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    Need help choosing a DVD setup

    Which is better: overhead or headrest displays? I want to install a DVD player, but I can't decide between the two. A single display must be large enough to be viewed by middle and third row passengers. But I can imagine anything larger than 10" would make the rear view mirror virtually...
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    Anyone using Euro-spec Osram (NOT Sylvania) lights?

    follow up: I replaced my stock low & high beams with SilverStars. It took only 15 minutes to install all four bulbs, and I think it was worth the time. The light output is marginally better than stock, but the color is much more to my liking. When parked next to my '96 Mustang, there is no...
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    Why do we have an Explorer?

    Our '99 Taurus was becoming too expensive to maintain, so we traded it. We planned to replace the Taurus in the next six months anyway, and we were offered a good deal on a loaded '04 Limited, so we decided to trade the Taurus while it still had some value. This is our first SUV, and we love it...
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    Anyone using Euro-spec Osram (NOT Sylvania) lights?

    AutoZone has a sale on Sylvania SilverStars, and I almost bought some yesterday. Then I discovered Osram sells an entirely different bulb in Europe (50% more light than standard vs. 30% increase with SilverStars). But those bulbs are marketed as H1, H4 and H7, and I don't know what an...
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    Is a wiring harness really worth the trouble?

    I want to change the headlamps & foglamps in my '04 Explorer, but I need help deciding which route to take. I have decided to go with Sylvania SilverStars. The question is whether I should also install a new wiring harness. Is the light output significantly improved with a new wiring harness? I...