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  1. J

    P0455 & p0443

    My 03 4.6 has been giving me code P0455 so i checked all the evap hoses and replaced my purge solenoid/valve with one from the junkyard but now it gives me code P0443 and if i switch it back to the original valve it goes back to the P0455 could it be possible that both valves are bad i cant seem...
  2. J

    Check engine P0133

    yes i have cleared the code after the repairs but it keeps coming back on i have also checked the connector and wires for any damage as well as looked for exhaust leaks but haven't found anything
  3. J

    Check engine P0133

    My check engine light on my 03 4.6 keeps coming on giving me code P0133 i have tried 3 different 02 sensors and it still keeps coming up i also have checked for vacuum leaks and exhaust leaks and haven't been able to find any this is driving me crazy because i need to get it fixed in order pass...
  4. J

    help with mustang 04 4.6 into 02 explorer

    i myself haven't done it but i looked into doing when i bought mine with a bad head gasket. the swap will work but the 2 biggest things will be to fabricate something for the engine mount and the knock sensor aside from that you are on the right track the timing cover will have to switched the...
  5. J

    Engine purchase question.

    the long block is exactly the same. the injectors will be different for sure and possibly the intake just swap anything that is different over to the new engine and you should be fine
  6. J

    Transfer Case Gasket Or RTV

    Can i just use RTV on the transfer case on my 03 4.6 Transfer case or do i really need the gasket?
  7. J

    5R55S transmission input shaft stuck

    I have a 03 4.6 explorer that needed an engine rebuild but when i got back to putting everything back together the engine would lock up so i took everything apart and realized that the torque converter wasnt seated all the way and it was also stuck it wouldnt come off or go in to seat all the...
  8. J

    4.6 V8 Stuck Torque converter on transmission

    I recently bought an 03 4.6 V8 Eddie Bauer that had a bad engine well i finally got around to fixing the engine and installing it on the car but the problem is that when i mate the engine and tranny together the engine locks up and wont spin even though everything is all lined up so i took the...