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    got a ranger

    my 92 explorer trany went now i got a 93 ranger stx i want to leavel the frount out my freind has a set of f150 coils laying around could i use them and how much lift will i get if any and will i be able to get it alined
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    94 Corsica

    my 88 did the same thing i tryed the realys but did not work so i hoked it up to switch change out the heater core for the heat that did the same thing that fix it
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    "Hard" shift at about 25 mph

    My 93 Ranger Does The Same Thing I Cant Find Out What It Is Id Does It About 25 Mph And It Is Only Between 1st And 2nd
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    Shift Hard

    My trany shifts hard from 1to 2nd it has a thuk sound coming from rear i reapaced the rear struts and i got quiter but it is still ther it is a 93 ranger stx with l/s in the rear
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    List your Explorer and the NOISES it makes!

    thunk when i shifts from 1 to 2nd and i come from the rear what the hell
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    the trany fluid is above the high mark would that make it shift hard
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    1st to 2nd problem

    just put rear strutes in and half thethump is gone
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    a thump when i am accerating it is a 93 ranger stx i heard i could be the blockw the come on it from the factory lift what u thing
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    1st to 2nd problem

    i drove around with no hood on that how i know
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    1st to 2nd problem

    i put as new motor mount and trany mount in and it still moves about a 1/2 inch when it shifts hard i have to do the passenger side nex thatone seam harder to do is that normal movement
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    1st to 2nd problem

    i did to the kick down caple but noting it shift abou 2 2500 when it does it the most
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    1st to 2nd problem

    sorry it a 93 ranger stx
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    1st to 2nd problem

    if i jack the rear of the truck up and the tires are of the ground the drive shaft twistes about a half inch befor the wheels start to spin it has l/s and would that only do it betwean 1st and 2nd
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    1st to 2nd problem

    i cant seam to find the problem i lubed up the slip yoke and change the trany mount and noting. when the trany shifts from 1st to 2nd it thumps like a bad mount but only in thoes gears what could it be
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    rear end

    93 ranger stx with L/S how does it work is it gear or cluches
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    i lubed up my drive shaft and the u joints all right
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    i hear a thump from the rear of my 93 ranger stx when it shift gears at normal accel but when i floor it it has no thump. also one of my leaf spring is funny looking it seams to have shifted it has three layer and the botom one is hanging out of the from side to side
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    thunk from frount of ranger

    i have a 93 ranger stx 4x4 a/t and when i hit the brake and it comes to allmost to a stop it thunks and when it shifts gears i look at the radis arm busings when i stoping dot ask how i looked it was not to smart they move a little i drove around whit my hood of to see if ti was a motor...
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    rear axel

    my rear axel when i jaket the rear axel of the ground whit the tires of the ground i try to spin it but it will bearly spin in park or in drive itis a 93 fordranger stx a/t trany and the reson for check is when i drive it when it shifts from 1 to 2 it and when i stop feel like a bad...
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    Motor Mounts

    O Got A 93 Ranger That Need Motor Mounts How Much Of A Pain Is To Do And Is Ther Dertions How To Do It
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    ford ranger 1992 stx

    what size tiers can i fit on the truck it is a stx
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    short wife + air bag = no head

    i took the sensors of the of the wiring nare the frount buper on my car becous i set them of when i hit a car in a drive way going 5 mph if tha
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    93 Ranger

    I Ned To Know What Size Motor I Have Its A V6 I Dont No If It Is A 3.0 Or 4.0
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    93 Ranger STX

    Mine Got Power Windows And Power Locks Its A 1993
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    93 red ranger stx

    where can i get te stx sticker that come on the 93 stx i goint to repaint mine and i want to put the sticker back on
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    Trasfer Case

    The Rager Tap Says J3o22 1354-13 440821 F27a-ja What Nubers Do I Go By EXPLORER J2513 1354-13 151282 FE7A-JA THATS WHAT THE TAGS SAY
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    Trasfer Case

    How Do I Find That Out
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    Trasfer Case

    Would A Transfercase Fit On My 93 Ranger Stx From A 92 Explorer
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    stupid tranfercase

    and wil ford explorer transfer case fit i have a 92 explorer one and does a 93 ranger stx come with a 4.0 or a 3.0 i dont n\kow how to tell what i got for a motor
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    stupid tranfercase

    should therer be play where the driv shaft goes in the transsfer case mine has about 1/4 to 1/2 inch play in it and when i hit the gas i heara bang or when my a/t shifts gears and when i slow down
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    I Hear A Thunk When I Accelareat And When I Changes Gear At Low Rpms And When I Stop
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    some times my trany shifts hard

    i have a 93 ford ranger stx i t fell like it shifts hard at low speeds what would that be i drives fine other wise it shifts grate when flooring it could it be motor monts
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    how much better is the 97 v8 trany then the v6 trany i can get a 97 for 2000 with 160000 miles on it
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    dies when put in drive

    yes i put the one from the explore that i have with a bad trany that slips
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    dies when put in drive

    it jerks forward like a basterdd whe i put it in drive
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    dies when put in drive

    my 92 explorer dies when u put it in drive or revers what the hell is it thanks