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    Solved Transmission Band Adjustment Specification Chart

    I have read pages and pages in this thread. gobbs and gobbs of info, reference material. however im still at a loss. my trans was rebuilt about 40k ago from a reputiable shop. i was on my way back yesterday from PA to home in racine, just south of milwaukee. i had no real problems with it. so im...
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    Wisconsin/Illinois Meet III

    sweet. ill put you down
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    Wisconsin/Illinois Meet III

    another one added:thumbsup:
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    Illinois Explorer Meets

    meet if anyone is interested we'd be glad to have you along....:thumbsup:
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    Wisconsin/Illinois Meet III

    were up to about 30 some trucks at this point. i will put the flyer back up in a sec. let me know guys. :thumbsup: thank you IZwack.
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    Help! 94 2.3L wont start

    what do your spark plugs look like? check them first. i had that same problem in my 92. cylinder2 both plugs were just ahnialated. don;'tover look the obvious first. verify that the spark plug wires are not arcing anywhere as well.
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    thinking of getting a ranger

    my girlfriend has a 1 1/2 year old. have to put the seat in the front. besure to shut off the airbag though.
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    How reliable is the 3.0L engine?

    the 3.0 is not that bad of a motor. i have 229K on my 2000 xlt. i have had no major issues with it at all. not bring worry but from what i have read there "can" be an issue with the cam gear. don't know if it is a batch of motors that was produced or not but the cam gear to the cam position gear...
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    Wisconsin/Illinois Meet III

    one more added. :thumbsup:
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    Wisconsin/Illinois Meet III

    having a meet "n" greet in may. if anyone is interested just pm me so i can put you on the list. thanks. this is the list as of 03/29/08. 1. 450rwhp (2) 2. Nehring13 3. jferris84 4. Nick 5. Newks (4) 6. deftones9274 7. fatkid1 8. gaizen 9. timmah1 10. badone 11...
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    meet and greet / cruise wi/il/in

    mac put to the for sure side. c'mon guys need 15 more.:thumbsup:
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    meet and greet / cruise wi/il/in

    mac from trs just added
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    meet and greet / cruise wi/il/in

    james99 from trs added.
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    meet and greet / cruise wi/il/in

    WI meet II When: Saturday, October 13th Time: noon where: Hooters 7700 W.Layton Ave Greenfield, WI 53220 414-817-9464 Start at hooters then cruise to petrified springs. awsome, very awsome scenery. if anyone wants to make an afternoon event, we could grill out and play some games and what...
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    Dome Light LED Conversion

    that mod looks straight. how did you mount them like that? i have a 92 ranger that i was trying to do something like that. i have seen a lot of the L.E.D. bulb conversions but none that make ur truck look that good.
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    Where can i find 20" Cobra R's??? this guy has them. about 800 bucks. here is the link to his store.
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    Emission Test Failure

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    ok here is the problem. no matter what gear, but while under moderate to heavy load engine bucks/sputters only betweet the 1600-2100 rpm band. i tried to pull codes off of the ecu and came up with 411 and 538. for the 411 code i came across an article about the idle air control valve that i can...