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    March EF Lottery

    I figured I would throw in a few pictures of my old HO scale train layout.
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    WTB-SCT Device

    PM sent
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    We should of gotten this

    If this was the next Explorer, I would buy one. I need something a little more off road friendly than the current one.
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    Using an SCT SF3 tuner on two Explorers

    I hadn't used it yet. It still has all it's unlocks.
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    Using an SCT SF3 tuner on two Explorers

    I have one with all 5 unlocks left. I got it for my wife's explorer. Then a guy ran a red light and totaled it. She went with a different vehicle with the insurance money.
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    The Ultimate Sacrifice

    So last week my wife was going through an intersection when some :censored: guy in a Chevy truck ran a red light and took the front end off her 97 EB that only had 90,000 miles on its sexy V8. The lights are close to synced in that area but no quite. So he thought he could time the light and get...
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    What to look for?

    Well I bought it and it even had some extra parts. It needs a few interior detail pieces fixed or replaced and some rust above the running boards repaired. It looks and runs well enough to only have 83k on it. So for $2500 it was a pretty good deal. Thanks to all the useful tips here she will be...
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    What to look for?

    I am going to look at a 97 V8 Eddie Bauer tomorrow that only has 82K on it. It is a V8 so I know they are fairly bulletproof. This will be the first V8 and the first 2nd gen I have owned in a while. I know it needs ball joints. Is there any thing else I should be looking for?
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    2011 Spring Gobbler hunting

    To answer your original post I do this to. It has been a rough year for turkey hunting. I finally caught a break and finally saw a tom. I had to move four times to get ahead of him to get a shot. He finally gobbled once when I called at the end, right before legal light, and I shot him at 20...
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    Occasional Air bag light

    Mine occasionally had a problem with a wire being pinched under the front seats. See if it looks like on of the wires with the yellow cap got caught in the seat track.
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    2000 Cobra R with 11miles
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    Searching on Craiglist.

    With you can narrow your search using the categories. Also in some of the categories you can search more site than just craigslist, like ebay, amazon, etc.
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    More ethanol....nice :(

    I run E10 in my '01 sport and get 20-25 mpg stock depending on the split between highway and city. I use it all winter down to -15 F with no problems and I don't use any additives. Besides here it is cheaper than straight gas.
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    Traction managment system
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    Help! Dogs having seizures!

    Pet deaths prompt warnings on flea meds
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    Correct 4wd Control Module???

    I had the same thing happen a couple years ago. They did switch to a new number.
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    'Fun Hump Day eBay/craigslist Auctions'

    "RancheroStar" "RancheroStar" '87 Ford Aerostar van customized into a pickup truck unlike anything you've ever seen! All metal: no Bondo, no fiberglass. This is solid! Many pics of the process available. It just needs someone to finish it! Owner died before he could finish his...
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    2001 explorer sport frusteration

    I have had 265/70R16 on my '01 sport without any problems at stock ride height.
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    cant find 4*4CM

    I had the same problem with the computers not recognizing the numbers for some reason. However one parts person finally got me the right one. He said something about there being a change in the part number. I can't remember what the number was. If you want a control module I have two that...
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    It is true? Key duplicate.

    The dealer cut and programed my key all for the $85. I had to do it there, as they were the only ones who could do it around here. It took all of 10-15 minutes with the longest part being while their computer talked to my truck.
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    i have ??? about throttle bodys

    It depends if your throttle body is plastic or metal. They switched between build 1 and build 2. It turned out that mine was build 2, with the plastic throttle body. I bought the throttle body and it would not bolt up. If your intake manifold has the two tubes on the sides it will work if it...
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    4.0 intake manifolds?

    The intake does matter if you want to use a 4.6 throttle body. On my '01 Sport with the newer intake it will not bolt up as they changed to a plastic TB of a different size. Because of this i have the TB and it won't work unless I decided to switch to the older intake.
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    will this fit?

    3R3T-18C815-BA Does this look right...
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    will this fit?

    In 2005 not all the plugs in the explorer were the same it depended on which radio you had. Your explorer will have the WWC "world" plugs unless it had the CD6 and the sub, which has Phase II plugs. The radio from the expedition has Phase II plugs. You could still use it but it will need a...
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    2001 4x4 going into 4wd on its own

    Sorry for the delay my truck got hit a couple weeks ago. So I have been busy tracking down parts and haven't felt like being on here. When we started moving wires around, before we got to far from the module it started working, and has worked ever since. Originally I was able to get it to work...
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    2001 4x4 going into 4wd on its own

    No my 4wd wouldn't engage at all. My mechanic friend said probably the module so two later no good. I will PM you details.
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    2001 4x4 going into 4wd on its own

    I have two one new and one used both are good. I had a different problem but neither one fixed it. Turned out to be a short way up behind the dash. If you are eneterested let me know and we can work something out.
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    SRS Connector Under Driver's Seat

    One time I had the wire get caught in the seat track. This caused it to ground out. Check the wire to see if when you were wiggling it that you weren't just ungrounding it.
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    New Explorer Concept revealed

    unibody explorer spyshots These pictures came from autoblog. The full article can be found here
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    4WD Not engaging?????PLEASE HELP????

    My '01 sport has the same problem.
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    Question about Sirius

    You wouldn't still happen to have the tuner would you?
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    power door locks & badges

    -Floss -Hair dryer Take a hair dryer and heat up the badge for aprox. 2-5 minutesThen you take the floss(fishing line works to) and carefully wedge it between the badge and the adhesive tape. Go back and fourth with the floss to separate the badge from the door. You may need to use 3M...
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    power door locks & badges

    badge If you remove the badge on the passenger side I would be interested in acquiring it as mine is missing that one.
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    Airbag light

    I had this same problem once. It turned out that the wire had been pinched in the seat track. A small piece of the insulation had been stripped off and it was grounding out.
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    Amp locations

    I have done the same.
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    Info needed on 6 disc in-dash cd

    3L2T-18C815-EA is the year correct radio.
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    Newbie. Bad gas mileage.

    I drive a similar amount of highway and city driving at the same speeds as you in my '01 sport that is stock other than the stereo and get 21mpg.