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    need help with a p0451 code

    for you tech guys i need help 06 explorer EB v-8 4wd, have a code p0451 that keeps coming back. evaporative emission system pressure sensor range/ performance issue, least thats want the scanner keeps saying. also i have had a hard time lately putting fuel in the tank, it takes forever now...
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    need some tranny advice

    i have a 2006 ford explorer eddie bauer edition, it has the 4.6 v-8 6 speed auto, 65,000 miles on it. when the right rear tire breaks loose(wheel spin) or hit a bump or crossing the rail road tracks the transmission goes into a mode where it starts shifting so hard it feels like the rearend is...
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    06 EXPLORER code

    just bought a 06 explorer eb totaled, getting ready to rebuild it for the old lady. it has the keyless entry on the drivers door how do i find the code? i have been told its somewhere in the vehicle. does anybody know where it hidden? there is no owners manual or anything in the glove i guess...