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    A faster, simpler, better myford touch is here - MFT Update

    The Syncmyride site tells me I need to make an appointment with the dealer to have my update installed. This is inconvenient. Does this mean I will not receive an update in the mail? I don't mind waiting, it would be easier to perform a self install.
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    Clock Won't Sync after Time Change

    Turning off the DST worked. Thaks for your help. I still think it shouldn't be necessary since all of my other GPS devices are working perfectly.
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    Clock Won't Sync after Time Change

    I couldn't find a thread about this so I apologize if one already exists. My clock is still an hour off after the time change unless I set it manually. I normally keep it set to sync with the GPS time. The navigation arrival times are also off by an hour. The clock in my 2006 Accord with Nav...
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    phone starts playing media

    I have a Motorola Droid (the original one) and I have had similar problems since I picked up the car in March. I'll be listening to Sirius and all of a sudden my IPOD or my phone will start playing music. Today my wife brought my phone out side for me to turn off the music. I had left the...
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    Flat Floor Area when Seats are Down

    I have a Limited with the standard middle row seats and I have slept in the back on an air mattress. I'm 6' 2" and was very comfortable. The back is perfectly flat, unlike my previous Pilot. I have an Eddie Bauer mattress that rolls up very nicely into a self-contained carrying case. It has...
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    Car2U - Great Customer Service Experience

    You get a small box (approx. cigarette pack size) that plugs in to and mounts on the outlet the opener is plugged into using the switch plate screw. Two wires run to the opener (the same terminals that the wall switch attaches to). The box has a "learning" button for programming to your car...
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    Sirius Signal Drop Out

    I have the same problem with my Ex. Lmt. The dropped signal happens significantly more than in other vehicles. I have XM/Sirius in my 2006 Accord, 2008 Pilot and I had a portable unit in my 2002 Mountaineer. This radio drops the signal in many places that my Hondas don't. I rarely have a...
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    Free Navigation?

    WASKLY, Thanks for the info.
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    Free Navigation?

    I haven't tried the navigation capability because I have the factory nav., but whenever I use sync services my phone is tied up and I am using Verizon plan minutes. Does it stay connected the whole time you are navigating? If not, how is the route adjusted if you make an unplanned turn?
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    Tin Roof Rain noise.

    +1 for noise (Limeted w/o Moonroof) - Ford needs to do something. $44,000 and the noise is louder than my shed.
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    Car2U - Great Customer Service Experience

    This is my first time posting to a forum but I couldn't hold back. I just had a great customer service experience with the makers of the Car2U garage door opener. I was unable to program my daughter's garage door opener to my new Ex. The opener is made by Allstar and it doesn't have a learn...