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    Strange Electrical Malfunctions

    Today after I changed a burnt out tail light the following things happened; the "gong-gong" sound when you leave the key in started going off while driving - the interior lights randomly flashed on and off - the door locks started locking and unlocking and the theft alarm went off after I parked...
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    Heated Seats Shut Off

    The heated seats in my '02 Limited shut off after about 10 minutes. Push the switch and they come back on. Any ideas what the problem may be?
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    Heated Seats Shut Off

    The heated seats in my '02 Limited shut off after about 15 minutes. What is the problem??
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    Simple Brake Question

    I can't figure out how to adjust the parking brake on my 2002 Explorer Limited. I have a Chilton repair manual but the info in there is wrong. The manual says to remove the rubber plug in the backing plate and turn the brake adjusting wheel. The only rubber item around the parking brake is the...
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    VIN Number

    Thanks for the help. I got most of the info I wanted.
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    VIN Number

    Does anyone know if there is a place or web site that can tell exactly what equipment and accessories, such as heated seats, block heater, etc. were installed on my '02 Limited by referencing my VIN? Thanks
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    Cam Position Sensor

    I took the belt off and ran the engine, noise still there, Put the belt back on, ran the engine, used my stethascope to pin point the noise to the top or the cam position sensor. The noise is only there for a few minutes after start-up. When the noise went away I checked the cam position sensor...
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    Cam Position Sensor

    The cam position sensor in my '97 5.0 is making ugly noises. Can this piece be repaired or do I have to replace the sensor? Do I have to replace the entire assembly or can I just replace the sensor unit on top? Thanks for the help
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    Hello Fellow Explorers

    Hello all. I just joined this Explorer site. Sold my '73 Bronco a couple of weeks ago and last Saturday I bought my first Explorer. I found a '98 XLT, red with grey interior, V-8, all wheel drive, tow package. It's just what I need to tow and launch the Sea Doo's. I'm looking forward to the...