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    Hard Cranking / Exhaust Rattle '01 SOHC????

    just bringing it back up before it goes into the wastelands.
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    Hard Cranking / Exhaust Rattle '01 SOHC????

    Hey, Has anyone experienced problems cranking the SOHC? Sometimes, this thing just does not want to start, it only has 7K on it and I cannot begin to think what would cause this. Also, the exhaust rattles as if it were loose shortly after turning over, however it only makes noise for about...
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    5th shock????????????//

    What is that dang thing supposed to do? is it some kind of silly attempt at giving us a factory traction bar/anti axle rap kit? Can I take it off? cause I think it is responsible for making an annoying clunking type noise when going over speed bumps. thanks,
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    powerstroke diesel engine

    As you can see by my signature, I had one for 42,000 miles. I reeeeaaaallly miss her too. But, there is NO way that engine will fit under the hood. Maybe you could spend a few Gs and have it mounted mid engine style. As for the 'baby' powerstroke, it is true, Ford will be releasing a V6 4.5...
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    Rear Passenger Suspension/Shock Popping

    I cannot wait to put on Bilsteins, I had them on my F-350 and they were incredible! I have not experienced this problem at high speeds like yourself. It has mostly been slow to moderate speeds. Thats why it leads me to believe it is the shock or maybe even a 'squeeky spring'. At highway...
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    Whats your explorer's name??

    Before I tell you her name, I have to tell what I have owned before and that will give you a little understanding as to why she has the particular name. '78 CJ7--POS '90 Fullsize Bronco EddieB 302--the "*****" '99.5 F-350 PSD 6spd. XLT---The "BIG UGLY" The '01 XLT Explorer, has been...
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    Rear Passenger Suspension/Shock Popping

    Has anyone experienced a slight popping/clunking type noise and feeling coming from the passenger side rear? I only have 1500 miles on the truck and it just began about 300 miles ago. Sometimes it is really bad, lately it has almost disappeared. However, I can reproduce in varying degrees of...
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    Stock Foglight replacement, help please.

    I am not 100% certain, but someone mentioned that the PIAA 50's are a direct replacement for the fogs. I know it is not a 'bulb' but, I am sure it will out perform the stock ones.
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    Line level wiring...................

    As for the afformentioned, how is the quality? I do not intend on separates, a sub is possible. And, how difficult is it to wire line level? Do I have to do all the splicing behind the HU, or can I get a Harness that will make life easier? If anyone has to/can reply at length, feel free to email...
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    Stock CD/TapeDeck HU?????

    Hijaak, How do you do that kind of wiring, I am not familiar with it? Also, how did you mount 6.5 in the 5X7? did you make a template to cover the opening and than drop in the 6.5? I too am trying to save the factory changer, but would like to upgrade the speakers, amp and maybe a sub...
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    Up-sizing tires on stock rims

    I would like to know if anyone can tell me what is the largest size tire I can put on my stock rims with minimal rubbing? I am looking to change to BFG ATs or MTs. Thanks,
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    Stock CD/TapeDeck HU?????

    I'll begin by saying hello to everyone as this is my first post. I have a question about the above mentioned system, I don't have the MACH system either. Does this HU have preamp outputs? I would like to keep the unit (for now) and add a 4 channel fosgate into replacement 5X7s. Thanks...