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    Looking at an 05 XLT....need advice

    actually, in looking at the pics i believe its an XLS, the owner says he doesnt know lol. prob still a decent deal.
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    Looking at an 05 XLT....need advice

    Getting ready to go look at a 2005 XLT with 4.0 motor 4wd. It has approx 135k miles. Pics look good, has new tires, owner says its in pristine condition inside and out (lol). Says the only maintenance its ever needed is oil changes and no major parts have been replaced yet, which is good and...
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    Which trann / engine combo is best?

    Hello.... I currently have a 2000 5.0 EB and really like it. I bought the 5.0 package based on all the feedback on this board, saying they they were the most resistance to issues and the tranny / engine combo were "bulletproof." They also didnt have the "death rattle" that some of the V6s...
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    Pulling a trailer with OD question

    much thanks on the replies....sounds like a plan.
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    Pulling a trailer with OD question

    2000 5.0 2wd. Towing an open utlility trailer (5x8) to go pick up a riding mower and some misc lawn equipment, ladders, etc. I think the mower weighs a bit over 500lbs. So figure another couple hundred lbs, im looking at apprx 750 plus the weight of the trailer (unknown). The trip is...
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    Got my balljoints done...FINALLY.

    i just haf the uppers and lowers done for $250 in labor. But I supplied the made a huge difference in the ride...and stopped all the squeeks.
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    Dead battery after driving

    i took my wifes car to an autozone after her battery died to make sure the alternator was charging okay. they hooked a machine up to the alternator while it was still in the car and could tell if it was charging the new battery ok.
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    I'm done....time to sell

    i feel thesame way about my old boat. Bust Out Another Thousand. Sorry to hear of your troubles. I've had two 5.0 Xs now and so far so good
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    Should I get it aligned after new tires

    Recently bought a 2000 5.0 2wd. Needed tires so I put on Michelins LTX. (great tires and ride by the way). Guy said the alignement was way off and recomended i get one. I figured id test it with the new tires first... when i'm driving it doesnt seem to pull at all and drives pretty straight...
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    What Did You Pay & What Will You Pay

    Just bought a 2000 V8 with 2wd EB that has 78k. I paid $4,100 for it, though i had to drop 500 for new tires. Great condition. So far im getting 18.5 mpg with mixed driving. I was getting 15mpg with the 1996 5.0 AWD i replaced it with.
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    1997 Explorer/Mountaineer 5.0/AWD - Towing info

    i have a 96 5.0 AWD and tow approx a 3500lb boat. Pulls it now problem around town and yanks the boat out of the water pretty easily.
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    is $6500 too much for this truck?

    if it helps, i just bought a fairly mint 2000 Eddie Bauer with the 5.0 (2wd) for $4100 plus another $400 to ship it. It has 78k on it. It will need new tires on it sometime this year...but other than that its been well mainteined with all major stuff done and was a one owner vehicle. A lot...
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    buying an explorer, what to look for?

    it is already gone to my brother...was just trying to give you a frame of reference for pricing....But good luck in your search. Im in the process of buying my fourth explorer and have had really had good luck with them. Maintenance is key...
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    buying an explorer, what to look for?

    The 5.0 is a good option, though I think both those prices are a bit high. But I guess it dpends on where you live. Im personally getting ready to sell my 96 5.0 AWD w/ 130k and will ask less than what those are...
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    2000 V8 towing package - what's included?

    Looking at buying a 2000 5.0 Eddie Bauer 2wd with 78k for approx $4500. I wanted to get some feedback on two area from you guys. It is in very good condition / clean but will need tires this year at some point. First, is this a decent deal? I know the market on these is low right now...
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    Is the AWD worth it?

    I currently have a 1996 XLT 5.0 AWD w/136 k on the clock. I really enjoy it and it tows pretty well (3500lb boat). I have the opportunity to pick up a 2000 EB with a 5.0 with a lot less miles. Difference is that this one is 2WD. I dont necessarily need the AWD capabilities, but i wanted...
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    Anti freeze leak when its cold

    1996 5.0 w/128k Last winter I noticed a few drops of antifreeze on the ground that looked like it was originating just above the oil filter casing. It would only happen on cold days and there would be just a few drops. When it got warmer, it wasnt there anymore so I forgot about it. Now its...
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    Gas cap keeps loosing its seal

    Thanks for the replies, and thanks JT for the offer. I'll probably just go buy a locking cap today to see if that works. I wonder if it helps seal better anyway. At least I'm not alone with this problem...
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    Gas cap keeps loosing its seal

    1996 5.0 w/120k I pulled a code (cant remember which one) but it was for a vacuum leak. Anyway, in my case it was a faulty gas cap. Replaced the gas cap and all was good for about 6 months. Then same code came back...put a little oil on the gas cap rubber seal and it fixed it for a while...
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    explorer sport trac on ebay

    Dude, that sucks.
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    KKM Air Filter Kit

    Looks did it help your gas mileage yet? I also have the 5.0 and would interested in doing something similiar...
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    Oil Filter Mount Leaking?

