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    2003 Sport Trac - Rear Brakes

    Thanks for the tip. Didn't realize that.
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    2003 Sport Trac - Rear Brakes

    Thank you for the replies. Just replacing the pads this time so it shouldn't be too bad from what you've shared.
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    2003 Sport Trac - Rear Brakes

    The shop manual for the '03 Sport Trac says that the brake line is to be removed from the caliper to change out the brake pads. Is there enough slack in the line to be able to do this without taking it off the caliper?
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    Rear Diff Fluid Change

    Thanks for the recommendations. Looks like I'll be removing the rear cover.
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    Rear Diff Fluid Change

    Just purchased an '03 ST XLS with 4.10 gears (axle code 42). Can I pump the fluid out of the housing with a pump to avoid having to deal with removing and reinstalling the cover? I noticed that at 70 MPH it runs about 2500 rpm. Is this about right for the axle ratio with 255 70 16 tires...
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    Dash treatment

    Try Dead Link Removed. I used 303 before finding this. Works great on all vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces. Nice matte finish and lasts longer than 303. Tell Steve "Gary in Houston" referred you. He's a friend of mine and just want him to know that I'm sending him some business.
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    detailing tips

    Try Poorboy's Polish w/ 100% Carnuba. It's easy to use, sun or shade, and leaves a great shine. You can clean and protect in one step.
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    Apten Chip Install

    Wow!!! Al. Over 30 MPG. That's a world's record. Got any secrets I can use on an Expedition with a 5.4L V8?
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    q's about gettin my x ready for winter ??

    Save yourself the clay step and try Poorboy's Polish w/ 100% Carnuba. Does a great job of cleaning and protecting in one step. It's very easy to use and the shine is fantastic. Contact Steve and tell him Gary in Houston sent you.
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    Royal Purple, Purple Ice Coolant Additive?

    james t, Thank you for the clarification and explanation.
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    Royal Purple, Purple Ice Coolant Additive?

    Alec, If you're not having any overheating problems now, I would not use it. The engines perform best when the coolant temp is in the 190 to 195 range. If the coolant temp stays below that, the PCM will keep the engine running rich.
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    For those of you using Amsoil...

    If you want the absolute best, AMSOIL's Series 2000 0W-30 is your choice for performance and protection. It's about $2 more per quart than the 5W-30. I use it in all my vehicles.
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    Tranny Fluid

    AMSOIL ATF. I have an ongoing special on all AMSOIL products. Just send me an e-mail and I'll get a quote out to you this evening.
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    which wax

    Try Poorboys Polish. Great shine and very easy to use, in sun or shade.
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    Going synthetic...any inbetween step?

    Mike, I used that same valve for years on all my vehicles with no problems. It's made by Fumoto and the design is flawless. I wouldn't use anything else.
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    First Generation Explorer Gear / Differential Oil

    The friction modifier will not cause any problems.
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    Viscosity of tranny fluid

    ATF is about a 10 viscosity. I'd have her change the oil and filter pronto, as you stated above. ATF is not designed to handle the by-products of combustion.
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    What Type of ATF to use?

    #1Aggie, I can help you out with synthetic ATF. Just shoot me an e-mail. BTW, I'm Class of '81.
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    Loud squeal during aceleration?

    The tensioner may have bit the dust. I'd take a real close look at it.
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    Al, I had a copy of your report faxed to me and it looks excellent. The low OXD and NOX indicate that your emissions systems are functioning properly and are helping the longevity of the oil. The TBN is a measure of the oils ability to fight acid formation. I would have expected...
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    Synthetic pours out of my truck like a siv

    A couple of items of note about synthetic motor oil: 1) Synthetic motor oil (those with a 100% PAO basestock) has a natural detergent action that will clean the deposits left behind by dino oil. These deposits will help weak seals and gaskets not leak. As the synthetic clears this gunk...
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    my Truck just broke down ?

