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    1996 Red Clear Taillights Yes its true!

    thats what you think now!!! wait until you get it into a daily driver, then you think, hmm, i could make it a daily driver/street racer, then hmm, street racer/drag racer, and drive it on sunday, then you get to bracket racing....... anyway, im in the daily driver/street racing stage!!
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    1996 Red Clear Taillights Yes its true!

    see the deal was i wanted blue dome lights, so i tried a few different methods, one of which was to use blue marker on the bulbs, which turned brown, then i used the stained glass paint to paint the bulbs, thats when they caught on fire, so NOT a normal thing, dont worry about it
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    1996 Red Clear Taillights Yes its true!

    dude, that light is a 195, i have changed mine 30 times, after they caught on fire and stuff. 195, you should be able to find a superwhite
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    lol, some chicks dig old cars, some like the explorer. so i figure, ill get a nice 429 SCJ in the explorer, with some glasspacks and a shaker scoop, have the best of both worlds and, to get the girls even more, i have chilly willy the penguin on the side of my car, all my guy friends think...
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    **** you to hell. i hate smart people.
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    1996 Red Clear Taillights Yes its true!

    wazzzap!!! long time no see. my dome lights look crazy nice at night, i did the lights on the mirrors too, all blue, it just glows when you open the door, never looked into replacement cost, im sure you could find new lenses in the junkyard. i knew you would like my rhyme
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    Plug Wire Question

    i wouldnt reccomend altering the wires unless you know what youre doing and have the equip for it, you need those wires to be as reliable as possible
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    Why BOSCH plugs not rrecommended

    my 2 cents, been running PLAT +4s and BOSCH WIRES for about a year now, i dont know if its faster, but it kicks like a donkey, and no excessive wear and tear
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    spark plug wires

    just had to throw this in here, been running BOSCH PLAT +4s and BOSCH PREMIUM WIRES for a year now, still sparking like crazy, no excessive wear etc
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    WOW MOMMA!!!!

    wow that was a lot of reading....... 5 or so pages of posts, anyway, just wanna say, nice ride superman!! bring it up here to NC, lets get our rides on a run here, i wanna see how fast an ex can go!! i'll pit the Torino with you, hasnt been dyno'd, but it can run. and again, SWEET DEAL on...
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    clear corners

    thats the website where i got mine, they also sell on ebay a lot, so check there, there is a place here in fuquay where you can get the superwhites man you should have asked a month ago, i just sold my clears!!!
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    mlies on that engine? ill say 120k here my engine bay (not of the ex of course) i wont even tell you how many original miles on it, first to guess wins....... some kind of amazing prize, get it withing 5000 miles and ill hit you up with a shoutout on my site. friends and family dont...
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    1996 Red Clear Taillights Yes its true!

    heres a little tip from me to you ive tinted many a dome light blue so dont spend all your money, fellow i also made my fog lights yellow! get stained glass spray paint, from the hardware store its cheap, it works, how could you ask for more! comes in many colors, purple yellow red...
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    Air Intake Query (open air element, KKM, cold air intake)

    hey fool, das mine sploro i did everything to it, you just sat there and said, "no, thats stupid, dont do that to the explorer" well now who's stupid!?!?!? mu hu ha ha ha ha (its you) i am the master of the cold air. and i dont wanna hear anything from you, Paul. We need to...
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    I have $500... what to do?? nitro??

    the difference between the delta and the regular is that the regular will give you more sound, but the delta supposedly gives more hp and torque. if i was you i would go with the delta, and might even consider a 50 series if you dont want too loud as far as duals are concerned, you should...
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    replacement muffler for SOHC

    Flowmaster 50 series for SUV: dual 2.25 in/single 3 out, $90 at jegs you will need a reducer for that 3 inch outlet, but other than that it should fit in the stock location, with the stock...
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    I have $500... what to do?? nitro??

    ha ha, this is a funny argument!!! nitromethane is not an additive, its the fuel itself, also referred to as alcohol. they are for completely different engines, drag and funnycars use them. you would blow a few rings in the ex if you tried it also, N2O, nitrous oxide, is NOT the same...
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    Air Intake Query (open air element, KKM, cold air intake)

    this can be done on any model im sure, just no exactly the same way. the cold air in MLB2Nights ride was my plan (in fact, we share the explorer, so its mine as well) its actually very simple and does give some crazy gains, although we havent had it dyno'd. he will get some pics when we get...
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    Air Breather?

    thats a valve cover breather, they are really for older cars that use an aftermarked air cleaner, like i have on the torino. those ones you have pictured there are very very cheesy looking, and if you really wanted one i would suggest getting a higher quality one from or another...
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    What to do about exhaust?

