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    It's been a pleasure being a member of this site.

    One the lot for $35k means they will sell it for $31k. On the lot for $32k means they will sell it for sub $30k. If they decide to sell mind, I bet they list it for around $35k and sell it for around $32k, which means they made $2k on it. Plus it will probably sit there a while.
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    It's been a pleasure being a member of this site.

    Obviously private party and retail will be higher than trade in, but the fact is that there are a lot on the market now, so value is lower.
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    It's been a pleasure being a member of this site.

    I went to 4 different dealers over the last few months, all were within $1,000 of each other on trade.
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    It's been a pleasure being a member of this site.

    A huge loss of money. No one is offering good trade on them. Tons of people are dumping them and the resale value has taken a huge hit. A vehicle with a sticker price of $49,700 lost $19,700 in value in 10 months and, 15,000 miles.
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    It's been a pleasure being a member of this site.

    Good luck to all of you and I hope that Ford fixes all the little issues that have plagued all of us over the years. This is the new ride, it's a completely different type of beast. Will add one thing, this will actually stop itself at all speeds to prevent hitting the car in front...
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    looks like I'll only have the explorer for 2 more days

    I didn't think it's covered under Ford's warranty, it says "see dealer for limited warranty information".
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    looks like I'll only have the explorer for 2 more days

    There are no Ford factory dvd systems. It's all a dealer add on accessory.
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    Child Safety Locks

    The locks still work, they go up and down. But the inside handle is disengaged.
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    looks like I'll only have the explorer for 2 more days
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    looks like I'll only have the explorer for 2 more days

    Nothing major, just constant nagging things like various rattles, the AC issue, MFT glitches. Plus the 3rd row is useless. No way to get into it with car seats installed, plus I have the buttons disconnected because I was constantly hitting them while loading the car up. Easy access to...
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    looks like I'll only have the explorer for 2 more days

    Test drove the Infiniti jx35/qx60 this afternoon. Was really nice, quiet and smooth. Trying to figure out pricing, but I'm picking one up tomorrow for a 24 hour test drive. The sliding 2nd row is a nice feature, and being able to access the 3rd row without taking out the car seat is...
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    MFT v3.6.2 is now available

    I uploaded the files
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    MFT v3.6 rumor?

    Here is the file, zipped. Extract all 3 and copy to root of flash drive.
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    MFT v3.6 rumor?

    give me a little while, making it into a zip and will upload it for you Edit, it's 561 megabytes, gonna take a while to upload, at least a few hours.
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    Foul Smell in Cabin From Vents / AC

    When I picked up my car from the dealer thursday night, the smell was gone. However, it's now back just a few days later. I ordered the kool-it kit on amazon, 2 actually. Does anyone know where the tube is to spray it in to? I am also going to spray some lysol in the intakes in the...
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    Rattle in '13 Explorer

    That should be an easy fix, just get some foam insulation with adhesive on one side. Home depot sells it in the weatherstripping isle. Apply in different ways until you get it to stop rattling.
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    GPS Connection Delays

    I get an instant gps lock 90% of the time
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    Leaving in parking lot for 15 days - best way to save battery

    +1 to this, was going to be my suggestion.
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    Coolbulbs All-In-One 6kk HID's (heads and fogs) in my 2013 Explorer Sport Review

    Do they make a 4300k version? Would get them for my fogs to match the stock HIDs and for a little more output from the fogs.
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    MFT v3.6 rumor?

    Was told today less than 2 weeks till upgrade available.
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    GPS Connection Delays

    I asked today at my dealer about update for gps module. They said OK. Picked up car at end of day and it said, "check status of sync, new update available in less than 2 weeks" Come on, I said gps module, not sync update. I really hate car dealers.
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    Foul Smell in Cabin From Vents / AC

    It's the auto system. I've been driving for almost 20 years now, and I've never owned a vehicle that had a smell like this before, and I've been driving vehicles with auto climate for probably 10 years now. My wife's Acura is 5.5 years old, and the AC works perfectly and doesn't smell at...
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    Foul Smell in Cabin From Vents / AC

    Just replaced the cabin filter, smell is just as bad.
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    Foul Smell in Cabin From Vents / AC

    9 months and 15,000 miles, and it already stinks. By the time I get to 50,000 I'm going to have legionnaires disease and be near death.
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    Foul Smell in Cabin From Vents / AC

    My AC smells like mold at startup And the dealer says this is normal and not a warranty issue. I hate this vehicle and this company more and more each day.
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    2013 Explorer totaled

    They are a pain with booster seats. Had to buy a new one because I couldn't get the thing to retract at all if my son moved forward in his seat. Now I have a new seat with a huge opening for the belt, and it works perfectly. Another drawback is the buckle is huge, so it's tough to get it in...
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    Paint Color mismatch??

    plastic parts are always a different color than metal. It has to do with the way the paint adheres to the different materials
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    MFT v3.6 rumor?

    Last time there was a major update I was on vacation in Florida, took a day to drive to a dealer there to have the update done. I'm going away on 8/10, so it will probably be released that week. Will be bringing my OTG cable for my phone, so I can download it and get it on a USB stick if it...
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    FORD, PLEASE ... when does the 2013 explorer get applink?

    Kinda funny that one of the most expensive vehicle ford makes doesn't have applink, but you can get it on one of the cheapest models they make, the Fiesta.
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    HID Light Installation - HELP!!!!

    The reason your bulbs are different color is poor quality control and/or you were sent the wrong color temperature(k). 4300k is stock, 5000k is white, 6000k is white with a hint of blue. As Peter said, the higher the k, the less overall light output. That being said, the oem HID's use D3S...
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    Keyless double take

    Don't run your finger down it. The first key press should be on the number you want to enter first. If you can't see the numbers, press any number to light up the keypad, then wait a few seconds, then enter your number.
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    U.S. driver safety group sues Ford over touch-screen systems

    rear a/c controls back up camera all navigation that's just quickly off the top of my head. When MFT completely locks up, none of the a/c buttons or radio buttons will work until the system is up and running.
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    Help with HID ballast mounting

    this is not true. the stock HID's go on as soon as you press the star button, while the engine cranks.
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    How to tell which Tow Package I have -- 2011 Exp XLT

    If you have a tow button you have the tow package. There is only one package.
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    2014 Dash has BUTTONS!!!!

    That's the standard inside for the non Sony stereo.
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    Correcting unknown display for Pandora

    First rule of cellphones, don't ever listen to the CSR's from the providers, they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. It's definitely the app, as there are multiple apps that will transfer the data, just like there are multiple apps that won't. They just need to update the...
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    Hood bent when i pressed down to close it!!!

    Just have a PDR service fix it if Ford doesn't.