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    Radio module

    Hello, haven't done it myself but this should be it Ford Explorer - Removal and Installation - Audio Front Control Module (ACM) - Information and Entertainment System
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    2022 Ford Explorer Lineup Enhanced With ST-Line, Powertrain Upgrades

    The fact that they detuned the Platinum never made sense to me being that it's literally the same engine already
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    Missing Part - Rear Air Deflector

    Just went in to see if I could get one for my 2020 Platinum, they said they didn't see the part number listed for my vehicle
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    2021 Climate Controls on XLT

    I don't know how to do it via Forscan but should be 100% possible If you have an 8" screen. Sync is carried over from other vehicles that have climate control screens. They just disable it on newer vehicles with physical climate controls for simplicity
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    Sync 3.4 Update 21020 and OTA Updates

    Posting here as it may help others. So I've been sitting in my 20 Explorer kinda just manually triggering the update and sitting in my car doing this map update. Decent connection, the car gets 3/4 bars on wifi, my laptop in the same spot gets about 40Mbps. After like 3 hours sitting in the...
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    Global windows open

    It works on my 2020 Platinum. There's no global close though
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    Global windows open

    If you have 1 touch down front windows, then global open should work. If so, you can check in sync if it's enabled. Go to settings > vehicle
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    FordPass app help

    Potentially you could try doing a master reset on SYNC. it'll get rid of saved phones and presets and what not but tends to fix a bunch of random problems. It's in Settings > General (or maybe About SYNC?) I don't remember off hand
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    Explorer Engine Bay Upgrades

    Has anyone taken those NVH engine covers from the aviator and throw it in the explorer? The engine looks to have all the same parts as the Explorer Platinum/ST. Plus has anyone upgraded from manual prop rod to the hood struts the aviator has? I actually cant believe the Platinum still has a...
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    How capable is our 4WD system?

    What happens with all season tires in winter is that the rubber compound gets harder when the temp drops and has a harder time gripping the road. It doesn't matter how good the AWD system is if the tires can't grip the road. AWD does improve the chance of getting a patch of land that has some...
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    Steeda springs and wheels finally installed

    Wow those wheels look sick. Nice pick!
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    Solved 2020 FORSCAN Discussion

    I think this message is mostly for engineering so testers don't have a module misconfigured and report a bug for a screen nobody will actually use
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    Adding Sirius SAT? Got my 2020 PIU with Sync

    Its not exactly the same, but potentially you could use the Ford+Alexa app through applink to get a reasonably solid Sirius XM experience going. For super low effort and free.