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    Using HTML tags?

    Hi, I'm considering becoming a vendor and including a Paypal add to cart an view cart item. How would HTML code be added to a post? Thanks, Charlie
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    2013 Explorer 3.5 V6 transmission noise

    On mine it had to do with a timing belt, the whine is most noticeable when starting from a standing stop. Soon after that my AC failed. It was fixed at the dealer. I'm assuming the two are related. I don't keep service reports so can't post what was done to fix it.
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    Reversed Compass Directions?

    It's easiest to find the direction to turn to using a compass by looking at it from above. Place a car icon with an arrow pointing up, while the compass rotates in the direction the car is moving. This is the perspective that is most useful at a glance. It's a "flat" compass. The current...
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    Mirrors with bind spot mirror panel - new?

    That is a good point. Perhaps make the beep volume adjustable (none, low, regular, no fat, tall, latte) :-) Or an indication on the driver's console left or right screen would be nice. But yes, I like your idea best Peter! :D
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    Mirrors with bind spot mirror panel - new?

    I really like the BLIS especially at night where the yellow LED dot contrasts against the dark night. During the day it's not as useful as the dot is faded out, perhaps I should add the little mirror that Peter has! What I would suggest for Ford is (and maybe this could be programmed in an...
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    Ford Extended Service Plans (ESP)

    Can anyone confirm that Ford's ESP 5/65K is the exactly the same as Ziegler's whichever plan?
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    Help I scraped the outside door pillar (plastic part)

    Thanks, I'll check the service manual and report back. Unfortunately it is right on the keypad ...
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    Help I scraped the outside door pillar (plastic part)

    Well ... while I enjoyed the recent snowstorm in metro Seattle with about 12 inches in my neighborhood, the collateral damage was my door finish. I was scraping ice from the external keypad on the door, plastic on plastic apparently leave scuff marks. Would the plastic shine again if I...
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    Reversed Compass Directions?

    I disagree, while compass indicates the direction the car is headed. The other purpose is to indicate where other directions to help the driver navigate. When heading North, turning left should make the car travel West, turning right should make the car travel East. The compass should be...
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    Do I want to run a vehicle health report - NO!

    You can still run it manually when you want it. The setting Rebecca mentioned is to turn off the auto reminder. Perfect answer I think to your need :-)
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    MFT WIFI / Hotspot

    Well, theoretically you can. You need a cell USB modem. These can be had from ATT, Verizon, Tmobile, etc. However, be prepared to do trial and error (buy full price without a contract so you can return it at a longer time). Some works some don't. But I have to ask you this, the USB cell modems...
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    Fuel lock

    I have it and very satisfied. Lots of early teenage boys with mischief here. The lock should really be integrated.
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    Fuse Box - Radar Detector

    What kind of fuse does the Explorer use? Which Add-A-Fuse model fits the Explorer use? Is it this one?
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    My first how-to video: stock-looking radar detector install

    Wow, that looks absolutely awesome, I'll adopt the dog ... eh ... the wiring method rather! Thanks for making the video, it is plenty descriptive for me. I'm still looking for a bumper protector that has a smooth transition line between the top, the lip, and the side. What appears in the...
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    2013 Interceptors - Notice the engine displacement on the Ex (for those who don't kno

    They should make them available for civvies, the custom costs could be defrayed over a larger units produced. Lot's of customers covet "tactical" looks.
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    Service / Workshop manuals

    Thanks! I'm trying out the online 1 month service information. It covers wiring, workshop, and diagnostics. I hope wiring means circuits and components and the other two covers taking the vehicle apart for service (want to tap into fuse box, take apart stuff to install and route wires, etc.)...
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    Finally made a decision

    [You sound like you need lots of attention and self-confirmation] LOL, justify what you must to purchase the Durango, there's no need to justify yourself to the forum for vanity's purpose. If the room and interior is what you like, never mind the unibody, I'd suggest the roomier GL or G...
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    Service / Workshop manuals

    Where can these manuals be purchased? I found it once but can't find it again ..
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    Has anyone got the Cargo Security Shade?

    I wonder if the roll-up cover could be installed in 2011 XLT's? Could someone post a closer picture of the mount location with & without the roll-up installed? If it's easy to rig up, might be worthwhile for XLT owners to get it. My trade-in X5 had a nice built in removable cover. In the...
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    Updated MFT date?

