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    Help me diagnose bad noises in front end

    I had same problem. Was easy fix. I couldn't figure out the issue either and had bad thoughts like it might be the torsion bars. Start with the stabilizer bar links. Its hard to diagnose them while sitting still. I can't remember if they were $30 each or $30 total, but the rattle was gone...
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    2000 Mountaineer - Radio Aux in ?

    No it doesn't.
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    Stiff Ride

    Lower your tire pressure I run 32 in the back and 30 psi up front. I've tried lower and higher amounts but found those to be the best on 235-75-15 Michelins.
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    rear windshield wiper...

    Motor mount desing flaw You can bend the arm but that leads to other problems. The root cause is the wiper motor is mounted on a thin piece of sheet metal that flexes when the arm is in motion. When the arm is at 12:00 the sheet metal flexes and the blade loses contact with the glass. The fix...
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    Left rear lower than right

    Just fixed that on my Mounty You have the weight distribution lean that most suffer. Its from the gas tank, battery and driver all on one side. What I did to fix it was install Warrior shackles, swap leaf springs, and then adjust the tortion bars. Rides much better and I lost the rear end sag...
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    99 Sport-Front end noise-Clunk

    Sorry for late reply, but I had both problems. Fixed.... '97 V8 is definitely right. If your turning to the right it's most likely the left hub. Easy DYI job but the hub $$ will set you back. The clunking may not be the tortion bar pads as I thought too. In my Mounty it was the sway bar...
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    Sorry for late reply - A jeep site but they had the Explorer shackles.
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    I did the Warrior shackles this weekend War 153 to be exact. I swapped the leaf springs. About 1.5 inch of lift, perfect. Then adjusted the Tbars. Nice ride now after new shocks too.
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    Do Mounties or Aviators come without AWD?

    I really like the Aviators but DO NOT want AWD.
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    01 Sport cheap lift...Shackles and a leaf???

    WAR 153s are $53.95 at Rubicon Just bought a pair.
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    Rattling noise

    I've got the same problem I've got it down to 2 things, both listed in this string. I'm going to wait for warm weather first to diagnose. First I'm going to replace the sway bar link rubber, then go for the torsion bars. I have a feeling the torsion bars are the culprit. I've read about the...
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    Mixing door issue?

    I have the climate control in my 2000 mounty. When I have the heat on and press floor a portion of the heat (maybe 10 - 20 %) is also directed towards defrost. When I press defrost/floor I get a 50-50 split. Is this the way its supposed to work?
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    Radio/cd display has disappeared

    Are you good with electronics soldering? This is a know problem with the Ford Clarion Mach units. I paid $20 for instructions online how to fix it. There's a power board within the radio where the component solder needs to be reflowed. Took me a couple of times but I got it to work. Been...
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    Odd noise (boat horn) help please.

    try test Does it only do it braking? Then could be ABS or pads. Does it go away when turning left or right? Then its a front hub.
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    ABS sensor

    I just change the rear sensor last weekend :) I got the part from Napa. Only $8.95. I would check the rear one first. Mine was completely open when checked with a VOM. Easy to change but you'll need to jack up the rear end. Jack up the frame not the axle. The sensor is at the top of the...
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    Clunking in front end

    I posted this a few day ago. Having problems up front when I hit some medium sized bumps. More prominent in cold weather. Replaced all ball joints and still have the noise. Kinda sounds like the axles bumping against the front differential but I'm ruling that out. And I don't think it's hub...
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    Anyone install remote starter with PATS system?

    I have a 2000 Mounty and want to install a remote starter. But I've read that it may be trouble some with the PATS keys. Is it possible to do and with what remote systems (brand)? Thanks.
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    Front end noise

    Got this clunking noise that happens over medium sized bumps. Sounds like a loose ball joint but they were all replaced. Weird think is that when it's cold out the sound is there. During the summer the sound is rare. Shocks and hubs have been replaced too. Anyone ever have this problem?
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    Rear wiper blade trix

    Yes, I fixed mine! The problem is not the wiper blade but the wiper motor. The motor is attached via 3 screws and rubber washers to a flexible piece of sheet metal on the lift gate. The sheet metal flexes when the wiper arm is straight up. To fix, remove the rubber washers and use metal washers...
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    Stock shocks suck...

    Put on sensa-tracs, good ride. Tire pressure... The sensa tracs made a huge difference. But I can't believe how much a few pounds of air pressure either way makes difference with these size tires. I've got michelins and at 28 lbs. too soft and bouncy. At 34 lbs too harsh. Found the right...
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    2000 Mach radio gone bad...

    I did the radio fix There's a site online where they sell the "fix" for $20. It is basically instructions for resoldering many solder joint on the LCD power board and lifting up some of the high wattage resistors. If you're good at soldering go for it, worked for me.
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    What is the best Service manual for year 2000?

    Is Haynes better than Ford service manual?
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    Heat/AC fan stuck on high

    2000 Mountaineer with Climate control. The fan is stuck on high speed whether the climate control is on or off. It's always on. Fan relay is OK. Thanks.