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    96 AWD steering problem

    Thanks, I will look into that inline filter.
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    tire feathering & chirping question

    Mine wears out the inside of the tires really fast. I have had the front aligned and double checked but the alignment shows good. The shop told me that there is a shim kit that can be put in the front to keep the tires from wearing the insides and I am going to have that done in a few weeks...
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    Plenum - URGENT

    check with some of your local auto salvage yards or recyclers. You should be able to pick up one fairly cheap. Good luck.
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    96 AWD steering problem

    When driving highway speeds, the steering feels like it is locking up on the Explorer. When you try to turn the steering wheel slightly to keep vehicle on a straight path in the road, it feels like ones knee is touching the wheel then it releases with just a little bit more turn of the wheel...
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    Reliablity of AWD V8?

    Wow on that fuel mileage. I have a 96 5.0 with 111k and I get 13 city and 18 highway. I have had it almost 10 years and it has never had great gas mileage. Overall it has been a very reliable vehicle. I am beginning to get some tranny vibrations when shifting into overdrive.
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    Does anyone know how to read ABS codes without a tool?

    Thanks for the info. I will check these and see what I get. Osduck5
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    HCU ? on ABS question on 96 AWD explorer

    The codes areC1198 and C1101.
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    HCU ? on ABS question on 96 AWD explorer

    Can someone tell me when motor on the hydralic contol unit is energized for the ABS system. My ABS light is on continuously and I checked with a volt meter the connector to the motor as the key was turned on as well as once the engine was started and I have no voltage coming to the motor. All...
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    Does anyone know how to read ABS codes without a tool?

    I just replaced the rear sensor on mine in hopes the ABS light would go out but as my luck has it, the light is still on. Codes are C1198 and C1101
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    Newbie here with a few questions!

    Not that I can tell. I took it out last night on wet road and tried to engage the ABS but no pulsating of the brake pedal. Cruise works. Fuses good, no sign of damage on any sensor wires. Firestone suggested replacing the ABS module but that this is over a $1000. Thinking it is time to use...
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    Cruise control switch /heat air question

    Newbie here. Hopefully posting in the right area this time. Can the rubber covers be purchased that go on the cruise control button on steering wheel or does one have to purchase the complete switch assembly? Also, vehicle has automatic climate control. System heats fine, cools fine unless...
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    Newbie here with a few questions!

    Not sure. I was going to take it to dealership but it was Sunday and I was hoping for a quick fix on the ABS light so I stopped into a Firestone.
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    Newbie here with a few questions!

    Opps, I think I posted in wrong area! Like I said, I am new to this site. Sorry. I will do better next time and try to figure out which area I need to post questions in. There is alot of good info on the here from what I have been reading. Glad I found it. I have a 96 AWD Explorer...