    When are you folks going to realize it's a marketing BS to help overcome the MFT issue from becoming a purchase decision factor ? Got it? Now move along and decide.
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    Total miles for a full tank of gas

    :bsnicker: Another point for the green conspiracy theory! LOL There's an easy answer though ... "green" _plastic_ gas cans ... ROFLMAO :-)
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    Total miles for a full tank of gas

    Well, no, it's part of the Ford "Green" program. It makes it inconvenient for SUV owners to realize the full capability of the car, in the hopes of forcing owners to switch to say hybrid engines. Another aspect of the "Green" program is to force owners to use unleaded gasoline by making the...
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    Ford starts Beta Testing MFT Upgrade

    :bsnicker: He's missing a screen!
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    Worst feature that needs fixing (except MFT)?

    Sorry about the potential fatality and lawsuit thing ... it does seem too much gloom and doom :rant: LOL OK, so it isn't an off road vehicle, I shoulda boughta Jeep :p: with a real chassis, lift kit and huge tires :D The points are still valid, I've seen numerous comments about the fuse...
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    Worst feature that needs fixing (except MFT)?

    I don't mean to stir a flame thread, but rather provide a list of customer input so Ford can consider how their products are used (or not used) by the market. MFT has been beaten to a dead pounded flat horse in pieces. So let's not rathole there. I'll start with two items: 1. Location...
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    Heated seats High setting only gets to 90F?

    Actually, 90F is lukewarm. If you think about it your body feels heat when the item you touch is hotter than your body (temperature differential). 90F is quite a bit below body temperature and registers as lukewarm (at least for me). 100F is nice and toasty when it's 35F outside.
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    New first-time Ford owner - 6,300 miles later.

    re: Glove box door rattle. That happened to me too. When I looked at it closely the right latch of the door did not engage. The cause was operator error, I use my right hand to push the left part of the door up, there wasn't enough "push" to get the right latch engaged. The fix was to push the...
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    Heated seats High setting only gets to 90F?

    Update on this bun heating issue. Good news: both service and I reproduced the nice toasty temperature of 100F. I noticed the seat becoming too hot in the high setting (on XLT not Limited) below a certain outside temperature, above it and the seats are lukewarm. I can't control the outside...
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    Block Heater

    That would be a good reason to have a block heater installed. If it can be rigged to turn the cabin heater on as well, it would be awesome to walk into a nicely warmed up cabin and the engine ready to go. I've had pleasure of experiencing very cold temperatures when I forgot to plug the block...
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    2012 Explorer Low-Beams

    Hmmm I'm glad I didn't order the HID's. I would've missed the self leveling feature from my X5. In any case my eyes can see just fine with the standard bulbs. Are there any replacement bulbs for non-HID that are brighter than the standard bulbs?
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    When to wax

    What does "claying" mean?
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    Block Heater

    The block heaters I've come across has always been short, but not that super short. It's always funny when I remember arriving home in the garage and find the plug hanging out the grille because I forgot to unplug it from the AC jack at school. It's even funnier when I see other cars have...
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    Painting XLT Grille

    I'm wondering if the exact matching paint can be ordered from Ford or elsewhere? Do Ford provide touch up paint in the form of a can or small pen? If paint can, that can be thinned and sprayed.
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    Easiest Oil Change Ever!

    The engine has an oil pressure sensor, it just doesn't want to tell you what the pressure is :-) In any case, I'd depend on the system electronics to tell me if it disagrees with the oil type or lack of pressure thereof. It cost me $80 to change my oil to synthetic at the service department...
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    Total Electrical shutdown

    This sounds exactly like the behavior of an automatically resetting circuit breaker with a fast response time followed by the 10 minute sleep to reset. They typically get triggered by a sudden increase i.e. a spike in voltage or arcing, etc. Knowing that it's a master breaker should narrow...
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    Ford cx svc called me about a big 2012 mft upgrade

    That sounds like a call for beta testing. It's great to hear they are doing that.
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    Window etching

    Not worth it.
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    I use a sheet of paper towel folded into a quarter and stuff the cupholders with it for big cups. I haven't had a problem with McDonald's or Starbucks' coffee cups ... you sure you're not driving in a mini city (Disney like)? :-)