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  1. J

    2001 Premium radio sub out question

    Got the harness rewired and soldered, tested it, my factory sub plays again. Gonna bypass the sub and reroute the amp output line to the LC7 now. Hopefully the bass response will be much much better now that I'm not pulling filtered frequencies off the rear channel. Thanks for all your help!
  2. J

    2001 Premium radio sub out question

    Thanks for the reply. So I should reconnect/solder the 4 wires of the 8 pin harness behind the radio? That harness powers the factory amp right? Also, when you say use the signal coming from the factory sub amp, do you mean the +/- wires that comes out of the amp and go straight to the...
  3. J

    2001 Premium radio sub out question

    I need some help with the wiring for the factory amp/sub harness for my 2001EB explorer. I had 2 aftermarket units stolen along with a busted window both times, so I'm going back to my factory premium radio. First of all, I've rewired and soldered all the wires on the two larger radio...