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    2002 ford explorer 4.0 starting problems

    When ive had to find the culprit for initial hard cold start i used a fuel pressure gauge and listened to trapped air in the rails. I also utilized the ‘turn key to run’ for 4 or 5 times letting the fuel lines and rails prime. That will tell you immediately if the pump/check valve are the...
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    05 Fog light Grill/Bezel

    I've had no luck in bone yards getting them. The only source i've found has been ebay.
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    opinions on fuel injector cleaners

    Isnt that the fun of seafoam? :D (It also doubles as a handy mosquito abatement tonic for those of us in florida)
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    My Oven Build.

    If you did it right you could probably forgo the oven and simultaneously bake while coating :D Or, it could go wrong and I cook the neighborhood. Funny babies and ****
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    Front Bearing/Hub

    These wheel hub nuts should never be reused. That nut torque value is in the correct range.
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    My Oven Build.

    This is a hobby that inevitably leads to even more salacious endeavors of related fancy! I know crazy people (or a person) that spent time even ramping up gun high voltages to even higher levels and creating special coating guns to do internal pipe coating. I need to get a life! :rolleyes:
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    Pop, now high idle

    Sounds like you popped either a vacuum line or a cap. If I recall correctly there are 2 vacuum ports on the underside/front and one on the underside/back of that intake. (I have a different manifold on my 5.0 now and the mind is the first thing to go.:confused:)
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    Torque specs

    I just double checked my stuff and the 02/03 rear spec is definitely 203lb/ft (275nm) and the 4x4 front is shown as 184lb/ft (250nm).
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    Differential question

    It means that it has no means to distribute power between the wheels evenly if the resistance to either wheel increases or decreases suddenly. Think of it as one wheel drive. Compare this to a limited slip differential which has the ability to maintain power to both wheels by means of clutches...
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    Rear Wheel Bearing - few questions

    I can tell you that the 258lb/ft comes from other ford irs vehicles. All mn-12's, fn-10's and cobras have that high an axle nut torque spec. I have to double nut my axles on my tbird to keep them from coming off!
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    Explorer as a family vehicle?

    I have a couple of them in my driveway and have used them for every conceivable task and function. From normal grocery getter to flogging through 3’ of snow to piled sky high full of people and stuff, It works for us. I've got 190k on the 93eb 4x4 and 100k on the 02 (also a 4x4). I love them.
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    My Oven Build.

    Being able to bring additional elements on as needed is a great thing. I went to 2 x dual elements and it made life much easier. You made a great choice. I've been trying to lay my hands on a few of the seemingly rare hotpoint triple element (1550/1150/800) because i could use a little extra...
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    5.0 Engine Replacement

    Late model 5.0 blocks are the same. The variations happen in the internals with piston & camshaft variations being the biggest differences (for the short block). There are a slew of heads found on 5.0’s with the explorer gt40p’s being the best of the factory supplied part. The explorer 5.0...
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    How to wire these fogs the correct way?

    Because the headlight switch and connector have a nasty habit of burning up and/or melting as a result of the increased load of fog lights. Ford engineered very little additional capacity into the headlight switch.
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    HHO Fuel Conversion Kit

    You may want to peruse the following:
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    Where is the fuel injector vacuum line?

    Injecting any meterable gas before the maf will be compensated, injection after the maf is unmetered and will generally cause an inherent lean condition. Can you meter the output of your ‘widget’ well enough to target driving the ecu to a specific mixture / lean condition? Normally you wouldn’t...