    the only thing i am concerned about with the dumping exhaust is that the fumes will get into the passenger compartment, and that the escaping fumes will damage the paint where it comes out. there will be a LOT of emissionless exhaust going through there, so, i dont know if i can pull that off
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    What to do about exhaust?

    thats cool man, i was just defending my ride. anyway, im redoing the whole exhaust soon, still trying to decide if i want to keep the packs, do some flows, or a flowtech warlock muffler that you can uncap and run right out of the muffler. the thing i like about packs on a big engine is...
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    What to do about exhaust?

    first of all, they are not cherry bombs, they are thrush 28 inch glasspacks, the original muffler of muscle second of all, ricers dont use glasspacks, they use performance mufflers, that dont have any fiberglass at all third of all, it is foolish to assume that a 1.8 liter civic with a...
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    What to do about exhaust?

    i never got to run exhaust on my ex because it was a lease but when i got my 351 V8 in the Torino..... i love me exhaust... heres what i got on there, in order from the engine Hedman Hedders, Exhaust cutoffs, H-pipe, Glasspacks, pipes and tips for those of you who dont know what...
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    Drilled or cut out air box

    it is fun to try all the different things and keep track, thats what i did, and now i know what its like each stage, and can notice each performance increase (or decrease) its a simple thing to do, and is very advantageous, so have fun!!
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    Spark Plug Changing Cost?

    this may not help you much, but it cost me $70 to have them install all my plugs and wires in my 98 sohc, but it was a jungle in there. usually you can go to a car mechanic and ask, im sure they wont charge much for 3 plugs
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    Drilled or cut out air box

    this is going to be long, but it will answer any questions first, let me say i am the king of cheap induction that thing you removed from your 99 was a silencer, it quiets the air as it comes in, removing it will make it louder and give you some more air. the whole point of drilling or...
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    problem with subwoofer..PLEASE READ

    i suppose you could do that, i dont know how the early model wiper is, but on my 98 it doesnt even touch the windshield, so i dont think it would be a big problem. i guess the biggest issue would be how much to take off and how to cover it up so it still looks good. i never use my back wiper...
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    Stadx2's 98 Limited Lift Pics

    ohhh baby, im jealous, uh you dont have an alarm on there do you??? where did you say you lived again?? and just out of curiosity, where do you leave the keys at night??
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    Source of MP3 files??????

    hey, try out gnotella, its a client that will search all the servers out there, it searches on bearshare and limewire, so you dont have to pick one, you can do it all i tried that imesh thing, but it did lag the system down, i dont like anything running the background. im a stickler about...
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    problem with subwoofer..PLEASE READ

    check that windshield wiper thing too another thing, are all your windows closed when this happens?? probably the most important factor of good bass is ventilation, you have to vent the air that the subs move, otherwise the change of pressure inside the sealed car can damage things, i have...
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    Spoilers anyone?

    tekeman, im sorry man, your ride just rules. had to say it, it brings a tear to my eyes
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    Wishful thinking, but it might work

    hmm, i like that dry ice deal, how about a lidquid nitrogen tank that would spray into the air intake like a nittrous fogger kit??? you could use nitrous bottles and fittings and stuff, and carpet cleaners use the liquid nitrogen to remove gum from carpets. Sounds like a project for Troll or...
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    Air Filters

    i would have to agree, go for the K&N drop in filter, about $50, and remove or maul the airbox, thats what i did, its basically the same thing as a conical: open element
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    Explorer vs. 4runner, honda civic VTEC si, etc.

    yeah, that Type S lost off the line, but MAN did he blast me after a few seconds i mean he FLEW past me WHOOOOOOSH!! i raced him around for a few miles, my brakes were burning up. The torino however, i must say, spanked the type S, so i regained my pride.
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    Spoilers anyone?

    how does the lund one install on a late model, hopefully no screws in the exterior sheet metal?!?!? RYT, how did yours install?
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    Best Bug shield for hood and windshield?

    i have a Profile V, and im am DISSAPOINTED, the rubber bumps on the hood slide off when it gets hot outside, and the deflector slaps the hood, RUINED my paint!! im going to get a bugflector II for little bro, ill let you know how it goes
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    Explorer vs. 4runner, honda civic VTEC si, etc.

    i raced an acura 3.2 TL type S, and i didnt lose too bad, until he really hit the gas, nice car the explorer may feel fast, but race a 3.2 TL Type S and youre in for a rude awakening!! thats why i bought a 351 Torino, better chance, but not as good off road
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    Front Bumper

    personally, i dont like the 99-01 bumpers, i dont like the round lights and all the plastic, if i was you, i would go for the 95-98 bumper, just my opinion
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    Passing the Torch!!

    sorry, MONOCHROMOUS is still the name of it, my brother should be an active member of the board, and i actually told him to talk to you DarkFox, so he should contact you soon. as far as the parts ordering system, that never worked out, the whole deal fell through, so it just aint happenin...