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    Leaking PTU Vent

    It's a bit of a chore to get it out but not too bad. Used a Chilton's manual and the step by step went well. Had to remove the rh half-shaft and rh exhaust. Tried to leave the catalytic converter but it's easier with it out of the way. The upper PTU attach bolt is hard to get to but with the...
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    Leaking PTU Vent

    Guess I'll respond to my own quote then move on. I do believe in info sharing. Split the case on the PTU and there is no gasket, only grey RTV. Although there was some gunk buildup, not near as much as I thought there would be for 96,000 miles and all the horror stories I read. Was able to clean...
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    Leaking PTU Vent

    I'm in the process of dealing with a leaking PTU vent on a 2012 Limited with 96,000 miles. This unit has the jiggle vent. I've read most all the post here. I decided to remove the PTU so I could either do more work on it or replace it. There appears to be no seals leaking, just leaks from the...
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    PTU Problems

    I thought the rear main seal was leaking but as I torn into it and was able to see the upper portion of the area, the leak seems to be coming from the jiggle cap on the top of the PTU. One diagnosis from ford is that the system is over filled, which this is not possible. It says it could also be...
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    Engine Support bar

    I need to remove the transmission in my 2012 explorer to change a rear main seal. The procedure calls for an engine support bar to hold everything (the engine) in place during transmission removal. HAs anyone used a work around for this tool. Can the engine simply be supported from the bottom...
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    rear main seal

    I have a 2012 explorer with the v-6 engine. The main rear seal appears to be leaking. Not a lot out there but the job looks fairly straight forward. Drop the tranny, remove old seal, and replace. I've not actually pulled a transmission before but cant image it being too difficult. Ford wants...