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    94 Explorer 150k miles, worth project?

    yea i just bought a 1992 xlt model 4 speed with od only major issue was rusted rockers it had 87,000 miles on it after about four hours of cleaning it(under all that dirt it now looks brandspanking new ) i decided it was worth the money to put into as it was originally a winter beater....but...
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    Clutch or transmission?

    Pressed the clutch after coming to a stop ..for a sec it didn t seem to come back up all the .so i shut it off and put it into gear like that and road down the hill as i was a stones throw away.After getting out of work pressing the clutch moves thru the gears if i dont it doesn t go into gear...
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    drop the rear end to get to the abs sensor?

    got a 1992 explorer ...guy says the bolt is rusted pretty badly on there and if he snaps it he would have to drop the rear end to get it off
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    new england explorers????

    we got any massachusetts or even newengland explorers in here?
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    Would stock Explorer Sport fender flares fit a 4 door?

    yea i will be soon undergoing my own rear rocker and quarter project will post pics nice job looks pretty clean too
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    1992 explorer 4 speed

    much appreciated!
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    1992 explorer 4 speed

    has some serious cancerous rust on both sides of the rockers anyone know of an easy fix for cheap?:exp: