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    help me please

    having the same problem, what did u do to fix it.
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    97 explorer t-case and sas

    I have a 97 v8 auto 4 door explorer awd that i would like to change to a select-able tcase what can i use,also is there a good reference point to mount radius arm brackets for a sas conversion i have all the parts just need some hints.radius arms are stock length.
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    sas project question

    I have a dana 44 from a 1978 bronco that is narrowed but it needs parts knuckles out both side, I have a 78 3/4 chevy 8 lug in the yard would the knuckle out fit my ford,and what t case would i need to turn my awd 5.0 explorer into a shiftable 4x4. any help would be great.
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    SAS Steering Box

    Need to know steering box ideas for my 97 v8 explorer awd 4 door sas could I use a 89 ranger one. any help or pics would be great. it the last thing I need to complete the swap.:D
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    1997 Explorer V8 AWD

    hi, just bought a 1997 explorer v8 awd and would like to start a dana 44 coil spring swap, I have done one on a bronco 2 and just used the transmission mount as a radius arm mount locater so everything would line up good.My question is, is there a spot on the explorer to use as a good locater...
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    3.55 rear axle ratio

    would a 3.55 rear ratio axle work with a 3.50 front ratio :confused:
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    sas question

    just finished my sas but i have lift blocks for the rear, the question is the truck came with a block on top of the axle from factory ,can i but the block on top or not.the block is a 5 inches:confused:
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    Gear Ratio

    I have a 8.8 rear axle with a 3.55 gear ratio and a dana 30 with a 3.50 will this setup work, not sure if they have to be the same.:confused:
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    dana 60

    Just wondering what the best donor truck to find for a set of Dana 60s Ford. like model/year:confused:
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    Heim joints

    Need some help with a couple of Hemi joint questions, I want to put extension on my radius arms for my dana 44 sas and i would like hemi joints on the end. the question is how do i know what size of hemi joint to buy. (new to the hemi joint thing) and what size for steering and where to...
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    SAS Help

    Thanks for your Help
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    SAS Help

    is there any good pics of want I need my panhard bar and steering to look like
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    SAS Help i dont know if i did it right, but the axle is my old dana 30 but the steering is the same on my dana 44
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    SAS Help

    I could post pic, but I not sure how to do it.
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    SAS Help

    whats the best way to fix ( steering shock )
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    SAS Help

    Just took my sas bronco 2 for the first ride:D but i have one problem the truck drives great and straight until i let off the gas then it will dart off to the passenger side. I check all bolts,bushings are new and suspension parts look good. any help would be great.
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    need help with 9 inch rear

    its the small bearing in front of the pinion gear( i think its called a pilot bearing) not the 2 pinion bearings, the axle came out of a 1966 bronco and i was told it was a 9 inch and as far as i can tell from pictures it looks like a 9 inch except that bearing.
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    need help with 9 inch rear

    I have a problem with parts for my 9 inch, the pilot bearing that comes in the kit to install the ring and pinion is a different size, (bigger) ive tried 3 kits and the same thing.can some one help, or do i have a different axle.:confused:
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    How to bend radius arms

    :)Thanks for the help, I think Iam going to space out the mounts. also do u know how to post pictures on the site, i would like to put my bronco 2 build on it.
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    How to bend radius arms

    Iam changing my dana 44 to full width, I spaced out the coil buckets 2 inches on each side but the radius arms are to far away from the frame to mount them, I heard of some people bending the radius arms in towards the frame, what is the best way to bend them with out snaping them, any help...
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    what rims are everyone useing on fullwidth 44 swap and 9 inch (backspacing/offset
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    track loc 9 inch

    looking for a good web site on how to rebuild a track loc 9 inch have all new parts clutches etc but no instructions just need to know how many shims to put in behind clutches.:confused:
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    9 inch question

    I have an 1966 ford bronco 28 spline 9 inch rear end in my 86 bronco 2, question is can i put a 3 member with 31 spline in that housing and just change axles to match, :confused:
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    mini spool dana 44

    question mini spool dana 44 front axle good idea or not,i was given the axle not sure if i should leave the spool in or not.
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    dana 44 gears/9 inch gears

    I want to change gears in my dana 44 and 9 inch from 3.50 to 4.88 or 5.13 is there any thing i need to know other than ordering gears, some one told me i need a new carrier for the dana 44. any help would be great
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    dana 44 ball joint help

    this question might sound stupid but do u put the sleeve in first and how far do u screw it in, or do u put the knuckle together and screw the sleeve in over top of the ball joint, cant find any information in any of my books sorry it is the top ball joint out of a solid axle dana 44 hp any...
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    dana 44 help

    thanks for the help i guess its going to the shop to be alined
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    dana 44 help

    done the dana 44 swap on my bronco 2 just need to know if u can adjust the camber on a solid axle dana 44 hp or not, or is it just castor,toe in, toe out any help would be great.
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    need help dana 44 solid axle

    A buddy has a set of radius arm extensions 12" long he said to move the mount back farther and it will work. but a heard u have to bend the radius arms is that easy to do? and how and where do u bend them?:eek: .
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    need help dana 44 solid axle

    need help, I already have a dana 44 solid axle under my bronco 2 but would like to change it to a fullsize axle, I have the fullsize axle already but have one question want is the best way to get the radius arms to line up with the frame the wedges on the axle are cast so i cant move them. the...
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    1356 driveshaft yoke

    does anyone know that yoke i need on my 1356 t-case to run a double cardon driveshaft to the rear axle, it a ford bronco 2 with a 302/c6/1356 fullsize t-case, the t-case already has a fixed yoke on it will that work? thanks for the help
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    steering system

    what the best way to make the steering on my dana 44? the axle is out of a 1979 bronco and has been narrowed, any help would be great.
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    thanks for the help
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    I have an np435 that came with an np208 bolted to it , I also have an np205, can I bolt the np205 up to the np435 with no problems or do i need an adapter.
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    Need help selling bronco

    I have a 1986 bronco 2 302/c6/bw1345 conversion with a ford 9 inch rear and a narrowed dana 44, all axles are rebuilt and it has 3.5 duff coils, I have to move and dont know how much to ask for bronco anyone have any idea.cant afford to take it with me.
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    302 motor mounts

    Thanks for all your help, Ill check it out tomorrow. great site to get information.
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    302 motor mounts

    whats the best ? level or not ? i also have a dana 44 hp narrowed front solid axle and a ford 9 inch rear, the rear is turned up alittle
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    302 motor mounts

    should the motor sit as level as possible or down at the back alittle, i have some plates made already, the problem is that i heard u can put a bw1356 or 1345 between the frame rails but a need at least 3 inch to put it in , i have a 302/c6 combo but no tcase, and can i use the carb to get the...
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    302 motor mounts

    2.9 motor mounts, want to put motor back as far as possible
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    302 motor mounts

    has anyone used 1/4 plate for motor mounts for a 302 conversion? if so does anyone have measurments.