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    so who else is out of work by our failed economy

    Know the bum feeling! Been outta work since Jun.Your not a bum your tryin just not a lot out there.I got lucky start a new job on Mon.Just heard Elkhart,In.(r.v. capitol 'bout 25 miles away from me)15% unemployment rate.I wish ya luck in your search!
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    Where can I find rotors that hats haven't been drilled.

    I know the 2000 and up g.m. 4x4 trucks have a 6 bolt pattern and e-brake inside the hat but not sure of the bolt pattern
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    Where can I find rotors that hats haven't been drilled.

    I may be misunderstanding what you are looking for,but why couldn't you use rotors for the vehicle being converted or were they not an option. I bet someone makes the rotor you need whith that bolt pattern.Check I use to work for affinia who ownes raybestos always had good luck...
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    t-case swap question

    All the research I have done says that the 1354 is direct bolt-in.No changes in d/s or t-case needed just need a hole in the floor. I could be wrong though seems tough to get info. on this swap.
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    t-case swap question

    Having trouble finding a 1354 manual shift anyone point me in the right direction?
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    I have searched high and low no luck

    Ask Mike @ tirerack he has a thread on here (thread title"all tire rack questions answered here")
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    -Your Explorer-

    '96 Sport 4x4 $200 126300 126800 got it Dec'08
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    Test on American knowledge

    22 Think I'll stay outta politics.Some things just cant be fixed with simple hand tools
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    t-case swap question

    Just at the local u-pullit yard lots of x's no manual t-case. Very few rangers. The search continues.
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    96 V8 Explorer, broken spark plug *pics inside of what I used*

    Another option I have used before is a shop vac,rubber hose that fits in the spark plug hole and gray tape. Tape the rubber hose to the shop vac hose put rubber hose in cylinder and turn on vac.Worked well.
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    t-case swap question

    No flange it has the u-joint clamp.I do have the bosses.I,m in the process of looking for/pricing out a 1354.What would be a reasonable price?And do you need the tunnel plate or can you just cut the floor for the shift handle?I'm looking to do this very soon (tax time!)right now i have no 4wd...
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    Stuck in LOW 4X4

    Have you tried backing up at least 10ft. to release any driveline bind?
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    t-case swap question

    Would like to go manual.My drive shaft looks like the fourth pic.FRom what I have found you should be able to use the drive shaft from the donor vehicle along w/shift linkage may have to shorten d/s.Every thread i've seen has been pretty vague on this swap so i'm definitly looking foward to a...
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    t-case swap question

    I know there is probably a thread on this but I wore myself out trying to find it.I'm looking for information on putting a manual t-case in a 96 sport. It has the 4405 in it know and would like to possibly stick a 1354 in it. What would I need? Is there any certian 1354? Do I need to change...
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    Replaced alt. still not charging the battery.

    check your solenoid for the starter. even thuogh it starts find can still cause a no charge situation. I have seen this more than once.
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    weird heat problem

    possibly an air bubble
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    Cold Mornings will not crank

    have you checked the pressure regulator?
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    96 explr sport tcase

    goes fine in 2 wheel its got a trac-lok rear diff. w/3.73 gears. Can't wait to see what it will do in 4-auto and 4lo. Will any b/w 4405 t-case work in this?
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    96 explr sport tcase

    I found paper work from the previous owner seems he ran 2 different size tires front 2 back. I'm figureing its the t-case
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    96 explr sport tcase

    drive shaft is turning. disco. seems fine. Front drive shaft does not feel sloppy. I have also noticed vibration above 40 mph. Could this be caused by the t-case?
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    96 explr sport tcase

    passanger side front. drive shaft does turn
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    Where is the VSS on a 96 Sport model?

    Thanks all for the great info. You guys are like a chiltons manual on steroids!
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    Where is the VSS on a 96 Sport model?

    cool thanks! Just to be sure this is back by the tail shaft correct? I have noticed a couple different sensors on it.I have only had this truck since mon. so its pretty new to me.has tcase problems.
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    Where is the VSS on a 96 Sport model?

    Hi all, love the site lots of good info. My question is where is the vss located on this tcase or rear axel? ('96 x sport 4.0 b/w 4405 f57a-ca trac-loc rear end) thanks Jeff
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    Zombie Assault Preparedness Vehicle or ZAPV

    guns knives gonna need a flame thrower. gotta burn them after you kill'em(stops infection from spreading)
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    Exploder.... Really?

    air was the heat working prior to the radiator swap? sounds like air in the system.What I've seen done to burp a system is to use a tall funnel use something to seal between the radiator and the funnel(i.e. rubber or something) and fill the funnel.
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    96 explr sport tcase

    Hi everyone,I'm new here and am hopeing someone can help me out.I'm haveing transfer case issues(96 explr sport 4.0 4405 tcase f57a-ca). Problem is ratcheting noise on acceleration fwd. and rev. front wheels not turning. I jacked up one front wheel while in 4wd truck off I could turn the wheel...