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    How can I get flow to the egr system? Mission impossible

    There is a orifice in the egr tube that has to be there I have seen them fall our or rot out.
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    04 Sport Trac makes noise when turning and 4x4 engaged

    If its a 04 Sport trac its not full time AWD if your on dry pavement it is going to bind the cv joints in the front axle. There only part time 4WD you need to be on dirt or snow to run it with full turns so one of the wheels can slip
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    Fuel Pressure Problem after replacing fuel pump twice

    How old is the fuel filter? Could be plugging up?
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    air-condition problem

    Blower motor resistor and motor connectors tend to burn out
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    cant get 2001 sport trac to rev over 3000

    The Neutral rev limiter is 3000rpm
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    Battery Dead

    WD 40 spray in locks that should work..
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    World release of new ford ranger Too bad Ford doesn't think the North America is part of the world :us:
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    2001 Sport Trac squeaky rear brakes

    Warped brake drum needs to be turned if there is enough material left or replaced.
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    Non-matching suspension & wheel problem

    Your missing a sway bar end link on the drivers side
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    Code p0175?
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    Need help with turn signal flasher

    in the center of the dash just to the right of the gas pedal black relay box, I think they call it a smart junction box. Take the cover off its in there.
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    Body Mount Shrinkage and Compression

    Sorry to tell you these bolt in the body mounts are much tighter then any 1/4 inch or even 3/8 inch electric impact will remove. Best would be a good 1/2 air impact but a electric 1/2 inch should work..
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    sport will not start

    no start fast crank Sounds as if you have jumped time or broken a chain. Normal no compression with cam timing off or non existent
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    Recharge the AC

    On the right side of the engine compartment just behind the washer and coolant bottles. On top of the receiver dryer.
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    Unpredictable Fan

    The normal for the blower motor resistor is the connector gets hot melts the plastic and the spade connectors and or wires melt and make a open. I would check it, easy on the passenger side just below the blower motor see if you can even get it off. If it comes off check all the wires you can...
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    transmission Temp Gauge

    I have a ScanGaugeII it works great you can have 4 different gauges on all the time easy to set up and you can get any codes you have or erase all codes. Check out on advance auto they have lots of coupons you can save some money as well.
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    Replace P/S rack and pump, steering wheel turns violently on its own???

    You could have messed up the clock spring but that is not what is causing your problem there is something wrong with your new steering gear.
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    With E 85 your going to loose somewhere around 33% of your fuel economy. So if your going 300 miles a tank your going to only go 200 miles per tank.
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    ISSUE: 04 s/t - "hiccups" under stress / low RPM

    We need a lot more information on your vehicle, miles maintence done. With what we know now I would look at ignition components like spark plugs and wires. It takes quite a few missfires to set a code.
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    2003 Sport Trac. Does not start when it's hot.

    My guess is its a bad connection as it heats up resistence goes up or its the fuel pump its self. Get under the truck and listen for the fuel pump have someone else turn on the key no crank if it runs it should start. If no fuel pump its either the impeller is stuck in the pump ( ethenol eats...
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    leaf spring and axel ?

    That's the way they were built.
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    Windshield washer

    Washer pump relay 46B in the relay box on the passenger side frame rail right next to the engine. Its down low take the cover off I had three relays when I bought mine last year that did not work. Cleaned up the box and connections installed new relays and washers as well as fog lights and horn...
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    01 Sport Trac rear brakes.

    shorter shoe to the front of the vehicle longer in the back
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    Sport Trac Bed Topper

    Where are you located that would be helpful?
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    Back in Black

    Here are a set in Detroit area taillights corner lights and headlights
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    bad intake manifold gasket or head gasket

    I think you mean over head Cam engine, not too many flatheads around here
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    Dash gauges, windows and radio randomly stop working.

    Check all your grounds at the engine and the chassis
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    All Terrain Tires

    I have Cooper HTP 265/75r16 on my 03 there a great tire. Hold real good in the snow haven't had them off road much but seam to wear well. On my second year they still look new. Discount tire online had a sale a while back $500 with a $100 rebate shipped to the house for free.
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    03 Ford Explore Sport Trac

    There are only a few things it can be, fuel, air, spark and compression we all know there is air available so it leaves you three choices
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    01 Sport Trac LOTS of weird issues

    OD light flashing is trans is in limp mode, could be a wheel speed sensor or speed sensor that tells the trans to shift, are your shifts harsh? I am pretty sure the trans uses just the rear wheel sensor to shift. But either way you need to pull codes.
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    What Data is available through OBDII ?

    I have a Scan Gauge cost under $100. Will read HP, Torque, Trans Oil temp and lots more and will scan codes. Ford EEC runs all the tests any of the readers just do that read what they are told.
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    Door lock problems - Both remote and key

    Start with WD40 or something like it.. squirt it in the lock cylinder and the door lock its self. That will help with the key part and the electric looks it could be the actuator is going bad I have one doing the same thing it will unlock but not lock..
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    02 Sport Trac Bogs down while trying to accelerate

    Just pull it down in 2nd on the shifter if your going to fast to get 2 it will go to 3rd and hold till you upshift to drive. Or slow down below the shift point into 2nd.
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    PA snow

    I put Cooper HTP 265/r75/16 there great in the snow as long as you dont bottom out on the body going over drifts. Most of the time I dont even have to put it in 4wheel. ;-)
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    4 wheel drive binding problem?

    are you driveing on a clear paved road when this happens? Our Sport tracs are not made to drive on clear dry paved roads in 4wheel. Your front diff will protest when one wheel is trying to turn faster then the other as in going around a curve. Front and rear are trying to run at different...
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    fast turn signal

    Flashing too fast is caused by too much load on the flasher as in too many filiments lite, should only be two filiments one on each end of the vehicle. If there is a shorted bulb it would flash fast on one side. The other side would flash normal as long as the short is not to the power side of...
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    fast turn signal

    Check your trailer wireing make sure its not all gunked up and shorting
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    need help deciding

    just looking around craigs list in the area you can find trac,s newer for near the same money
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    Leaf Springs

    Look around for a spring shop to rebuild the ones you have a new main leaf and maybe a extra in the pack will take care of it.
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    Gas milage issues.

    The real fix is warmer weather, with my experience as a engine calibrator at ford motor to make a engine start cold you have to richen the mixture at colder ACT and ECT temps this is using much more fuel during warm up and even normal driving. Air is much Denser at cold ambient which requires...