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    new motor problems

    This was a long block. USA engines doesn't want to foot the bill for the shop to remove the engine again and re-install. They said they would be happy to repair the motor or replace it but I'm on the hook for the labor. I don't want to dig into this thing on my own. Not that I can't, I just...
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    new motor problems

    98 sport with 4.0 Just replaced motor with a freshy fresh reman from usa engines in cali. Since the swap (paid a shop to do the swap) i am having coolant issues. The motor is somehow sucking the coolant into the cranck case but not getting any oil in my cooling system. And i think the coolant...
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    spasmatic oil pressure guage

    I don't know. Maybe it was 15w20. Its my wifes truck. Ive been too busy getting my Lightning put back together.
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    spasmatic oil pressure guage

    Sohc 4.0. The oil weight was what USA engines required for the warranty. Only for break in.
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    spasmatic oil pressure guage

    So it appears to be a combination of a few things. None of which are actually truly low oil pressure. 1- this is a 98, ive been having problems with the iac. As it turns out this is a one off year and the iac is the most expensive one out of the whole run of the explorer line. 185 plus tax put...
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    spasmatic oil pressure guage

    Yes but those are old used motors with miles on them. This is a new motor. Maybe 700 miles on it. If its internal then I may have to call in the warranty.
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    spasmatic oil pressure guage

    So we've got a 98 sport. Bone stock. Just replaced the motor cause it was alot easier than repairing the F'ed up timing chain situation. The pressure transducer never had a problem prior. Always had fantastic oil pressure. Now, new motor new problem. I'm talking new motor, not slightly used...
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    Problems after replacing the left timing chain tension

    Pre oiler? Color me intrigued! What, how, and how much? Pictures?
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    VIS better or not?

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    VIS better or not?

    I own a 98 sport. The previous owner had to replace the engine and he did so with a motor from a 99. Ive discovered that the motor he installed originally came with the variable intake system, but now has the upper intake plenum from the 98 that doesnt have the vis. Also ive been getting 259...
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    Axle shaft!?!

    It took me 3 days to do it. I bought "all-in-one" bearing and seals and when I put the drivers side in something went wonky. I couldn't get the axle shaft back in. So I had to take the new bearing out. Destroyed it. 27 bucks down the drain. I also broke 3 different snap-on slide hammer bits...
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    Axle shaft!?!

    So I'm reviving a long dead post for a long over due update. I've finally discovered what my wobble was. Bad wheel bearings. After doing everything else I finally decided to change the wheel bearings. They didn't howl or grind or make any strange noises just a wobble. Got a closer look at the...
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    stock sub into stock truck?

    Thank you joe. That was what i was looking for. On my sport it was a plug and play situation. Just had to add power and ground. That was why i wanted to know. Question answered
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    stock sub into stock truck?

    Im trying to retain the full function of the rear remote controls. And my only question is will it plug in and work. My wife is not an audiofile. I dont need to compete at stereo competitions. I just want to give the current system a small kick. Does it plug in?
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    stock sub into stock truck?

    I have done this already. My system in my sport leaves my ears ringing and vibrates other peoples vehicles in traffic with no difficulty. Tearing into the panel is a pita. Id just like to know if i can plug and play with equiptment that was already built for the vehicle. Loads cheaper from the...
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    stock sub into stock truck?

    Got a 98 sport. Has the cd/tape deck. Back seat remote controls. Works ok. Just need more substance but nothing excessive. So the stock sub setup would be sufficiant. Can i simply add the subwoofer setup without any major mods? Just got this truck and i havent dove into it much like i have my...
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    engine swap help

    I own 4.0 ohv in my sport. I also have a traction lok rear diff. It aint no slow turd. It will burn the tires if i let it. I even got pulled over for it once. Ive launched on turbo dodges and beat them too. I also own a 4.0 sohc in the new sport. Definatly quick. But with the auto awd feature...
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    Where to buy 8.5" Rear Cargo speaker-01 Exp Sport
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    Best way to clean grey plastic trim?

    Mr Clean Magic Eraser. and Mr Clean upholstery cleaner protectant. Works frikin awesome!!!
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    Collapsed lifter problem

    I have a 98 sport with a 4.0 sohc. It has a horrible lifter tick that disappears after about 5-10 minutes of driving. Then its totally silent. WTH is that? Im not super familiar with motor. Just bought the truck. I also own a 91 sport with the ohv 4.0. very familiar with that.
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    big stereo=bad mileage?

