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    Engine coating messed up with Purple Power?

    Any idea how he uses it? like does he spray everything or is there stuff to avoid?
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    Engine coating messed up with Purple Power?

    Update: Just started her up, seems okay. I may try this again this weekend, and actually scrub the bay. I wish it ended up shinier, not sure how to make that happen
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    Engine coating messed up with Purple Power?

    HELP! I was a little anxious and sprayed my engine compartment with Purple Power degreaser about 10 minutes after I got home. I let it sit maybe 2 minutes and then rinsed. But im kinda concerned, the gunmetal (im assuming powdercoated) top of the engine was stripped clear! now im left with it...
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    I have read the stickies and used the search button

    This guy ran 33s with no bodylift. But yeah Id say you should prob do a 2 inch body lift, with 2 inch you dont have to mess with all the tricky stuff. Drop the poly blocks on there and youre good.
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    Cheap 17x8 or 17x7 rims..

    I bought my Cragar Soft 8s from JEGS for 70 bucks each, free shipping. Thats about as cheap as theyre gonna get, apparently no ford vehicles with our bolt pattern have been on a 17x8 so youll have a hard time finding a cheap set. But still, free shipping musta killed JEGS. god knows it cost at...
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    Voss24-- the Sexplorer

    Thanks guys :) im very proud of her! Went mudding today, heres some more pics. Really went crazy today, decided to push it haha. And quick question, anything I can do about this? I dont like it getting so muddy. One of my mud guards is missing in the wheel well, but this happened even...
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    Finished 2 inch Body lift!

    his signature says theyre 31s.
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    Finished 2 inch Body lift!

    Any idea on bolt lengths? and where you got them? ive been checking around and im having a hell of a time finding case hardened full threaded bolts in the right sizes!
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    Voss24-- the Sexplorer

    Fixed the random popping! Took it to the mechanic because I thought my alighment was really off and it's always shaking down the road, turns out that when I did my balljoints i somehow didnt bolt the control arm in correctly? The camber was scarily outta whack. 180 bucks later and I have new...
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    Voss24-- the Sexplorer

    To start it off my name is Les, I live in Jacksonville Florida. Still in highschool. All the work was done and funded by myself (which im proud of because all the lames at school with lifted new trucks that their parents paid for think theyre sweet, BUTTT they didnt earn or work on their rig.)...
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    Finished 2 inch Body lift!

    Also, any idea on bolt lengths? These numbers are coming from the 3" lift guide: Front mounts - 180MM Mounts that are in front of the front seats - 140MM Mounts just under the rear of the front seats - I used the stock bolts from the very rear mounts. Mounts in the front of cargo area - 160MM...
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    Finished 2 inch Body lift!

    Hey, just out of curiosity what diameter of blocks did you use? 2x3? 2x2? Thanks, Les
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    The Goat's 1st Turtle Shell lift

    Amazing what some 31s can do! Like the ex. And yeah looks kinda saggy, I'd say grab some add a leafs and it'll look real good
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    33's No Body Lift (Illegal In Maine)

    dude.... He doesnt have fender flares haha. But I see its your first post on the forums, so welcome! and try the forum search. "Fender flares" or something like that. Les
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    anyone with experience running 31x13.5

    so it might be okay... could you post a picture? I see your avatar but its sooo small haha thanks
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    anyone with experience running 31x13.5

    Found an awesome deal on some mickey thompson baja belted. 250 for half tread with rims! but not so sure how these will do. 31x13.5x15 weird size! 2x4 so i could come to appreciate the extra wide footprint, but does it look stupid sticking out so far? will this rub to the point of...
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    2" of lift

    Really dude please use search! But warrior universal shackles from summit racing
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    Pics of the new 26s I just bought.

    Very nice ex, paintjob looks amazing! Excited to see those 26s
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    sub wiring issue

    Definetely Run it through the firewall to the battery, don't go under the truck! Plug that hole and pretend you never put it there. Pull up the carpet at the veryfront of the driver side, kinda near the gas pedal. I ran it through the hole there, although you may need a friend to help pull...
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    Rear View Mirror Removal?