    Did the catalytic convertors clog by the smells you describe?
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    sythethic blend oil question

    A synthetic blend is only about 5% (or less synthetic). There are no rules for how much synthetic has to be in a "blended" motor oil. You would be wasting your money. With 120,000 miles, you may want to consider one of the newer "high mileage vehicle" motor oil (i.e. Valvoline MaxLife)...
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    Tranny gurus - Can You Diagnose My Problem?

    TPS = Throttle Position Sensor
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    Tranny gurus - Can You Diagnose My Problem?

    The synthetic fluid is not the problem. If it was the torque converter, I would think that there would have been a ton of metal shavings in the pan when the shop removed it. At least, mine did that. I'd have to go with the TPS first. If that doesn't solve it, you may have to get things...
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    Gear Oil revisited (HELP)

    Kurt, As long as you're not doing any heavy off-roading or trailer towing, 75W-90 or 80W-90 will work fine in the front and rear diffs. I'd stick with a synthetic for their ability to run cooler.
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    Compounds , waxes ,and applications???

    Try paint cleaning clay after a good wash. This will remove contaminants that are stuck to the paint surface. Then use a polish/wax that is clear coat safe. I would steer clear of rubbing compounds. They are very abrasive and are used on non-clearcoats where oxidation has severely dulled...
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    mobil 1 fiasco: who's switching? who's going down with the ship?

    That article was from an article in "Lubricants World" 08/00 by Katherine Bui. It is posted by an independent dealer. It is very interesting but is a product of the magazine. Any official word by AMSOIL will come from their corportate website at Al, Under the legal...
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    mobil 1 fiasco: who's switching? who's going down with the ship?

    Where does AMSOIL claim that Mobil 1 is now a blend? I have never seen any information on this matter. A blend is typically defined as a blend of synthetic motor oil and conventional motor oil. In the lawsuit filed by Mobil against Castrol, a court found that Castrol can legally use the...
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    mobil 1 fiasco: who's switching? who's going down with the ship?

    I am doing some research with help from some lubrication engineers. As soon as we come up with the facts, I'll pass them along.
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    Oil test?

    Wow, 20,000 miles and still going strong. The key to this is filtration. Just by keeping the oil clean with the AMSOIL Dual Remote Filtration system, Mr. Schumacher has saved himself a lot of time and money and prevented several gallons of oil from going back to be recycled.
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    Oil test?

    We did oil analysis using GJarrett's Explorer with Mobil 1 several months ago. There was a very long thread associated with oil and its longevity. In summary, the Mobil 1 went 15,000 miles (with filter changes every 5000) before it degraded to the point it needed to be changed. Comparing his...
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    mobil 1 fiasco: who's switching? who's going down with the ship?

    I can't speak for the other oil companies, but AMSOIL is 100% made from chemically derived synthetic base oils. Look at dino vs. synthetic this way - Dino oil is like a bottle full of rocks, different and irregular shapes and sizes. Imagine this between the moving parts in an engine and...
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    The change: Mobil 1 to Amsoil

    Since you have used Mobil 1 exclusively, just do a regular oil change with AMSOIL motor oil and filter. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
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    mobil 1 fiasco: who's switching? who's going down with the ship?

    I am doing some research on Mobil 1. When all the facts are in, I will post a seperate thread to try to clear up all the info that has been posted. The lawsuit between Castrol and Mobil concerning the definition of "synthetic" has thrown a wrench into what is truly 100% synthetic motor oil...
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    Whats the longest you have gone w/o changing oil?

    Somewhere between 16,000 and 18,000 miles. I'd have to check my records.
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    Anyone tried Zaino ZFX ??

    I've used it several times and it really makes a difference. Drying/cure time is greatly reduced (less than 30 min) and the shine seems to be even better. If you've used Z5/Z2 before you know to use very thin coats. I used less than an ounce to do 3 coats on our Expedition.
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    What do you know about hypertech performance chips?

    Hypertech will only give you added performance at WOT. If you're looking for an overall performance increase from a chip, check out Superchip.
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    Amsoil Engine Flush - kick butt!

    espnfreak, Great to hear your wonderful experience switching over to AMSOIL. Remember to change the filter and top off at 6 months or 12,500 miles, whichever comes first. Let us know if your fuel mileage changes over the next few months.