2007

    I’ve been driving an ‘06 XLT 4WD for the past 10 years, has 268,000 miles on it now. 4.0L engine. I’ve used full synthetic Mobile1 and a Wix oil filter the entire time (it had 40,000 miles on it when I bought it). After 100k, I’ve changed trans fluid every 30k. Not afraid to buy another 4.0...