    I'm having the total opposite problem! Mine keeps popping off :(
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    Change of plan check this out

    skys the limit. totally stock youre looking at 31 max. 5 inches of lift is less than 300 bucks if you can do it yourself, then youre lookin at 33s. Beefy :) heres the link:
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    WoW, What a ride.

    your bro sounds like a badass, im impressed. Why did he let them slam into his jeep though? :(
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    I need help with idea for mods

    I got the silicon and plugs for about 20 bucks all together at discount auto. What I did was I globbed a bunch of silicon on each plug then pushed it into the hole and put pressure for about 30 seconds. I chose plugs over the tape because I was worried that in the long run the tape would...
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    33's No Body Lift (Illegal In Maine)

    get this man a beer! I am sorry for doubting you :) Think they woulda fit without the tube bumper? 4 inch BS on the rims? nice rig!
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    I need help with idea for mods

    When I got my white 96 explorer the first thing I did was pull the running boards. Makes it look less like a station wagon :D I didnt go with bedliner, I chose to paint it flat black. so far its holding up great and looks amazing. I plugged all the little holes with silicon and those little...
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    Surprised the S**t out of me, capable.

    awesome pictures. welcome to the club :D plans on lifting?
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    22's on my explorer

    22s and two 15s! look at you! haha im also wondering how it rides on those rubber band tires :)
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    Clearing 35"s with no body lift

    SO: SOA-- 5.5 or 6 inches lift, raises center of gravity, decreases ride quality. Better offroad because its got more room to flex. AAL/shackles: 4??? inches of lift. stiffer ride. less room to flex, will probably rub offroad. Sound about right? How much worse is the SOA ride? if...
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    Clearing 35"s with no body lift

    gonna start following this thread! I am probably going to be doing an SOA and spindles over summer, combined with 33s. :) But, im confused, Ive always though that AAL and shackles only give you about 3 inches. With the spindles and TT in the front for 4 or 5 inches, its not really gonna be...
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    Removing Running Boards: How do I fill holes without welding?

    I took my running boards off, no rust at all (FLORIDA!) I went at the body with a brillo pad straight across, only up to the door from wheel to wheel. Primed and painted flat black. Then filled all the holes with pins and black sealer. Looks good, cant even notice the black pins. I think it...
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    Let's see, what can I powdercoat today?

    awesome work man. Just curious, do you get your powder online or locally? I cant for the life of me figure out where to get the power.
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    Help with plan for buddy in Iraq

    you worked hard! Looks amazing, what a friend :) What rims and tires did you end up with? very beefy, Im sure he loves it
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    Boat speakers in the wheel wells!?

    Has this been done before by anyone on this forum? Boat speakers, in the wheel wells, or just hidden speakers on the outside of the explorer? I think it would be cool for parties or whatever. Anyone have ideas on what I would need to make this happen? I am clueless but I think it would...
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    Comment by 'voss24' in media 'DSC01864'

    its murder :(
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    Help with plan for buddy in Iraq

    Been following along! Can we get an update? Les
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    Feelin seriously down today :/

    bummer, was hoping to hear that 2wd ex's are viable :( ok well im gonna save up a thousand or so, and sell my ex, probably get a jeep cherokee. Hate to go to the dark side though :(
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    Feelin seriously down today :/

    So if I keep my ex, a locker and some 31s should make me SOMEWHAT capable? and I just checked to make sure, its a 3.73 limited slip.
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    Feelin seriously down today :/

    Long post, but please read! im really bummed. Today me and a friend of mine decided to take my ex out in the woods to hit some trails. We werent even looking to do any serious wheelin, just looking for a fun place to come back to. We found a good, muddy trail, and on the way down the trail...
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    33's No Body Lift (Illegal In Maine)

    oh by the way, are you going with ATs or MTs, there should be a good sized difference when it comes to clearance issues
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    33's No Body Lift (Illegal In Maine)

    well hey man, I would LOVE to get 33s on my ex without a bodylift, I just dont want to be overly optimistic!! but seriously, if you can do it, id love to see pics and a how-to if you have the patience for that sort of thing. Lookin forward to pics, goodluck :)