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    Installing body lift

    Hi guys, I just got done reading a write up of the PA 3" body lift and it looks awesome! only problem is I don't have the mechanical ability to do it myself and considering I work almost every day I cant afford to have the rig down for more than 2 days or so. I was wondering if there was...
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    94 xlt lift

    Thanks for the help guys
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    94 xlt lift

    Nothing special im just looking for ground clearance...
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    94 xlt lift

    Hey guys I've been looking around here for a bit and decided i wanted to lift my XLT... Im a high school student and don't have a lot of money so i wanna do it for a reasonable price... What are the best ways to do this? I've heard people talk about shackles and leafs but don't really know what...
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    Abs sensor

    Hi ya'll My Abs light keeps coming on, I took it over to my mechanic and he says its nothing to worry about. He said he checked everything and it seems to be fine. So I don't know if its a short or something like that. Maybe you guys n gals could help me out with this issue!
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    how bad have you been ??

    I was going northbound on 395 heading from L.A. to NV at 1 am on Christmas eve (not the best idea to speed on a holiday) got stopped for 90 in 65 just outside of bridgeport near the turn off for bodie.
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    So i will be putting a 3" body lift on my ex soon and I was wondering what is the biggest tire i can put on without sacrificing fuel economy. I know there might be a little drop, but I will be driving this everyday so i need to keep my fuel economy as high as possible. I also wanted to know...
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    Gas gauge

    Hey guys I decided to go ahead and fix some of the annoying problems of my 94 ex. Only one problem i dont know whats wrong. My gas guage works fine untill about half a tank and then it just drops down to empty so you have to count miles so you know when to fill up. Any ideas on what this is or...
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    First Time Explorer Owner, 93 Rustbucket :)

    Cool really want to hear more!!
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    fire bad :)

    Ya definitely not a good smell hope no one was hurt
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    From clunker to cruiser: 93 Sport 4x4

    LOL most people wash their car after they take it wheeling not before, nice rig tho
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    This thing is a pain to wash!

    I just hate washing my own ex period im to lazy LOL :D
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    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    Those lights are nice n bright! Sweet toggles too
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    Go for a street look or keep the off-road look?

    Id say off road look but i'm biased like that:D
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    Sus body lift?

    Hey guys im new to all this stuff and i wanted to know what the difference is between a body lift and a suspension lift can anyone help?
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    Hey new member from nevada

    Hey guys new member from Gardnerville Nevada with a 94 xlt 4x4 ;)