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    trying to lift my truck

    HEY Im trying to lift my truck about 1 or 2 inches. but im kind of new to this and i dont know what the TT bolts look like. so if any of you could help me locate them i would greatly appreciate it.. thanks Jose
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    Flashing AWD Lights

    I had the problem.. what i did was reset the computer by unpluging the battery over night and it was working fine the next morning.. :salute:
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    Need a lift kit.

    ok thanks how would i be able to go to that forum.
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    Need a lift kit.

    hey thanx man.. i didnt understand too much about bl pa part. do you think i could go 4" with 35s tire. and are the shakcles hard to install? if not where could i find some info on how to change them? and whats the TT??
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    Need a lift kit.

    ok first of all i want to thank you all you guys for the help. i dont know to much about lift kits and size of tires for this kind of jobs. but like all you guys i want to make my truck look hard and mean..i dont konw of any off roading areas here in Utah. I have a Ford Explorer 4WD, im hoping...
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    Need a lift kit.

    hey i came across the site and i was wondering if some one out there could give me some pointers on how to lift my 95' Ford Explorer. i have gone all over the internet and i have not found anywhere to get some info on how to do it.