    Well thank you FIND and IZwack. And everyone else. you've answered my question. I kind of figured it was true. No I don't go faster when the music is on. My hunch was confirmed on a recent road trip to Spokane. With the cruise control set I noticed my fuel consumption increased with the stereo...
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    92 4.0 explorer, engine rebuild. no power?

    spark plug wires correct?
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    big stereo=bad mileage?

    I have a punch 360 2ch that pushes my 10" punch HX2. And a punch 200 4ch for the 4 main speakers (xplod 5x6 3 ways). A .75 farad cap and 4ga power wire. Im using a regular 1000 cca battery and stock alt. Ive noticed that when the stereo is bumpin my fuel sucks down faster than when its not...
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    lost overdrive or maybe tc lockup?

    Have you re adjusted the TV cable?
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    Have you rebuilt your starter?

    Its Sunday night and tomorrow's a holiday, and my damn starter went out today. To top it all off, I'm broke. I'm looking for the most frugal way to get this problem fixed with out it being a "cheap fix". I don't want to buy the Autozone $93 starter but I cant really afford the Napa $163 version...
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    Rear ABS Light on, 91 XLT

    Ok so I tried to pull the codes while the light was on. Wont give any codes! I ground the wire and the damn light just stays on solid?!!? WTH?
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    How to fix your dead warning chime module

    Wow that worked! I used a piece of dust mask for the padding. Now I have that wonderful annoying dinging back like a new truck again! I like it when things work the way they're suppose to. Thank you.
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    4X4 trouble on my '91

    Just rebuild it! It is so damn easy, when your done you"ll look back on your procrastination and go, "Dumb ass, that was so easy! I should've done this sooner!" It really is easy. Really easy. So easy a caveman can do it.
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    91 radio diagram

    Check and make sure you didnt accidentally unplug a relay for your alarm with your foot. I did that with mine and my truck wouldnt start.
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    Lousy fuel economy

    I second the IAC suggestion. BUT, just cleaning it is a temporary, halfass fix. I did that and it helped a little bit. Enough that I noticed a difference, but replace it with a new one and you will be amazed at the performance. I used to have cold start with a rev to 1000 - 1200 rpm that would...
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    Rear ABS Light on, 91 XLT

    Im res-erecting a dead thread but I have some input. The RABS computer reads speed from 2 different sources. If your speedometer cable is screwed and your speedo doesn't read the correct speed then it is going to get 2 conflicting readings. Thus confusing the computer and you get a light. I...
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    battery gauge

    sounds like you had a crap battery.
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    1991 Explorer idle revving mystery

    Mine used to get stuck at 2000 rpm if I'm doing a road trip. Come to a rest stop and it would just stay at 2k. Unplug the iac and it drops back to normal. I just recently replaced my iac with a completely different one. Totally fixed my problem. Also, doesn't idle surge anymore. Used to get a...
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    Axle shaft play

    It doesn't have that play when the hub is installed. The hub has a bearing in it that the axle shaft slips into. So, as others have stated, you have nothing to worry about. Its supposed to be like that. (unless the u joint is shot.)
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    how to tell if you have posi traction

    Yes the D4 axle code on the door tag means you have the trac lock differential that ford has been using in cars like the torino cobra jet and mustangs. I love this rear end. Im glad mine came with it. Its enough for my uses.
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    Rough Idle when warmed up

    I was recently having the same problem. I had changed the electric solenoid on the IAC and cleaned it. But that didn't fix anything. I recently completely replaced the iac. Completely fixed my problem.
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    Need Help

    Bad O2 sensor.
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    92 explorer 2 door stereo - amp or no?

    That amp only produces 45 watts x 1 @ 4ohms. And the 4ch amp is also 45w x 4 @ 4ohms. Tho it is crossed over to something like 145hz I think. Not an extreamly powerful setup but with the right components it can sound pretty good. You can add a quality head unit, run only the high outputs. And...
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    92 explorer 2 door stereo - amp or no?

    Yes the sub signal is generated form the first amp. If your not getting a signal check that the sub isn't blown. If you look up at the picture that I posted you can see the yellow wire is the positive and the red is the neg, grounded to chassis. The other plug into the silver amp is the signal...