    I have a similiar leak right now on my 96 5.0...when I crawl under the there, it looks like the coolant is dripping off of the housing for the oil filter. I havent had a lot of time to look further, but I suspect mine is coming from the lower radiator hose where it connects at the block right...
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    I smell coolant!?

    I also went through a similiar situation, but I had a leak from the small hose that connects the thermostat housing to the waterpump. Kinda of a pain to change, and I couldnt actually see it leaking, but it pooled a bit on top of the water pump itself then started leaking onto the...
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    V8 water pump problem?

    hi all, just wanted to post the solution to my problem... After pressure testing I found a very small hole in that elbow hose like JTSMITH said. WOuldnt have found it without the pressure test...replace the hose, no more leaks. thanks for the advice
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    spark plugs

    Like dynamite said...through the wheel well works best... You can also use a jack stands to lift the front end up a bit to give you a bit more space by letting the tires hang... Good swivel sockets with swivel and extensions were helpful for me, but mines a v8.
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    V8 water pump problem?

    thanks for the replies...I'll let yuo know how it turns out.
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    V8 water pump problem?

    1996 V8 w/116k Noticed a pretty signifigant coolant leak yesterday... Assuming it was the water pump going bad (after inspecting / tightening all hoses) I noticed that on top of the water pump there was coolant collecting there. So I tightened the thermostat housing bolts. Leak still...
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    Towing a car...Need Overdrive On?

    Thanks for the replies. Looks like I'll be keeping it off...
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    Towing a car...Need Overdrive On?

    Helping may brother move and I'll be towing a jeep for him about 250 miles. I'll be using one of those car dollys. I have a 96 5.0 with a factory tranny cooler. I pull a 3000 lb boat with it, but never with OD on and not very far. I know the jeep on a dolly cant wiegh much, but should I...
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    Lets see pics/vids of Explorer fun in the snow!

    Holy crap - these pictures of snow are killing me...its still 80 here in NC. Please dont make it colder any sooner than it needs to be.
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    Explorer's didn't do too bad

    Interesting. I'm surprised the F series took such a dive. I know they invested a ton of jack into the new trucks.
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    turn signal issue

    That would be my guess. I had a similiar situation but it was with my wipers...I had to have the turn signal on to make the wipers turn on...I just ordered one on ebay for about $50 so I hope it works too...
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    V8 AWD owners What do you think?

    I've owned a 1999 EB with SOHC v6 and I currently own a 1996 XLT w/ a V8 AWD. I agree with Celly - the V8 motor in the ex is the way to go for me. For my purposes (daily driving and pulling the boat) the AWD works great. You sacrifice a few MPG with the 8. I also beleive it is paired with a...
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    somebody help me

    If it is an SOHC do a search on the chain tensioners on this site. I dont have that motor, but have heard there can be issues with them just from reading some of the other posts. They are good motors, but just read up on it so you know what you're getting into and / or what to look for so you...
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    -Your Explorer-

    1996 V8 AWD XLT $2700 106,000 110,000 Not sure if you're trying to price comapre, but if so, it may be helpful to see when they were bought. (2/06)
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    Receiver Hitch...Bolt on???

    I bought a Hidden Hitch for my 96. It took less than 30 minutes to put on and it bolted right up. Did not affect the spare either. Keep in mnind it may depend on the hitch brand. Mine specified "mounts with spare tire in place" while others did not.
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    drivetrain clunk when coasting under 10mph (downshift?)

    I experience the same thinng. Drives me crazy... Do a search on "full stop thump" or "clunk". You'll find some info on how to possibly fix.
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    Engine Check Light/P0440

    I had a similiar problem. The new gas cap seemed to do the trick form me (about 2k miles so far...) Put the new one on and reset the computer. Hopefully that will work for you...
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    98 EB with 5.0 V8 - hesitation and CEL blinks

    I just put 8 new Motorcraft plugs (from Autozone) and the Autozone plug wires and it made a huge difference. Dont go to the stealership when you dont need to. Also, you may want to clean the MAF and look at the IAC. Both are easy to clean / replace if need be. You can do a search for tons of...
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    2nd to 1st downshift noise

    I experience something similiar to what you all are describing. It's like someones kinda kicking you in the butt...I feel it mostly when i'm almost stopped,like a "rolling" stop through a turn or at a stop sign...